Activator 1.9.3

The latest and greatest version of Ryan Petrich’s Activator has graduated from beta status to the default Cydia repos.

If you’ve been trying to use Activator on your iOS 8.3 jailbreak, you may have encountered problems with the previous version. That’s because the previous version wasn’t optimized for iOS 8.3. With the release of Activator 1.9.3 final, that has changed, and there’s no longer a need to add Ryan’s beta repo to take advantage of the update.

Activator 1.9.3 change log

To benefit from Activator 1.9.3, simply refresh Cydia and download it or update the version you currently have installed. Activator 1.9.3 brings with it the aforementioned iOS 8.3 support, but it also implements a plethora of additional new changes and fixes as well.

Full Activator 1.9.3 change log:

  • Basic support for iOS 8.3
  • Add option to suppress passcode when activating an app at the lock screen
  • Better support Activator actions written using ARC
  • Fix unlock to dispatch event behaviour on iOS 8
  • Make camera shutter action take take photo after the camera app opens, if it needs to be opened
  • Add custom command actions
  • Fix VPN settings action on iOS 8
  • Make the fingerprint sensor hold put the Touch ID sensor into matching mode when assigned
  • Treat entering deep device sleep as leaving the Wi-Fi network (even if the WLAN interface hasn’t left the building yet)
  • Update localizations
  • Add system-wide back button action
  • Support activating actions via URLs (activator://send/…)
  • Re-enable message events
  • Allow unassigning more things via swipe to delete gestures
  • Adjust Touch ID events on iOS 8 to use matching mode less often
  • Fix dictation action on iOS 8
  • Fix rare crash in file providers
  • Improve launch time of message composer actions
  • Fix custom Siri actions on iOS 8

As you can see, this is an absolute gargantuan update to one of the most popular and useful jailbreak tweaks ever. Get to updating.

  • Hmmmm

    CallBar says compatible with iOS 8.3 but repo says not compatible with ios version…

    • czarczarczar

      Same here but I installed it and gives no issues check out this list

    • whendovescy

      I had problems with callbar so I removed it for the time being.

  • Hi

    Can anyone point me to a good explanation of how and when to use activator, because i don’t understand why it is so popular.

    • BucBearPig

      Basically you can set actions to occur on command. Example, short hold on the power button turns on the flashlight, when I connect to to my car stereo pandora opens and starts playing music automatically etc. Options are pretty much unlimited.

  • MaRz Franco

    Side Note: Auxo 3 doesn’t work well on 8.3 but there’s a nice alternative. I purchased Auxo Legacy (which works) then installed Auxo 3 as well and unchecked everything but Hot Corners. Works great

  • Wak Jon

    Sbpoweralert still can’t function..any alternative

  • Andrew

    Does Color Profiles work?

  • Bugs Bunnay

    This guy is a legend.

  • Bob Goffa

    Installed activator 1.9.3 on jb ios 8.3 – ended up in black screen and unresponsive – any idea’s?

  • JQ2

    Having an issue trying to install tweaks. My screen is blank in cydia when I try to install activator and a couple other tweaks. Where did I go wrong?