It’s here, ladies and gentlemen. After a few files got leaked last night, TaiG has come back today with the official version of its jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3. The tool, which is dubbed as version 2.1.2, is for Windows only and features proper Cydia Substrate support. It also fixes the problems with iTunes, where the tool would get stuck at 20% or 60%. 

If you’ve been holding off until now, it’s okay to go ahead and take the plunge and jailbreak iOS 8.3. You can download TaiG 2.1.2 from our downloads page.

Along with the update to properly support the vital Cydia Substrate framework, TaiG 2.1.2 contains various bug fixes for added stability.

Here is the full change log according to TaiG:

  • Fixes problems of getting stuck at 20% and 60%, and adaptate for latest iTunes.
  • Compatible with Cydia Substrate(Mobile Substrate).
  • Corrects the blank Settings problem while matching Apple Watch with iDevice.
  • Fix issues of UIcache.

If you decide to jailbreak using the TaiG 2.1.2 tool, then be sure to drop us a line down below in the comment section with your experience.

For more info about this latest jailbreak, be sure to check out our iOS 8.3 jailbreak roundup.

  • Justin de Vreugd

    I just looked it up Windows only sorry

  • PA Nard

    The downloads page offer the 2.1.1, not 2.1.2… just saying!

  • Thomas Eppolito

    Cydia is trying to delete the Uicache,

  • Still doesn’t work with 64 bit Windows 8.1

  • Adham Meki

    Shall i upgrade to ios 8.3 and jailbreak it? or i have to wait .. I’m currently running jailbroken ios 8.1.2

    • urrl

      I was in the same boat as you and being too eager I went for the upgrade 8.3. Kinda regret it as the process was unstable and half the time I can’t get into my Cydia account to find out what apps need to be re-installed. I would wait a bit longer until the smoke clears and there are less people having problems.

  • Abdul

    Im still stuck on 20% on the new version 2.1.2. Wat should i dooo???!!!!

  • Amanda

    Jailbreak succeeded. Wasn’t working at first attempt, got restored with iTunes (older version, Win 32 bit), turned off wi-fi (had not done this at first) re-jailbreak, and finally.. iOS 8.3 jailbroken. 🙂 Thanks a lot Jeff!

  • Qimmy

    Im using the latest itune 12.1.2 and i download v2.1.2 taig. when i run the install. It stuck me on 20%. Anyone have this issue?

  • iPhoneWINS

    mac version please….. please.. is it really that hard to make a mac version?

  • bandex

    is this supposed to b compatible with iPad air running on iOS 8.3

  • bandex

    jailbreaking iPad air on win 64bit keeps failing at 30%….. pls help

  • Paymon John Vafa

    I wish they waited one more week. Now I might have to choose between apple music and jailbreak.

    • Hotrod

      Good point

  • Adan

    This will go down as the worst Jailbreak ever. Taig is crappy software, nearly as shit as iTunes!

  • Jacque Miller

    My 1st gen iPad mini keeps getting stuck at 60%!! Anyone know of a fix or a workaround for this?

    • Hotrod

      It’s a little early to say that Taig on 8.1.2 has been one of the best jailbreaks ever

      • Adan

        Hands down the worst. Easily.

      • Hotrod

        On 8.1.2? Really the worst? I haven’t had a lick of problems and I have to say it’s much smoother than pangu…perhaps you did something wrong or have a confliction? I have used every Jailbreaking tool that has ever been available & Taig has been great. Now i’ll admit that I haven’t used the latest version of Taig. I haven’t heard very many people say the things that you are saying about this software on this forum or any other forum, that’s why I think that you may have done something wrong or have a confliction

      • Adan

        Oh… I am doing something wrong, am I? Have you not read the silly amount of people having trouble? Just because it worked for you doesn’t mean it’s good software. READ THE 115 comments on this article alone!

      • Hotrod

        Dude seriously pay attention to what I’m saying, you’re starting to be ridiculous, Taig on 8.1.2 is what I was referring to, I clearly stated that I have not used this latest version. Taig on that version of software (8-8.1.2) was much smoother than pangu and any of the evasion jailbreaks. I would even go as far to say that Taig was just a smooth as the comex jailbreaks, who in my mind had the best jailbreaks ever. Everyone has complained about bugs on every version of software that has been used to jailbreak iPhones since the very beginning, none of them are perfect, and not once did you ever read that I said it was “GOOD SOFTWARE” …much smoother yes, less buggy then most. Have a great day

      • Adan

        Why the HELL are you talking about a past jailbreak???
        See the title of the post above? TAIG 2.1.2!!!! Butt out if you can’t provide useful information about CURRENT jailbreak!

      • Hotrod

        Because you’re being too quick to judge this new jailbreak, my comments on the past jailbreak were simply to state that Taig has a pretty good history, instead of being patient just let them update the software and it will fall into place, but you’re not offering any helpful information you’re just trolling this thread and talking about how it’s the worst jailbreak ever! Pay attention to every comment that I made I’m simply stating that you’re being too quick to judge. dude the jailbreak just came out the other day give it a minute

      • Adan

        BLAH BLAH BLAH… I don’t care what you think. Just keep it yourself HOTSTUFF, yeah? Would you now like to shower yourself with some more compliments? Just shut up!

      • Hotrod

        Not once did I complement myself, you’re making no sense… once again I’m simply stating that Taig is known to be a smooth jailbreak, for you to continue to rant on about this jailbreak being the worst jailbreak ever lets me know that you’re just trolling. And you’re not big enough to make me shut up little guy

      • MaorimusPrime

        Dude you sound like a two year old. You misread, he tried to correct your mistake and you bag him for it. GJ m80.

  • urrl

    If I could do it all over again I would have kept my jailbreak 8.1 but nevertheless except for the iPhone 6+ freezing when I try to swipe up to quit the Cydia app I have managed to get into Cydias Manage Account and re- installed Activator, Barrel, exKey, SmartTap, Movie Box, Slide2Kill8 Lite, betterFiveColumnHomescreen and betterFiveIconDock from insanleyi which I can’t do without. So not a total loss. So far except for the freeze after killing the Cydia app things appear to be stable.
    Getting into Cydia’s Manage Account is twitchy; I have to kill Cydia app then reboot if it says UNABLE TO LOAD.

  • Preben Faarkrog Hansen

    Follow`d the instruction on the mac video , but getting this

  • Sanjed Arfin

    still stuck at 20%

  • Sanjed Arfin

    still 20 %

  • Strykker

    taig tools (4990) has stopped working…. any ideas? Two days trying to get a jailbreak to work…unacceptable…I will just have to live with my stock for now. Love jailbreaks but it is not worth 2-3 days to get it to work and still trying. NOT

    • RustyRail

      Wished I knew as I get the same error message 4990 has stooped working.

  • El Mushasho

    says files are corrupt…

    • Strykker

      Thanks for the offline response. I did all that you mentioned more times than I want to admit with no positive results. I have run out of patience. Went back and downloaded program from iDB read everything twice. I think I have given it a good try. On to other things.

      P.S. On two different computers

  • askep3




  • Pablo

    I’m still having the 20% issue with my iphone 5s

    • Pablo

      And error -1101

  • Angelo Popofski

    Still can’t JB with 2.1.2 iPhone 6 with 8.3 is still getting stuck at 20% HELP!

  • urrl

    Keep in mind if unsuccesful to try disconnecting WIFI when you are involved in anything to do with this jailbreak, especially Cydia update. I tried on two WIFI sources at different locations and nothing worked until I disconnected WIFI on my iPhone 6+
    Now I have all the JB tweaks I need except for one and that’s only because I don’t remember the name of it. The tweak allows me to tap on the home button instead of pressing it to show all of the apps that are running and much more. I miss that app!!!!! It saves wear and tear on the home and on/off button.
    By the way the latest version of TAIG did not work for me; the earlier version did.

  • Forrest Sims

    Jailbreak went real smooth Iphone 5, 5c & Iphone 6 all IOS 8.3

  • easyrider1340

    getting stuck at 60% now. after downgrading itunes!

  • Yunior Maldonado

    I don’t have a windows computer and I want to know when I will be able to jailbreak using my Mac:(

  • Jeffrey Lockhart

    you cant say that it has no flaws anymore because I’m still getting a apple driver not found and I’m using two cpu’s So i’m still stuck trying the old tricks like downgrading itunes.

  • Arturo Quintero

    Did it restart multiple times while it was stuck at 20%? Aldo With this new release.

  • RustyRail

    taig tools 4990 has stopped working,Does anyone know why I get this message while I try to JB,how can I correct the error,

    • Pablo

      I’m getting that and the 20% stuck problem

  • RustyRail

    I was able to JB a 6+.A few retries but managed to get it finished.

  • If anyone get stuck.

    1. Uninstall iTunes and reinstall the version that TaiG recommend
    2. Open airplane mode and disable data + WiFi
    3. Autolock -> Never
    4. Disable passcode + Find my iPhone

  • John

    Didn’t work for me. After Jailbreak I clicked on cydia then it was stuck for a while. Had to reboot and when I did that I was missing various apps and cydia app was gone too, no iwatch, no contact app, and only God knows what else was missing. Tried to restore from backup and it was still the same. Then I tired to erase all data and restore from backup and all I got was a continuous loop of the phone asking me to go through the initial setup process (icloud passcode, setup phone passcode, touch ID etc.) then it would reboot on its own and ask me all setup questions again. I’m now putting the phone in recovery mode to then restore from backup again in the hopes of getting my iphone6 on ios 8.3 back to normal. I’ve installed jailbreak on all my iphones going back to the iphone 3Gs and have NEVER had any bugs what so ever and now this one is full of bugs… what gives? Does anyone have a resolution? This jailbreak is clearly not stable…

  • John

    UPDATE: after putting my phone in recovery mode and doing a clean restore with itunes the phone is still in a setup loop… WTF!!!!! Somebody please HELP!!!

  • James Peters

    im stuck at 60% on ipad mini

  • Poporopo00

    I dont know if i’m doing something wrong.
    I just updated itunes to (latest) and i’m trying to jailbreak my iPad Mini and still says driver not found.

    …i don’t know what to do.


  • Imran khan

    whats the registration code?? please help!!!!

  • Eddo

    Well been trying this for days using windows 7 in Parallels on my Mac been at it for an hour this morning finally jailbroken.
    I’ve had the 20% over and over 1102 error etc etc.
    Method for success was as follows.
    1. Restore to 8.3 new
    2. no sync or setup just set up as new phone.
    3. turn off WiFi, Passcode etc
    4. reinstall the latest Taig from their site
    5. close iTunes in the Windows App
    6. ran Taig
    Success in less than a minute now restoring to backup on my Mac.
    I hope this helps.
    My suggestion with this latest Taig is to start everything afresh
    New 8.3
    as New iPhone
    Fresh download of Taig Jailbreak
    iTunes closed in the virtual machine

    • Felix


  • Crome Yellow

    2.1.2 First off got the “No Apple Driver error” so had to download the 64 bit driver fix, then now it just keeps restarting repeatedly at 20% and eventually gives the Jailbreak failed error.

  • zach

    whats the code for the jailbreak? dont have the money to do it

  • jboy

    please can someone give me registration passcode?

  • david

    whats the rego code?

  • obaid hotak

    help for a free tiag regestration code

  • Rachel Lynn Salvaggio

    okay, having a LOT of problems trying to jailbreak my 6. I have literally jailbroken every single iphone i’ve ever had. I have had the hardest time with this one. I have downloaded the free english version of taig–wont recognize any cellphones are attached. I did everything it said to do, even download a driver link–still didn’t work. Downloaded the premium version of taig, I’ve never had to pay for a jailbreak, and it’s available for free… so im not paying 29 bycks for it. Downloaded Pangu, I used to LOVE pangu because i downloaded probably 20 iphone 5’s for me and all my friends, with no trouble. Now, for some reason on that one, you have t participate in ads before it allows you to download it, then you need some other hacker thing to start the program, then when you go to download it, you have to do some MORE ad bs. Someone please tell me where to go, what to download, and what to do! thank you!

  • joe

    whats the registration code

  • abdullah

    how to get the registeration code plz tell meeee

  • Manuel

    Can someone pls help me it says, “Apple driver hasn’t been found. Please download and install iTunes.”

  • pemba

    what is the registration code ?