Cydia Redesign

Our friends over at r/jailbreak have compiled a list of compatible jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8.3. Unsurprsingly, most of the tweaks on the list have problems or don’t work at all. This is due to the fact that a fix needs to be implemented by the TaiG team to ensure Cydia Substrate compatibility.

Even still, there are a few jailbreak apps that don’t rely on Cydia Substrate, and thus work. Once Cydia Substrate compatibility is restored, this list will likely change rapidly as developers lend attention to their tweaks and apps.

Here are some of the notable jailbreak apps that work right now:

  • iFile
  • MTerminal
  • Kodi
  • OpenSSH
  • GB4iOS

As stated, there aren’t a lot of working jailbreak tweaks and apps for iOS 8.3, but the few that do work are solid releases that many can enjoy.

Here’s a link to the full list.

Did your favorite app or tweak make the cut? Which tweak or app are you most anticipating using?

  • Chang in Charge

    I cannot wait for 8.4 to come out and the tool to be updated. It really hasn’t been that long since I got the watch and updated to stock but it feels like forever. I have a list of repos and tweaks in my Notes app just waiting to be reinstalled.

  • Andrew

    I’m assuming you mean GBA4iOS? :p

    And I can’t wait to update and jailbreak, but I’m gonna wait until everything is working. I can’t live without half of my tweaks 😛

    • sorrento

      Same here… There is no point to update if my tweaks aren’t working under the new jailbreak.
      Let’s wait 😉

      • Hi

        be sure to update before ios 8.4 come out. lol

      • Navneet Walia

        which tweak is best ??? I m new

    • Hi

      be sure to update before ios 8.4 come out. lol 🙂

      • sorrento

        Thks for your advice but I’m well jailbroken here so I’m not gonna take the risk… There is too much unknown tweaks availability at the moment. It’s not worth it and I don’t have any Apple Watch, so I’m ok.
        Thks again, appreciate it 😉

      • NP92

        U dont have iWatch?

        iOS 8.3 is much more than the watch.

      • sorrento

        No, I don’t… Not ready yet for the watch I think :))

  • filter351

    SMSFlooder works for me on 8.3, if anyone else uses it.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      No one uses it.

      • Fredydeekrueger

        Apparently he does…

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Apparently so…

  • Ds

    iCleaner Pro and f.lux (from beta repo) both work fine.

  • William Melendez

    Bytafont 2 works too : ) I already changed my font to “San Fransisco” new IOS 9 font. Love it

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      Yes, it’s listed in the list.

      • William Melendez

        Didn’t read the whole list. Glad that works though.

    • hocus86

      Where is the San Francisco font?

    • Nirvana

      Which repo is San Fran font in?

    • Mr Grizzle

      How do I find that font?

  • Saulo Benigno

    I’m unable to add any new source, stuck on loading image, last line… anyone with the same error?

    Any fix?


    • Saulo Benigno

      Just saw that a new Cydia installer was released, I updated and everything is fixed now 🙂

      It’s fixed now.


      • Alex Karwat

        How do you update

      • DMan9574

        its a package update

  • Tux

    I have to say Bytafont also working fine.

  • Movie box working?

    • Christopher Michael Cetinich


      • William Melendez

        source for the app?

      • That’s all that matters to me.

  • regkilla

    I just want Auxo 2 and PdaNet.

  • noecuhh

    Can anyone tell me if Phantom is working?

    • an

      Phantom dosent seem to be working at the moment

    • Fredydeekrueger


    • Caio Lopes

      I wanna know to!!!! My phantom isnt working and i have the 9.10.0 version!!

  • hairschneider

    Ccsettings, infinidock and infinifolder Works on 8.3

  • kooolchief

    dunno about the tweak ! but you’ve got a hot wife ! 😛

  • Fredydeekrueger

    SmartTap and PandoraDownloader work fine, Iphone 6 IOS 8.3

  • Fredydeekrueger

    Phantom for SnapChat is working smooth.

    • Aluísio Saboya

      SmartTap is Ok! But VirtualHome is extremely intermittate.

    • Caio Lopes

      really?? my phantom isnt 🙁

  • It seems like every time I go to one of the tweaks listed as working on the Google docs list, it says “This product is not supported on your iOS version.” So I don’t know what’s up with that.

  • I’m excited that SwipeSelection, CCControls, Browser Changer, and ColorBadges work. Looking forward to when Springtomize works.

  • Onaje Perry

    iTunes Radio scrubber and iTunes Radio unlimited are both compatible

  • Onaje Perry

    Linktunes also works

  • Caio Lopes

    I’m sad because none of them that you guys are working on my talk

  • nfinite

    swipeselection, virtualhome, ccsettings working perfectly

  • Blip dude

    Who the hell added Forecast to that list?? As of right now, the public version Nor does the last beta work. Anyone tried grabby yet??

    EDIT – I thought Auxo 3 wasn’t working either (does not come as a surprise actually). Looks like I’ll just avoid this list and just keep playing around and put up with constant resprings.

  • N0body

    Classic Dock
    Little Brother
    Subtle Lock
    are working perfectly with my 5s

  • Otto

    Asktocall not working…its on the list of working tweaks, can anyone else try…thanks

  • samy

    i have jailbroken my ios8.3 with taig 2.1.2, however i am not able to install barrel or bridge !!! can anyone please tell me why this is happening.. i am so confused
    it gives me error of unable to purchase ..
    please help me

    • DMan9574

      Cylinder works way better than Barrel and has many more features, you can also mix the themes in it to make different scrolling effects and save them, the best part is that its free (It’s the package with the baby face on it)

      • samy

        Thank you so much !! This is really helpful..
        I am new to jailbreak community, so don’t know much of the stuff..
        Thanks a lot again 🙂