TaiG 8.3 jailbreak how to

Now that Cydia Substrate is available, users can now enjoy the many jailbreak tweaks and apps available on Cydia. Given the timing of this iOS 8.3 release, we’re interested to know what our readers think about the jailbreak overall.

Are you jailbroken? Do you plan on doing so soon? Or are you holding off altogether? Sound off in our poll, and check to see where you stand with regard to other jailbreakers.

With iOS 8.4 on the horizon, and the iOS 9 beta available, jailbreakers or would-be jailbreakers have some tough decisions to make over the next few days, and weeks.

The question is, what will you do?

  • White Michael Jackson

    Waiting for Flex 2.

    • Fernandes Moura

      why flex 2 dont show all the apps? anyway to fix it???

      • Jailbreak Guru

        I assume you added an ‘Applications’ folder into /var/mobile. There are two ways to fix it.

        1st Way) What I Do/Recommend: Rename the ‘Applications’ to (for example) ‘BackupApplications’ so it wouldn’t recognize it.

        2nd Way) Delete the ‘Application’ Folder

    • Jailbreak Guru

      Flex 2 is already out. We are waiting for Flex 3.

  • Rafael Ramos

    Is it so necessary? The question of one billion dollars! Who needs to get tweaks maybe. Security?? Maybe it is worth…

  • vitalie

    So anyone found a fix for the 20% iPhone 4S reboot loop even with Taig 2.1? (tried basically everything i found online πŸ™ )

    • coLin

      a fresh restore to 8.3 maybe?

      • vitalie

        I’m not exactly new to this but here’s my dumb questions about restoring 8.3. Is that going to erase my data and such? (music)

      • coLin

        technically yes, but if you hit the backup button, everything will be fine.
        1. backup
        2. fresh restore and update to 8.3
        3. jailbreak
        4. restore your files back

      • vitalie

        the thing is i still have a lot of music in my library from a previous jailbreak. i than updated iOS and some of it stayed. So i don’t think it will backup my “jailbroken” music

      • coLin

        I’m pretty sure you will have that music back to your phone after you jailbreak and after you install back that tweak/app, but to be safe try to copy it through iFunbox or something

      • vitalie

        well, I’ll try that right now than! fingers crossed πŸ˜€

      • vitalie

        well just did a fresh restore, and first try with Taig 2.1 and latest itunes didn’t work πŸ™ (still stuck at 20%) And Taig 2.0 isn’t working either… I’m going to install itunes 12.0 and update!

      • vitalie

        Well! iTunes 12.0.1 w/ restore 8.3 Taig v2.1 it finally passed 20%, hung up a bit on 60, but passed and now at 90%, 99%. omg yes finally xD. Real time updated haha. thanks a lot for the help!!

        Here’s for those that isn’t working still i guess, just in case:
        iTunes 12.0.1 w/ restore 8.3 Taig v2.1 iPhone 4S here (it all seemed to hang in the itunes version and the RESTORE) Good luck everyone!

      • Digitalfeind

        Use iFunbox instead of iTunes to transfer your music.

    • Fredydeekrueger

      Make sure you try the correct version of itunes. Mine worked fine.

      • vitalie

        yup! I actually tried the newest one, plus the one before and the one before that haha, still just stuck at 20% reboot loop :/

      • Fredydeekrueger

        Fresh restore of 8.3 and the correct version of itunes, I literally just did mine. I added the ifile and did the rest. Got a couple tweaks going, good luck.

      • Blip dude

        He said the correct version!! The latest version is NOT the correct version. Downgrade iTunes to 12.0.1 and then try again. It seems like it’ll still hang for a few minutes, but should still continue after that.

      • vitalie

        oh gawd it passed 20% now xD with restored 8.3 and itunes 12.0.1 and Taig v2.1 it FINALLY WORKED!

    • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

      You need to downgrade your itunes to 12.1.16

  • Slifur

    When will cydia rival come out?

    • Tyler Smith

      at this point never

    • Jailbreak Guru

      If you are talking about ‘iMods’ then it is coming soon. They are currently asking for developers to upload their packages.

  • Damian

    Iphone 6 and iPad Air already jailbroken

  • Ronald Ramsay II

    iOS 8.4 will probably use this same tool. Apple won’t delay the update and debut of Apple Music to patch it. As far as I’m concerned, they’re full speed into iOS 9…

  • Truc

    The battery on iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 9 is amaazing
    I used my iPhone a lot yesterday for 16 hours and still 20%
    That’s amaazing which encourages me not to jailbreak

    • coLin

      I used the beta 1 and it drained my 6plus battery in hours πŸ™

      • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

        That is because early betas performs hundreds of communication with Apple’s servers.

      • Kieran.Lillis

        The same thing happened on my iPhone 6, but iOS 9 beta 2 seems to have fixed this issue.

      • coLin

        For me, TaiG 2.1 seem to fix my problem :p

  • coLin

    Already jailbroken. Missed it so much!

  • Fredydeekrueger

    Not going to risk waiting on 8.4 and 9.0, they might not have jailbreaks right away.

  • Jay

    You need another response option .. “No, I’m JB on 8.1.2 and can’t be bothered as 8.3 offers little”

    • Fredydeekrueger

      Well since substrate is now fixed more tweaks work now, plus if you have an apple watch you can still pair.

    • blu

      I still on 8.1, see no reason to update, my phone is set up like I like it, so I don’t want to start over again and wait for JB apps to be supported. I will JB my daughters 4s on 8.3 though in a week or so once all gets straightened out. .

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Waiting on Substitute.

    • Anmol Malhotra


      • Bugs Bunnay

        I was starting to think that no one got that… Or tough crowd.

  • #6: I’m jailbroken on iOS 8.1.2 and I don’t know what to do.

    • same here

      • I have an iPad, so for me maybe it’s less important to upgrade and re-jailbreak because many features added in iOS 8.3 are exclusively useful for the iPhone and for who decided to buy an Apple Watch. Ok, there are other improvements that could help speed up the device, but I don’t feel like it’s a significant change, at least for me…

    • Skoven

      This is what i’m going to do…
      1. Keep my 8.1.2 jailbreak
      2. Wait until 8.4 is released
      3. Update to 8.3 while it is still being signed (and not jailibreak it)
      4. See if the jailbreak also works on 8.4 in the coming days after the release
      5a. It properly will – update to 8.4 and jalibreak
      5b. 8.4 not jailbreakable – stay on 8.3 and jailbreak.

      • 99% it will not be 8.4 compatible but… it’s clever enough to wait the next week to make a decision πŸ™‚

  • TwinSon

    I want to go to 8.3 just for the updated emoji’s and the ability to use 3rd party keyboards reliably. I’ll think about it.

  • HamptonWalley

    No more. Jailbreak equal opening iphone for viruses.

  • Varun Soi

    Enjoying my favourite old tweaks back again freaking awesome after so long, thanks to taig and idownloadblog πŸ™‚

  • regkilla

    I plan to.

  • Blip dude

    I have a Genius Bar appointment tomorrow so hopefully I can get a new device (having issues with iPhone 6 Plus at the moment). So I’m hoping I get a new device and have not just a Fresh Jailbreak, but also on a fresh device. A lot still need to be update (Like Auxo, Springtomize, etc).

  • Lui

    Security is more important than jailbreak and having tweaks on your phone. You could never know what code is included in the patches of jailbreak. It is not about freeing up your phone, it is about a lof of changes deeply in the system, files, processes, etc.

    Nowdays your phone contains a lot of sensitive information (personal data, passwords, payment details, etc). Do some tweaks worth this risk?

  • Since there’s no evidence of it workings on 8.4 official release since there isnt one. Beta doesn’t say anything (and since the source has already been decoded on github) wont be hard for Apple for patch it before 8.4 final.

  • Martynet

    Non of the tweaks is worth the hassle and instability anymore…

  • Fernandes Moura

    why flex 2 dont show all the apps? anyway to fix it?

  • battosai

    I’m on iOS 8.1 jailbreak is it usefull to update ?

    • Mr.Adam

      I’m on 8.1.2 and I’m happy. I’m wondering this too. Is 8.3 really much smoother/faster on and i6 than 8.1.2? Is it really that much of a noticeable difference? Anybody?

  • Lucas Rey

    Will you jailbreak iOS 8.3?
    Sure, I can’t live without JB….. No JB, No iPhone! πŸ™‚

  • Kevin Chen

    I’m waiting for iOS 9 jailbreak.

  • Mr.Adam

    I’m waiting a few more days till the dust settles and some of my favorite tweaks are updated. I’m thinking there will be a couple more updates to the jailbreak or people will find some weird bugs. I need springtomize 3 and iconomatic for sure. But who knows when those will be updated? Anybody know if iconomatic works?

  • jalexcarter

    been trying to jb for three days now on my windows work computer but no luck. hopefully they come out with a mac version soon bc im very anxious to jb but dont wanna have to go through all that virtual machine business. c’mon TaiG pick up the pace please

  • techfreak23

    You should have added the option, “still considering it. haven’t decided”

  • Courtney Macfarlane

    Jailbroken and every single tweak I have installed has worked. I’m a happy person today! Waited 4 months for this πŸ™‚

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Probably already asked before, but:

    1) Will there be a Mac version coming out before iOS 8.4 is out and squashes the JB?
    2) Is it likely that iOS 8.4 will squash the current TaiG JB?

  • Mohammed Ayyub

    For security reasons I would suggest leaving the phone as it is. for both ios and android. No jailbreak and no rooting – Unless you prefer to sell yourselves to identity theives and social media account-jackers from external purchases besides the Appstore and Playstore. Alot of applications were created out of hate and distrubted across the world after the great depression of 2008 to create a massive electronic distruption of tech services and automated algorithmic softwares which went in the wrong hands. It has not been easy nor benefiting for the whole global economy on a progressive scale but alot of measures have been put through to ensure each of ya’ll security. My suggestion is, if you can’t pay for an app, either don’t buy it, or go live in a cave. – That’s all I’d say for now.

  • QuarterSwede

    To be honest, I don’t see much of a reason to these days. I can’t think of one compelling reason for me.

  • Lane Chrismon

    Was stuck on 8.1.2 because I couldn’t live without my jailbreak. Thankful we finally got it for 8.3!

  • Misty_Gibbs G

    That seems pretty awesome. I do believe I am planning to accomplish it. I have had my note 4 for couple of years, and this course of action is cheaper than Verizons new cost schedule for upgrades.