Cydia iOS 8

Cydia Installer just received an update, bringing the package to version 1.1.17. The update, which adds compatibility to TaiG’s iOS 8.3 jailbreak, is now available for download on jailbroken devices.

Cydia Installer 1.1.17

As shown in the release notes, Cydia 1.1.17 is a bug fix release. On jailbroken iOS 8.3 devices, Cydia would report that it “cannot identify your device” while trying to access your Cydia account. This was, of course, due to the changes on iOS 8.3, and this update fixes that issue.

Also noted in the change log is support for file:/// repo URLS. Recent versions of Cydia rejected local repo URLs due to an overly-limited filer on what URLs were valid and acceptable. Users can once again user file:/// repo URLs with Cydia 1.1.17.

Again, if you’d like to download the latest version of Cydia, simply launch Cydia and you should be prompted to install the update upon refresh.

Note that this is not a fix for Cydia Substrate. That change, which is in the hands of the TaiG team, is still forthcoming.

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  • Onaje Perry

    So we should be able download the tweaks, right?!

    • Unfortunately it doesn’t look like it. This is just the Cydia installer, not the substrate package.

    • Bugs Bunnay


    • Robert Lee

      Not yet be patient I want tweaks too just be thankful that you don’t have to manually install Cydia like with pangu’s first iOS 8 solution.

    • Aoba

      What do you mean? I can install tweaks perfectly fine… It’s just that 99% of them don’t work just yet

  • I’m getting a weird 403 Forbidden error when attempting to upgrade the cydia installer.

    • Weird. Had to manually refresh the sources to get it to work.

      • Ryan Patrick

        I used apt-get update and upgrade. Still got 403 forbidden error. was it manual refresh in Cydia?

      • Yep. Went to the sources tab and hit refresh

      • Ryan Patrick

        Yep worked for me. Jeff may want to add this to end of article. 403 forbidden error fix. Click Ignore (temorary) Refresh sources. Then upgrade

        p.s Thanks Realistic!

      • Cole Mahoney

        I had same but worked now

      • Courtney Macfarlane

        I just done that and it worked too, cheers buddy!

  • Yash Patel

    So um….. Is this the substrate update they were talking about .. ?
    Can I install Activator now ?

    • It doesn’t look like this includes the substrate update. This is just an update to the installer for users to access their purchases records.

    • ‘Fraid not man, this is just a Cydia update, we’re waiting on Cydia Substrate

      • Rogério Jr.

        Patiently waiting of Substrate update

      • pnh

        Impatiently waiting for Substrate update.

      • Seth Bradley

        I Dont Even Feel Like Waiting Anymore!

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Unimpatiently not waiting for Substrate update, anymore.

      • Justin de Vreugd

        WoW people its getting anoying din’t Say things If you aren’t Sure we are waiting for a untheter update from taig Cydia substrate Works fine If the update the taig package i don’t know whats taling them so long it’s A 5 minutes fix

  • Cole Mahoney

    Do this require wifi? Getting an error on Cydia. iPhone 6 iOS 8.3

    • Rogério Jr.

      Restart your device, it should be okay to update after that

      • Cole Mahoney

        Tweaks r not showing up in settings (winter board, etc)

  • roger

    It’s almost there. Now just wait for Substrate update

  • Chris Duncan

    Any issues with Apple Watch?

    • Damien

      I couldn’t access settings (and I have heard of other apps refusing to open) until I unpaired and then paired my watch again. I was preparing for a full on restore but after that settings opened and I was able to pair again

      • Chris Duncan

        Cool. Now next is to see what tweaks that become compatible with the Apple Watch.

      • Damien

        I know; I’m pretty excited about the possibilities that will come about jail broken with the watch. Hopefully there aren’t any unknowns preventing the jailbreak doing things on the watch.

      • Chris Duncan


  • Mark S

    Done and done. Thank you Saurik for the quick turn around.

  • Danny19822

    I am able to install tweaks??how come?

    • hocus86

      No offense but if you have to ask “how come?” after reading the article you will not understand the reason why you cannot.

      • Danny19822

        Can you not read? I said I Am ABLE to install tweaks which means I can install tweaks yet everyone else is saying they can’t because of the substrate update…

      • hocus86

        I deleted my comment but I shouldn’t have because it still applies lol. Substrate=required for MOST (not all) jailbreaks.

      • Danny19822

        So how come it’s appears to only be me on iOS 8.3 taig jailbreak who can download tweaks?&thanks for your help

      • hocus86

        Anyone can download them, try using them for a bit and see 1. they work as designed, 2. they even work at all.

      • Danny19822

        Ohh,I understand now,thank you!

  • iltas

    wooow thnx can i install tweak now any body help

    • Chris Tangler

      can you read any of the other comments down below (or above)

  • Sohail Wahab

    Please update Cydia Substrate @saurik!

    • Chris

      As stated already, this is with the TaiG team. It should be released soon.

  • Chris Tangler

    installed just fine and i am able to login, but doesn’t ever load my purchased tweaks…just a blank screen with loading at the top

    • iltas

      why i cant access my file system do u hve any idea

      • Chris Tangler

        well do you have filza or ifile installed?

        EDIT: Cydia doesn’t give you access to the file system. it only allows you to install things like filza or ifile to access the file system from your phone or install something like apple file conduit 2 to access via iexplorer from your laptop…or alternatively you can dabble with SSH and access via terminal, if your good with things like that

      • iltas


      • Chris Tangler

        appsync doesn’t do what your asking…appsync isn’t allowed on this site because it’s a means of piracy…you will need AFC2 (apple file conduit 2) to access with iexplorer (or something similar) from your PC/Mac

      • iltas


      • Chris Tangler

        well if it’s not updated then looks like you’ll be using SSH…dont screw it up lol

      • iltas


    • iltas

      did u tell me i hve Appcake installed now and i cant install cracked apps i need to ask abut APPSYNC IN IOS 8.3

      • Chris Tangler

        how would i know this?

  • diggitydang

    Once substrate is updated, do tweak developers then have to update each tweak too? Or will the substrate work for most, if not ALL tweaks? Hmmmmm…

    • Ronald Ramsay II

      Substrate will probably resolve most issues…

  • dave

    Installed the update, however the actual purchases I’ve made do not show, it just hangs at a blank screen.. anyone else?

    • iltas


  • Ron G

    Screen completely froze after doing the update

  • leart

    installing right now

  • czarczarczar

    I had no issues until this update . It froze my phone and had to restart it . Now Cydia won’t open

    • Ronald Ramsay II

      I’ve had a similar issue, but I’m wondering if it’s attributed to not having the kernel patch (Substrate) yet. My guess is Cydia is calling access to certain things, which leads to a kernel panic, making the phone reboot…

      Once Substrate is updated, I bet not only will the tweaks/mods work, the reboot issue will go away…

      • czarczarczar

        That’s what I’m guessing too let’s hope substrate is updated soon

  • M2

    Does anyone know if substrate update will be done as a package within Cydia provided by taig or will we have to essentially rejailbreak?

    • dsgcobra

      Everything i have read it will be an update with in Cydia

      • Ronald Ramsay II

        Same here… within Cydia

  • urrl

    Oddly I could not upgrade to Cydia 1.1.17 until I shut off my phones wifi and then it worked.

  • I totally hate having to restore and upgrade to get the new JB but my iPhone is running like garbage and the dreaded iCloud Password asking every 2 minutes has started again.

    Biggest problem I have with this process is all my Topps Digital Card apps will lock my device out, until I get in contact with support and explain why I had to restore my phone. They are sticklers for jailbroken devices….

  • Jjjjjpp

    anyone else having problems with appstore? cant uppdate or download apps

    • Chris

      Yup same here. Some said they had to sign out of their Apple account, reboot their phone then sign in again and it worked for them. Not me though, but feel free to try it just in case.

  • Tito

    after jailbreaking i updated the latest cydia i can download the tweaks but none of them are showing up under settings please advise?

    • Ronald Ramsay II

      Once Substrate is updated, they’ll show…

  • KingEgo

    Since i jailbroke this morning, i cant download or update anything from the apple app store. is anyone else having this problem?

    • Ronald Ramsay II

      Working fine here.. 6 Plus

  • Even when Taig finally gets the substrate figured out, every tweak I’ve purchased is not available for this OS. So it could be a long wait. Does anyone know of any tweaks that work now?

    • Ronald Ramsay II

      Can’t test til Substrate is released. I just hope they have to update the supported iOS’s to include 8.3. Which may be why they’re not showing up yet. There wasn’t much changes visually from 8.1.2 > 8.2 > 8.3. I hope it won’t take long. But we ALL need Substrate in order to move forward, including the devs…

  • Aldreaon DjSupreme Smith

    Getting this photo when I refresh. Iphone 6 plus iOS 8.3

  • Fbyrd75

    After I updated, the music app does not show my music. itunes shows it on my phone, but i cannot access it. Any thoughts? Thanks

    • Portgas D. H

      same here!!!!!!! Music only works in safe mode, plz help if anyone has an idea

      • Fbyrd75

        I removed all the songs from the phone using itunes, then reloaded them. Worked fine and no other issues so far. Hope that works for you also.

  • Milad

    I got Cydia 1.1.18

  • Jack Charlie Hickmott

    is the JB just for i6 and i6+ because ive got an i5 and im stuck at 60% injecting and ive retried about 5 times. ive seen a few comments saying that

  • Ashutosh Goyal

    Every time i try to purchase any tweak, it says “Unable to Purchase. This product is not supported on your iOS version…. Please help…. (BTW I am trying to download BioProtect)