TaiG 20 percent 8.3 stuck

Many would-be jailbreakers are stuck at the 20% progress mark with the just-released TaiG 2.0.0 jailbreak tool for iOS 8.3. The jailbreak starts well enough, but after a quick takeoff, putters out at the 20% mark. Thankfully a workaround is now available.

After a few minutes of being stuck on 20%, the iPhone will reboot and will stay stuck at 20%, and the reboot process will continue. Are you experiencing this issue? Sound off in our comments

Jailbreak Failed taig 2.0.0 iOS 8.3

After a few reboots, you’ll received a Jailbreak failed error message. The message states

Please don’t worry. Click the button below for solutions (-1101). After clicking the Solutions button, you’re met with a page that features no solution for the -1101 error.

Pangu solutions

Here are some of the things that I’ve tried:

  • x64 Windows version
  • x86 Windows version
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10
  • Restoring iPhone to a fresh clean install
  • Waiting it out and letting the 20% error stay there until I got an error timeout

Some people are stating that by downgrading iTunes, you can successfully jailbreak. I’m running the latest version of iTunes, but am going to downgrade to iTunes 12.0.1 (32-bit) and give it a shot.

As we gather more intel and reliable methods for fixing this issue, we’ll update this post. Please share any suggestions that you have in the comments as well.

Update: I fixed this issue by downgrading iTunes. See my post here.

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  • Ángel Javier Esquivel

    I checked on a latin blog and users report it only works with iTunes on 32-bits

    • Ahmad Farah


      • Ángel Javier Esquivel


      • Whoa buddy. No need for caps.

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel


    • I have a few devices and computers to test theories.. will try iPhone 6 first and let everyone know..

      • nilesh

        do it with itunes version 12.0.x as that is the version that the old taiG jailbreak worked

    • R chid

      It works for both 32 & 64 bits

  • Mesut

    I stuck on %20 so i am going to try it on 32-bit OS

  • Scheme

    Thank you my impatient jailbreak family for being my guinea pgis and messing up your iphonea so i don’t have to 🙂 Taking one for the team . Nice!!

    • Mark S


    • Thomas Meredith

      I always love to hear these kind of complaints. I can wait…

  • Antzboogie

    Im going to wait a bit until Cydia Substrate updates. I’m very thankful for this Jailbreak though and excited!!

  • Yes! I’m stuck as well

  • Installing 32-bit windows on spare laptop for test. On both PCs i have it failed after stuck to 20% and after 3 reboots it output error -1101

  • Phan Sokong

    I’m Too . I’m Stuck On 20% So i Don’t Know How To Fix

  • TG

    well even though i have 32bit windows I am still stuck at 20%, so this may not be the main reason

  • Paul Flahan

    I’m stuck at 20% as well.

  • Cameron Finn

    Use iTunes 12.0.1

  • snakeo

    YES TRY it on 32BIT oS even Version of itunes DL it iTunes64Setup.exe

    And will work

    • You can not use 64 bit installer on 32 bit os

      • Jonathan

        No, but you can use a 64 bit OS to install a 32 bit virtual OS.

    • gumuskurt65 of itunes iTunes64Setup.exe download link please??

    • Ahmad Farah


  • Carlos Cardoso

    Install iTunes 12.0.1 and iTunesDriver64_0205.exe and it will work

    • Rean Youda


      • Carlos Cardoso

        Yes, really

    • Vijay Pal

      where to get it from,link please ?

      • Nate Mullet


    • Rocco Sandell

      OMG bro thank you so much!!!!

    • Ian Bash

      Thanks Bro it worked now! <3

  • Tran Toan

    You overcome by installing iTunes 12.0.1

  • Stephen Nguyen

    im using itunes 64bit and stucking at 60% in inject jailbreak process :(( poor me >”<

    • Traydin

      for me the same, whats now , have it worked? :/

      • Juan

        same here, still at 60% and its making me mad, any fixes?

      • Stephen Nguyen

        I just waited about 10′ and it’s been finished, keep in mind: keep your homescreen is on, I think it’s good

      • Traydin

        ok i will try again, have it aborted 3 times… now i try a 4th time with homescreen on… worked this on win 8.1 64?

      • Stephen Nguyen

        Yeah, of course, it works perfectly on win 8.1 64bit

      • Juan

        ive been doing that and it keeps being stuck, i waited at least 20 minutes and it was the same. im on 8.1 64bit

      • Traydin

        the same…

      • Juan

        i dunno if you fixed it yet but i finally did. I ended up restoring my phone then using my backup to recover, then i put airplane mode and did the jailbreak and it worked yay

    • Giuseppe

      Ok, guys, if you have my same problem(stuck 60%) do this.
      Step 1: Back up your device;
      Step 2: Restore your device;
      Step 3: Set up your device pushing “new device”;
      Step 4: Jailbreak now;
      Step 5: Restore your device with back up.
      I hope to be help

  • Andre Grey

    Make sure You’re downgraded to 12.0.1 and run as admin and everything will be fine.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I’m glad I’m at work now and these problems are occuring now so when I get home, they will be fixed and we’ll get news about a Mac version.

    • True that.

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      It won’t be fixed that soon, maybe they have to update the app

    • Jaafar Amine Jaafar

      so optmistic lol (y)

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        I try lol

  • hArShit YaDaV

    And here it is 🙂

    • Jaafar Amine Jaafar

      installed os and itunes version please 🙂 ?

      • hArShit YaDaV

        64bit Win10
        And i’m using itunes v 12.1.0
        Hope it would help ya 😉

      • Sai

        how do you have win 10 already?

      • hArShit YaDaV

        I’m running the insider preview.

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    I’m assuming there exploits were patched in iOS 8.4, that’s why they released it. Apple music is in iOS 8.4 so a tough choice

    • Truly, I don’t really care about Apple Music. It’s not going to make me switch from Spotify Premium.

  • They rushed the jailbreak as usual. They should have waited one more week for iOS 8.4 which is a major update. But no! They wanted to be first. If they find a way to bring the new music app to iOS 8.8 then that’s fine though I normally use Spotify.

  • People are trying it on a 32bit OS? People still have 32bit OS?!

  • Sumon G

    jailbroken but notification centre seems to freeze the device :/

  • Chris

    Yep, stuck at 20% too. Haven’t tried the iTunes downgrade method yet, but I guess I just want to wait a few more hours to see if it worked for others before trying. Downgrading iTunes isn’t really a hassle but I’ve waited FOR SO LONG FOR A JAILBREAK, I guess I can wait a little more!

  • Winkle Bakshi

    iphone 5s 8.2 jailbreak successful but not a single tweak show in settings :((

  • Akash Gajjar

    hopefully we will see new tweaks tomorrow !!!

  • Akash Gajjar

    List of iOS 8.3 Compatible Cydia Tweaks

    So here’s the list of iOS 8.3 Compatible cydia tweaks that you can enjoy on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which is jailbroken using iOS 8.3 Jailbreak tool.

    ByFont 2















    Cydia Substration




    Aeuria LS




    iCleaner Pro





    Filza File Manager






    Pandora Skips








    StatusHUD 2



    Phantom for Snapchat




    Wifi Passwords





    iTunes Radio Unlimited

    iCleaner Pro

    Classic Dock

    Message Tag

  • Adams hedhli


  • Jennifer

    I finally got it to work. I had to downgrade my itunes to 12.0.1 After that I had to uninstall Apple application support, mobile device support from control panel. After that, with the newly installed old itunes, I restored my phone to factory settings. Once I did that, I tried to jailbreak again, and it was done in less than five minutes. After trying everything, I am certain factory resetting the phone was the trick, since that was my last resort.

  • Garrett Moody

    so i got stuck at 20% . downgraded itunes on 32 bit. Now i am stuck on 60% “injecting”?

  • Ahmed Bilal Haider

    How long it takes time to inject the data?

  • David Roginsky

    i downgraded itunes software working fine

  • urrl

    First problem was it did not even get to 20% and said I needed an iTunes driver. So I found the driver on the chinese link it gave and installed it. Next it only got as far as 20% so I downgraded to iTunes 12.0.1 and after multiple retries and letting it sit for about 20 minutes I decided to try again; it made it to 30%. Kept trying and it finally succeeded. My guess is the program is still twitchy. I am using Windows professional 7 64 bit.

  • R chid

    First tings start to dawongrad iTunes from 12.1.0 to 12.0.1 then restart your devices of an tray again should works fin.

  • Paresh Vaghji

    here my story and it worked fine
    Windows 7 64bit
    downgraded to itunes 12.0.1
    turned off pass lock and find my iphone
    also turned off auto lock

    while the jailbreak was undergoing i made sure i always kept it on the home screen
    after a restart i straight away unlocked it.
    i was done in 2 minutes

  • eide

    so.. installing jb cydia on 8.3, no problem 🙂
    getting phantom for snapchat to work – problem :/
    any advice?

  • n0m0n

    Downgrading iTunes but it did not work for me. Bummer
    I tried it on a 32 bit, a 64 bit PC and I created a virtual windows presence on my MAC.
    Still stuck at 20%.

    Guess I’ll sit and wait.


  • Barang Single

    use itune version 12.1

  • alex

    !!!!! :'( :'(

  • Frqh

    Is there any fuking solution for stucking %20 ?

  • Abdel Rahman khalil

    i tried every solution you provided below ,but jailbreak keeps sticking at 60% …. PLEASE HELP!11

    • rawatta

      Same here, I´ve waited for about 20 minutes at 60% and then manually restarted my phone by holding Off and home button at the same time, then waited to restart and after about another 5-6 minutes the jailbreak went on and finally got the success 100% nd now its jailbroken!! hope that works for you too. let me know, thanks.

  • Usmc8408

    Yes!! It worked! What a nail biting process that was. I’ve never hated the number 60 so much in my life, haha! So this is exactly what I did, no more, no less…I didn’t restore my phone or put it in airplane mode, I just left everything alone (after turning off passcode and find my iPhone). I have Windows 8.1, 64 bit:

    1- I uninstalled/deleted all this stuff: Apple Application Support, Apple Application Support x64 and x86, Bonjour, Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, iTunes.

    2- I downloaded and installed: iTunes64Setup_12.0.1.26 and then iTunesDriver64_0205.

    3- Plugged in my phone and started TaiGJBreak_EN_2000.

    4- I Waited and stared at the screen. It got to 20%, restarted and continued to 60% where it seemed like it stalled for hours (it was really about 10 minutes), it restarted a few more times and IT WORKED!!

    A huge thanks to everyone who offered up these solutions!!

  • Bas Molenaar

    Turn off automatic synchronisation in itunes and close it, then try again. For me it worked that time.

  • Tegh

    I have itunes 12.0.1 64-bit but i got error 1102 any help please

  • E C

    can’t believe how difficult this is

    stuck at 20%. running WMware with windows XP on a mac, took forever but downgraded to itunes 12.0.1. have tried multiple times, successfully got my iphone 5 to jailbreak using the same setup and computer after hours and hours.

    and now my iphone 6+ using the same setup won’t work! any other tips?

    have tried uninstalling all apple stuff/itunes and reinstalling several times….have tried switching to a PC desktop that I never got successfully to work….

  • ColorMyUnicorn

    I already tried to downgrade and it’s stuck.