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Tweetbot for Mac with support for Yosemite’s design and a plethora of other improvements hit earlier in the month as a free upgrade for existing users. Monday, its developer Tapbots issued the first maintenance refresh bringing out support for a pair of Twitter’s recently introduced handy new features.

Tweetbot 2.0.1 for Mac now lets you quote tweets using Twitter’s new embedded quoting feature. In addition, they’ve laid the groundwork for longer direct messages, a feature Twitter announced almost two weeks ago but hasn’t implemented yet.

After you update your copy of Tweetbot to the new version, retweeting a tweet will offer you the option to use the new quotation format instead.

To always retweet in this format, go to Tweetbot preferences and click the Quote Format option under the General tab.

You’ll be presented with the following choices:

  • Standard Quote
  • RT with Comment
  • via @user
  • Copy Tweet

Choose Copy Tweet to use the new tweet quotation feature going forward.

Tweetbot 2.0.1 for OS X New tweet quotation format Mac screenshot 001

Tweetbot 3 for iPhone picked up support for the new quotation format nearly two months ago. Unlike the typical retweet, this handy feature inserts the tweet between quotation marks and embeds the whole tweet like a card or photo.

As for longer-than-140-characters direct messages, Tweetbot 2.0.1 packs in support for that so it should just work as soon as Twitter enables the feature on its servers.

As you know, longer direct messages were announced along with news that Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo will be stepping down effective as of July.

Tweetbot 2.0.1 for Mac changelog:

  • Support for new style quoted Tweets.
  • Support for longer Direct Messages (enabled by Twitter in the near future).
  • Fixed crash when typing @mentions in the compose window.
  • Fixed crash when uploading a new profile image.
  • Improved speed of account switching.
  • Various other bug fixes.

As mentioned before, the update is free if you’re an existing Tweetbot user.

The 11.4-megabyte app requires a Mac running a 64-bit Intel chip and OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later.

Tweetbot 2 for Mac is $12.99 in the Mac App Store.

  • I still want the old ‘retweets’ tab back. I don’t want to visit Favstar to see not relevant stats about retweets and favs. 🙁

  • ready1take1

    Selecting Standard Quote, puts it in the new format. Selecting “Copy Tweet” puts the tweet you’re quoting in “Quotation marks”.
    Unless there’s something else you’re referring to?? “Choose Copy Tweet to use the new tweet quotation feature going forward.”

    What’s the new tweet quotation feature? All it does for me is put the tweet in quotation marks