iPhone 6 space gray Touch ID
In addition to getting rid of the unsightly bands on their back, future iPhones could create more room for the screen without enlarging the whole device by putting a virtual Home button along with Touch ID sensors right into its screen.

Not only would such a solution eliminate a “chin” at the iPhone’s bottom but the Cupertino firm has already developed necessary technologies in-house, claimed a report Monday by Taiwanese trade publication DigiTimes.

In its ongoing pursue of thinness, Apple has developed touch and display driver integration (TDDI) based on a single in-house developed chip. According to sources in Taiwan’s integrated circuit design industry, the approach integrates fingerprint sensors into the screen itself.

“The integrated design would fit into future iPhone designs – models with ultra-thin and ultra-narrow displays, and with a whole plane design eliminating the Home button,” reads the article.

If “a whole plane design” is about to eliminate the Home button, Apple could replace it with an on-screen virtual Home button control like some Android handsets.

The Apple Watch already has force sensors integrated into the display.

The forthcoming ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ refreshes are said to include Force Touch as well. The company could put these pressure sensors either underneath the touch panel backlighting layer or between the outermost protective screen cover and the in-cell touch panel.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a KGI Securities analyst who has the most prescient track record in forecasting Apple’s plans, predicted the upcoming smartphones will be 0.2 millimeters thicker than the present-generation iPhones due to Force Touch.

In addition to a next-generation iPhone screen with Touch ID integration, an Apple patent application we wrote about earlier this morning hints at a more seamless handset appearance without the antenna bands on the back, thanks to a new radio waves friendly metallic alloy the firm has invented.

Source: DigiTimes

  • AnoNymouz

    This is something I’ve been waiting for. Now we talking apple. Hope this is actually a thing to be.

    • Hopefully it’ll look something like this.

      • askep3

        Actually I hope Touch ID works anywhere on the screen

      • Andres

        That’s what mine looks like too

  • nirmitlamed

    apple probably realised that the larger your phone screen is the harder it is to control the top half of the screen. virtual buttons is a must for my opinion.

    • Tyler Smith

      I would rather have 1 button do everything or Auxo/Tage/Activator “like” gestures. Slide up from bottom right home button, slide in from bottom left multitasking.

      • nirmitlamed

        i am pretty sure apple won’t copy android and stay with one button, only it will be a virtual.

      • Tyler Smith

        That’s what I would want.

  • Chris

    I hope to god they don’t do the on screen virtual home button like android phones do, it’s the whole reason I don’t like android

    • Anmol Malhotra

      Their virtual home button is just the button which you see in apps. A simple button to go to home screen. Nothing else. (Multitasking is done through a square button in Android.)
      Here we are talking about integrating Touch ID, home button, initializing Siri, multitasking into the one virtual button. This is what we all want. I hope you get it now. 😉

      • Benedict

        What’s then difference excpt the fingerprint sensor behind the screen then? That users need to use gestures like pressing, long pressing, double pressing one button?? You think this is better than e.g. three or four buttons each for every action like it’s done in android? Sounds weird…
        You know all this thinking you and Apple are now performing was done years before by hundreds of people who developed this button layout. If one button would have been better, they wouldn’t put 3 or 4 there. Just admit that a one button design for several actions is a failure. It was good for the first iphones because it just took you back to the home screen. After they had to admit that multitasking is essential, they went in trouble for the first time.

      • Tyler Smith

        Why have multiple buttons when you can have one that does everything with different gestures. Seriously why have 3 or 4 buttons on a screen when you can do 6 or 4 actions with one button that doesn’t take up the screen. With multiple buttons you just get more crap in the way. Now it’s off the screen, it’s out of the way, and it’s one button that does all.

        Edit: wording

      • Benedict

        How or who should operate a single button with 6 different gestures?? This is far too complicated and not intuitive. How do you see that you have different features in one single button. If you have a softkey row you recognize the different symbols. Also now you waste alot of space with the homebutton. iPhones have the worst screen to bezel ratio.

      • Tyler Smith

        Physical button that can do more will always trump a row of what you call buttons.

    • Sohail Wahab

      I hate android devices because of the fu*kin virtual nonsense buttons

      • Benedict

        I hate iOS because of this single button. I can’t go back, I can’t switch apps, I can’t bring up options. Going to the home screen – that works fine, but mostly when I don’t want it to…

      • Tyler Smith

        Then get virtual home and get activator + last app. Problem solved

      • Benedict

        Thanks. But you think I use a hack to make a OS useable? No, thanks. I rather take the sophisticated and correct one..

  • Cameron

    In coming, “I don’t want thin I want larger battery”

    • Manuel Molina

      I want a larger battery. I’m tired of these thin phones… Oh, didn’t see your comment there. 🙂

      • WaterTrooper

        That is the reason I’m getting an Android. More choices. I really will miss the iOS, but this 1 phone for all is stupid.

      • Manuel Molina

        I don’t blame you, bruh. While I would go back to android as well, there’s just a lot of shit I use on a jailbreak that android just doesn’t do right for me.

      • Mind naming a few? I’ve been a jailbroken iPhone user for 5 years and just switched to my first Android phone (OnePlus One) 9 months ago. So far, most of the jailbreak tweaks I’ve come to love are readily available as apps on the PlayStore.

      • Manuel Molina

        LinkTunes is very handy. I go through iTunes, find what I like, then use Link to get the songs. Activator lets me triple click home lets me do a lot of disable/enable things; pressing up and down volume plays or pauses music, and pressing up, down or down up lets me skip or rewind music. One-hand wizard is very useful for clutch moments. Pandora downloader and movie box (I know TV portal is better though). Swipeselection and Smooth Cursor.

        Those are my most useful stuff. But if android can do this without needing custom roms, I’m in it. I just got tired of always having to flash roms, making sure things were stable, re flashing for different rom, memory swapping, etc.

        Apps and Apple’s app store don’t make me jump like it did a few years ago.

      • Sorry for late reply, been busy with power systems.

        LinkTunes ~= MP3 Music Download (http://bit. ly/1GLNOpm)

        Activator Button Triggers = XPosed Additions (http://bit. ly/1GLNNlh)

        Activator Sensor/Event Triggers = AutoMateIt (http://bit. ly/1GLNQ0B)

        One-hand Wizard = One-Handed Mode (http://bit. ly/1GLNU0k)

        Pandora Downloader = Pandora Radio + Mod (http://bit. ly/1IrmjWN)

        Swipe Selection = SwipSelection Keyboard (http://bit. ly/1SZx9q7)

        Not sure about Smooth Cursor though, my OnePlus One’s Cursor is pretty smooth already 😛

  • Ank24

    but this virtual button may cause some uneasiness while playing games

    • Benedict

      Smart people thought about this before: On Android the keys will be hidden whilst playing 😉

  • You’ll see this on iPhone 7, not going to happen on 6s.

    • Sohail Wahab

      Maybe on iPhone X which means 10

  • TechLove

    <3 it's happening!

  • Bugs Bunnay


  • Dexter

    This was rumoured for the previous iPhone… I want a physical button, please don’t Adroid-ify the iPhone.

    • John Wickham

      Yeah, physical home button is a must. Unless they can pull it off in some way that I’m not imagining.

      • Ali Aledany

        I’m not really an iPhone guy but I did walk into an apple store with my dad when I got him his iPhone 6 and tried the force touch trackpad and amazingly it felt like I actually clicked the trackpad but it was really the vibration.

        So Apple will probably implement that same feature to make the button feel as if it was a physical button.

      • Ali Aledany

        Tried force touch on the new macbook xD not iPhone 6 sorry :’)

  • Manuel Molina

    Does anyone believe that this OCD like obsession to thin this frigging device any thinner than it is right now is as stupid as ever?

  • Slifur

    I was thinking about this couple days ago. I think they will get rid of the home button and implement the force touch thing as a home button subtitute. I just hope they implement this new thing flawlessly.

    • Rowan09

      Personally I like a physical button but maybe after using force touch on the 6s I’ll change my mind.

      • erez

        their new mac book’s touchpad is pretty promising, if they do the vibration right it should be just like clicking a button

  • ZoHaiB HaSSaN

    Oh my god after a long time we will get somthing crazy

  • askep3

    I hate the virtual touch buttons, I’ve used many android phones and I always accidentally touch them, but since we will have force touch it should only work when you press the virtual button harder

    • Benedict

      Ah ok.. sounds realistic… so you must touch a lot of app icons on you iphone also. Perhaps you should use a non-touchscreen device.

      • askep3

        What do you mean?

        I love touchscreen haha just not accidentally brushing my hand on the virtual buttons while watching a video or playing a game, and having multitasking start up or something.

      • Benedict

        Buttons hide in fullscreen to prevent that. Here: YouTube

      • askep3

        Oh ok, that’s pretty cool, but the Galaxy s5 has buttons beside the home button and those are the problem

      • Benedict

        Oh ok. Most likely you won’t hit them. Perhaps they are also disabled in fullscreen. But after millions of Galaxy S sold, it is so sophisticated that this problem would have been accured before if it would have been an issue. But I will check it out when I get an S6.

      • askep3

        I have an iPhone 5s so I use only one hand a lot of the time, maybe that’s what I tried to do on the S5, and it didn’t work out so well with the large size, and the window flap case

  • Jason Baroni

    New technologies are always welcome, but I love how the Touch ID button brought the iPhone more of a premium look to the screen. It’s even more iconic than the first gen home button.

  • Nick Greenway

    If this is true it would probably make it impossible to put your device into DFU mode or into recovery mode manually maybe this could interfere with jailbreaking?

    • Rowan09

      No there will always be a way to reset the phone if it freezes maybe with the volume buttons and power

    • Benedict

      Somebody also done this thinking before. Android without physical buttons:
      Hardreset: 10-20 sec. powerbutton
      Boot Menu: Powerbutton + volume down/up

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    That may also lead to smaller bezels and overall size!

  • Tyler Smith

    No.. stop this.. Do what VirtualHome does. just make it a sensor and not a button and for god sakes keep it off of the screen…

  • erez

    they’ll use force touch as home button then?? NICE

  • Jonathan

    Apple, please use OLED. Pure blacks are just beautiful.

  • Donovan

    Err yea just leave the homebutton alone.

  • Benedict

    Is this discussion about a jailbreak? No.

    • Tyler Smith

      It’s always part of the discussion becsuse its a jailbreak blog but that’s okay. I’ll let you slide this time. Maybe go to an android blog and talk about how good they are there because honestly talking about how good an android is here is pointless. If we wanted android we would. But we don’t we have Jailbroken ios.

      • Benedict

        No, you talk about Android – here and in the article. So I am taking part of the discussion. And that’s exactly the point. Why you refuse to take Android? Just because it’s Android or because it has more useful buttons? If iOS would have things I like better, I would use it.
        So please don’t advice me where to comment or what to comment on.

      • Tyler Smith

        I refuse to talk about android because it honestly is behind the times. And so is stock IOS. Gestures and one button for everything is the name of the game. Slide in from bottom right or a tap of the home button. Slide off screen bottom or a long hold of the home button. Slide in from bottom left or double tap or even tap and hold. A row of buttons to do something that android does is copying. If I wanted an android I would get one but I don’t like the bar at the bottom when with a simple click of a button (that’s how easy jailbreaks are these days) I can unlock everything and anything. What you could even do is have a tap on any open part of the screen when on home screen to start multistasking or whatever you wanted it to be. And then gestures for in apps. The row of buttons and the pressing of the actual home button should become a thing of the past. Gestures and taping of sensors is the future

      • Benedict

        There are lots of launchers with gestures you decribes and more in android. Some people use it and they are nice t have if you are into gestures. But the bigger part is wants to see buttons especially for the system functions. Some in app navigation gestures are already annoying and more difficult to use than a button would do. I’m aware of that everybody wants to implement gestures everywhere but don’t exaggerate it. With softkeys you can also change the symbols depending on the screen if you like. Sliding in and out from left and right and vice versa is far to freaky for normal users which are not jailbroken.

      • Tyler Smith

        Well you keep your android and I’ll run circles around you with my Jailbroken iPhone. Have a nice day.

      • Benedict

        I doubt that. Especially when I would root it 🙂 You too!

      • Tyler Smith

        Oh and advise*

  • Dante Arellano

    Yes is a feture of the iphone 100s