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Now that summer is here, it is time to start planning for all of those water activities you love. Whether you are zooming down a 50-foot slide at a water park or simply relaxing at the beach around a bonfire with friends, you need protection for your iPhone and waterproof protection is an added bonus.

For the past few months, we’ve been spotlighting a variety of cases and accessories for the iPhone 6. We are hoping to introduce you to many of the most popular products on the market so you can choose which one is right for you. Today’s accessory roundup is a list of what we believe are some of the best waterproof cases for iPhone 6 on the market. Feel free to add your personal favorites in the comments section.

Lifeproof Frē

LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 case

For a sturdy waterproof case, check out the durable Lifeproof’s Frē. This hard shell polycarbonate case seals your iPhone 6 right in and is military graded for protection from drops up to six feet. It is waterproof rated for two meters (6.6 feet) for up to an hour. All ports are sealed with special caps, but are accessible when need be. The touch sensitive clear screen cover allows you to continue using your device, even though it is completely enclosed. The special Home button membrane makes it possible for you to use Touch ID. This case is available from Amazon for between $70 and $72, depending on the color you want.



If you’d like something with a deeper waterproof rating than the Frē but still want access to basic controls for your iPhone, Catalyst has your style. It is rated for up to 16.4 feet deep with a drop rating of up to six feet. The non-slip rubber bumper also ensures that you are less likely to have your iPhone 6 slip between your fingers. The front and back of the case are clear. So you can show off more of your iPhone’s beautiful design while still protecting it from the elements. The Home button is covered with a special membrane so you can use Touch ID. The ports are covered with sealed caps that you can open when you need to charge your device or connect headphones. This case is available from Amazon for between $73 and $76, depending on your color choice. There is also a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for $86

FRiEQ Universal Bag

FRiEQ Universal Bag Case

This waterproof pouch will seal your iPhone 6 in with waterproof protection for up to 100 feet. You slide your device in through the top and seal it closed using special sliding lock mechanism. Because it is a pouch, it is universally compatible with any device with a screen size of 6-inches or smaller. So, whether you have an iPhone 6 Plus, an iPhone 4, or some other brand of smartphone, it will fit. The clear front window is touch sensitive so you can use your iPhone 6 while it is inside. None of the ports or controls are accessible, though. You’ll have to open the pouch to get to them. This case is available on Amazon for $10.

Elenker Armor Defender

Elenker Armor Defender iPhone 6 case

For a less-expensive alternative to many of the waterproof iPhone cases, the Armor Defender is designed to protect against the elements while still being functional. The case is made from durable material for minimal drop protection. It is waterproof rated for 6.6 feet deep for up to 30 minutes. The touch sensitive clear window allows you to use the touch screen. The Home button is covered with a special membrane so you can use Touch ID. It also features a handy kickstand so you can prop your iPhone 6 up in landscape mode for watching movies while hanging out at the beach. This case is available on Amazon for $10. There is a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for $15.

Tethys Ultrapouch

Tethys UltrapouchAnother pouch-style alternative that might be right for you is the Ultrapouch. It is a universal case for devices up to 5.3 inches that seals your iPhone 6 in with a special locking mechanism. The slim profile makes it convenient for you to protect your device from the elements without adding too much bulk. The clear front window is touch sensitive so you can use your iPhone 6 while it is sealed up. As is typical with pouch-style waterproof cases, ports and controls are not accessible. You’ll have to remove your device from the bag to use them. This case is available on Amazon for $8. There is a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for $10.

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  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Going on vacation next week and I have the pouch.

  • Liz and Jon Warms


  • Liz and Jon Warms

    Has anyone successfully used a Ziplock bag at the pool? More importantly, has anyone Unsuccessfully used a Ziplock bag at the pool?

    • blu

      At the pool, sure, in the pool, no.
      I used zip lock baggies on my 6 last week when I was camping and needed the phone to be rain proof. Worked just fine (I double bagged). Touch screen still worked and I could make phone calls. Touch ID did not work. was in my pocket that was wet from rain and phone stayed dry.
      Zip lock baggies do leak if placed underwater for a long period of time. Pics are not any good, the plastic makes them too fuzzy.
      To test it, take a rock and wrap it in toilet paper, then double ziplock baggie it. It will end up wet.
      I ordered the $10 Elenker Armor Defender for the rare times I need the phone protected from getting wet (4-5 times a year if that).

    • I tried the ziplock thing with my old useless blackberry once. It works… but I really don’t recommend it

  • internet_raised

    They should do “Their favorite waterproof cases for iPhone 6 plus”.

  • Lifeproof Fre sucks. Nuud is so much better

    • Eric Anderson

      Kinda sucks when it gets wet and you try to use it

  • rickinsav

    I’ve got the Nüüd for my 6 plus and it worked quite well. However the membrane that covers the flash is thin rubber and ripped open very easily. I also have the Freak bag that will fit the same phone without a case, but the black edges of the case covers the camera lens. Contrary to the reviewer, controls for volume and touch do work except for TouchID. the bag works much better on my wife’s 6.
    For the Ziplock bag question: it’s risky. Double bag and use the thicker freezer bags for the best protection. Also, they’re more prone to overheating if left in the sun.

  • Bailey

    I have one of those bag things. They work great! Went on a holiday where I got to explore coral reefs. The only probublems here that little droplets of water would seep in so I don’t recommend it for long use

  • tariq

    or just get an xperia z3 and never worry about water damaging your phone again
    Sony Xperia Z3c

  • neoamaru

    i’ll seriously NEVER understand why some case manufacturers insist on leaving the Apple logo exposed..it’s just plain ugly!

  • Susan Pricent

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    • Carlos

      Can this unlock kit work??? Susan can I please get ur email I’m interest n this tool kit for unlocking iCloud for my iPhone 5 n 5c

      • Carlos

        Please sen me payment information…gracias 🙂 Susan