Activator 1.9.3 beta 3

In the last few days, Ryan Petrich has updated the Activator beta with two new releases, beta 2 and beta 3 of Activator 1.9.3. The releases bring a plethora of new fixes and features to Activator, and it’s obtainable by anyone who has Ryan’s beta repo added to their list of Cydia sources.

Want to learn what’s new, and how to get your hands on the latest beta release? Check out the details in this post for the answer.

Activator beta 1.9.3

The new Run Command feature

Since there are actually two different beta releases, one for 1.9.3 beta 2 and one for 1.9.3 beta 3, we’re going to post both change logs below:

1.9.3 beta 2 change log:

  • Fix unlock to dispatch event behavior on iOS 8
  • Make camera shutter action take photo after the camera app opens, if it needs to be opened
  • Add custom command actions
  • Fix VPN settings action on iOS 8
  • Make the fingerprint sensor hold put the Touch ID sensor into matching mode when assigned
  • Treat entering deep device sleep as leaving the Wi-Fi network (even if the WLAN interface hasn’t left the building yet)
  • Update localizations

1.9.3 beta 3 change log:

  • Add option to suppress passcode when activating an app at the lock screen
  • Better support Activator actions written using ARC
  • Fix custom events showing up multiple times
  • Support camera shutter action action fully at lock screen
  • Reduce download and install size

How to get the latest Activator beta

To get the Activator beta, simply add the following beta repo to your list of Cydia sources:

Once you add that repo, you’ll see a new update for Activator available for installation.

What do you think about the new Activator beta? Are there any new features or fixes that you particularly enjoy? Drop us a line below and let us know.

  • leart

    activator, is probably the last great tweak out there that survived from the golden era of jailbreaking. I can use my ipod 2g with gestures without pressing any physical button, this thanks to the developer which is supporting all versions of ios 3 and above 🙂

  • Chris Holden

    in my opinion, activator and ifile will be remembered as the greatest jailbreak tweaks, this is something that not even the ipad/iphone 100 will have.

  • Ali

    I am surprised there has been no mention of Columba yet.

    • XZavier

      Last I heard it was broken for practically everyone in the jailbreak community atm… So I wouldn’t be surprised… Now when it’s fixed then you might see a post.

      • I just posted my impressions, and yes,@xzavier you’re dead on.

      • XZavier

        Well never mind about the post… What even happened to Columba, wasn’t it working in beta?

      • Tyler Smith

        he changed the UI completely and didn’t do a beta for it and released it with no mass testing.

      • Gamerstermaster

        It’s still broken for me I installed it and now its causing onehadwizared and virtual home to glitch out due to them requiring activator. Is anybody experiencing the same issue as me? I have an iPhone 6 128gb jailbroken on iOS 8.1.2 🙂

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      Mentioned it to Sebastien on Twitter about 2 months ago, on account of him being a huge supporter of biteSMS, but never got any reply or acknowledgment from him on that subject.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Activator is my number 1 tweak. It is THE reason I jailbreak. Being able to use my device without using the already flimsy hardware buttons that Apple provides on their devices is a real huge deal for me. Activator is indispensable!

    On the subject of Ryan Petrich, does anyone know if he or Sentry are planning on updating Auxo Legacy Edition? Or know how to get in touch with them other than Twitter (which they haven’t been active on lately) or email (which they hardly ever reply to)? I found a rather serious bug with the tweak that need their urgent attention. If Jeff or anyone can reply to this comment, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Most underrated tweak ever.

  • coLin

    any news on jailbreaking iOS 9? or 8.1.3?

  • Could never forget activator even during my post-iPhone era, thankfully, found an alternative readily available on the PlayStore; AutomateIt Pro.

  • M_Hawke

    Do any of the betas fix the problem of knocking out CC with swipe gestures?