iOS 9 Print Preview

I don’t often use AirPrint to print from my iPad or iPhone, but occasionally I find the need to do so. One of the things that’s always bugged me about printing from my iPad is the lack of any sort of print preview.

Prior to iOS 9, if you wanted to print directly from the native iOS share sheet, you pretty much had to go into the whole ordeal blind, as you weren’t provided with a print preview. With iOS 9, things have changed. You’ll now find a native print preview option whenever you invoke the printing dialogue from the native share sheet.

iOS 9 Print Preview 2

If you have multiple pages on a print preview, you can tap and hold on any page to curate the pages that are printed. For example, if you tap and hold on the first page, you can select “Stop after Page 1” or “Skip Page 1” and the pages that are omitted will be greyed out. Alternatively, you can still use the Range option above the print preview to curate the printed pages.

Print preview is a welcomed addition to iOS, and makes printing from an iOS device more on par with the desktop printing experience. It’s a small but noteworthy change for anyone who prints often from their iPad or iPhone.

What do you think about iOS 9’s native print preview support? Are you happy to see it?

  • Tommy Gumbs

    This is cool…….they are really trying to up there iPad game. Makes sense since sales are slipping….but thats what they get for moving as slow as they have been.

    • MassiveTurboLag

      You don’t really think that when they added this feature they were targeting the poor iPad sales?

  • iPT MSTR

    little off topic but how do i get el capitan public beta? i signed up for testing and the update doesnt show in the mac app store

    • I don’t think the public beta is out yet…

      • iPT MSTR

        thank man!

    • Hussain Alsanona

      Public beta will be available in July!

      • iPT MSTR

        k thanks!

  • :D

    If only there were more options such as print quality / colour / page size

    • emmanuel fernandez

      Here here. As of now, when you AirPrint, it’s max quality/ color. I want b&w and lowest quality possible!

  • Byron C Mayes

    What would really “[make] printing from an iOS device more on par with the desktop printing experience,” would be the ability to natively print to PDF. It has become rare that I print to paper — even from my desktop — as more often than not, I’m “printing” to share with someone else or to simply save a record of something like a bill payment.

    The major PDF players on iOS aren’t giving us extensions, and frankly, now that iCloud Drive is here, this should just be part of the OS. Maybe in a future update?

    • True… I mean, there are apps that allow you to do this, but we do need it natively.

    • Cameron Nelms

      Printer pro lets you print to PDF

  • Christophe

    With iOS 9, Apple has begun the extinction of Mac OS X. And gradually, that desktop operating system will die. The era of Post-PC has just started.

    • Abe Masri

      what? don’t even assume that. Tablets and computers are completely different stories. Tablets will never completely replace computers

  • Stephen Gozza

    AirPrint is the best. As Apple updates the system for it, print preview is great, but I always feel like it prints everything at the highest quality, and often scales the image to fit the paper funny.
    I’d love to see them add some simple options like scaling, rotation, color and quality. The page that shows up seems to have enough unused space.
    Also, after I’ve tapped print, I just hope everything is working ok. If there was, maybe in control center, a status bar or other printer status.

    • clafou

      After hitting Print you can double-press the home button to get to a printer center where you can see your status.
      As for quality and scaling there are 3rd party apps such as “Print to Size” (disclaimer: I am the developer)

  • Jonathan Harman

    The print preview view allows you to access a share sheet, and save the document as a pdf. You simply need to 3D press on the print preview, and then hit the share button in the top right corner. (Press hard enough for the pop view) Then, in the share sheet, I like to use “PDF Expert” to work with the pdf. I usually save files in Dropbox using the share sheet again from there.

  • I hate it. It will only print from my printer’s 4×6″ color paper tray, a truly stupid option. Letter size? Not an option from my iPhone.

    • Jarrod Polasek

      I found a slight work around for the photo paper only issue. Just export your photo to the Notes app and print from there.

  • Hanski_TO

    Works great but can’t get a Preview for a docx file (so can’t print it). Doc no problem. Anybody else?