The toughest iPhone users need the toughest accessories, and there aren’t many that can match the rugged and hardwearing Braided Lightning USB Cable. Built to the highest standards, this Apple-certified cable can be yours for just $19.99 with iDownloadBlog Deals.

Ditch the boring Apple white, stand out from the crowd choosing either a stylish black or a fiery red cable. Whatever your choice of color, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of this braided cable’s tangle free design, and the security of its oxygen-free copper wiring.

It’s built to last and is the ultimate accessory for the demanding Apple user.

This braided cable is 100% compatible with all Lightning devices, and at 10 feet (3 meters long), it means you can charge and sync in perfect harmony from your bed, the couch or your desk.

This market leading accessory can be yours for $19.99, saving 33% on the list price and shipping free in the US.

  • Nick Greenway

    My cat likes to chew my phone charger. Do you think this cord is durable enough to withstand that. (his name is Siri)

    • In all honesty, I doubt it. Unless you unflawed your cat and sandpapered his teeth, I think he will be able to get through it, just like any other cable.

      • mp

        Good to see you are deleting some of my posts. Does the truth offend you Sebastien?

      • Truth doesn’t offend me. You’re entitled to your opinions. Your post was automatically moderated for containing certain words that raise flags in the commenting section.

        I told you before, and I’ll say it again, if you don’t like or don’t respect what we do here, you’re free to not read iDB again. The web is big and there are plenty of Apple blogs out there that will sure meet your editorial standards.

  • mp

    You mean ‘declaw’. 🙂

  • Zach

    Will it fit through the super-narrow charging port on the Lifeproof for iPhone 6 cases?

  • I can attest to these as being horrible cords. I bought a 3 pack, from the same seller on Amazon, and had nothing but issues with them.
    Constant “This Accessory Is Not Supported” and also caused my iPhone to overheat. They also aren’t anymore durable than a regular cable. The braided design is totally cosmetic.

    • mp

      These reviews are a joke, the real reviews come from the comments section as always. I can attest to the quality in particular to the standard length and yes they are rubbish unfortunately. Although pretty colours if that’s all you’re interested in. You woukdn’t recommend these to your enemy. Sebastien must have a lot of enemies. 🙂