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  • Di MaRiaz

    i need some clarity on this deal … i think the current average price is %6.09 … assuming i want to pay $10 does that mean that i get access to everything in this package and everything is unlocked?

    • Carlos Gomes

      Yes. As long as you beat the average price, you get all the items.
      Right now the price is at $6.20, so if you buy it for $6.21, you are buying the whole package.

  • I wanted to pay $0 and it wouldn’t let me so this is misleading.

    • Cesar D

      You can’t theorically pay $0 because you aren’t giving anything. According to google, pay means “give (someone) money that is due for work done, goods received, or a debt incurred.” So as long as you don’t “give” you aren’t paying.

      • Try telling that to Bandcamp, or Radiohead for instance. 🙂