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While following the keynote yesterday and trying to cover the event at the same time here on iDB with the rest of the team, there seemed to be one word I didn’t hear Eddy Cue pronounce: streaming. I actually made a note of it in our Let’s Talk iOS episode dedicated to WWDC 2015.

It seemed odd that the word wouldn’t even get a mention. To confirm the omission was on purpose, I took a look at Apple’s mini-site dedicated to Apple Music, and realized the word streaming is nowhere to found there either. It’s like it’s not even part of the offer. Is the S-word taboo? 

Watching the keynote again later that day, I realized I was wrong as Cue did mention the word “stream” once. Still, for such a major part of the new Apple Music service, I started to wonder why the company didn’t make a bigger emphasis on a feature that it clearly hopes will replace the likes of Spotify and Pandora for many Apple users.

My guess was that Apple considers itself bigger and better than streaming. In typical Apple fashion, I imagined the company wouldn’t want its new music service to be dubbed as a streaming one, but rather one that allows you to enjoy virtually unlimited music listening. As it turns out, I wasn’t too far from reality.

When asked about the lack of mention of the word “streaming” in an interview with Rolling Stone, Cue explains:

To be fair, I did use the word ‘stream’ once. I said, ‘You can search and stream the billions and billions of songs from iTunes.’ We don’t have anything wrong with saying that. It’s just — we’re not a streaming service. That’s not the way we think of ourselves. We think of this as a much bigger product that has a lot of features of it, of which a music subscription or streaming service is one of those.

If you won’t find the word “stream” on Apple’s website when talking about Apple Music, the company did use the word four times in its press release about the new service.

So why mention streaming in the press release then?

Press releases are not meant for the general public. They’re meant for the press. And I believe the press had to be told loud and clear that Apple Music is indeed a streaming service in order to avoid any kind of confusion.

For the end user though, Apple Music is not streaming. It’s part of an experience that lets you enjoy an unlimited amount of music.

  • Shrey Gupta

    Do we have a list of countries it will be launched in?

    • sNick

      I guess they said something like 100 ..?

    • Marcus

      They’re advertising 24/7 global radio, so I assume it will be a very large number of countries.

    • Stemro

      I guess it will be pretty much all the countries that already have iTunes Store.

      • Shrey Gupta

        I hope so. The reason I asked this question is because its been a year since iTunes radio was launched and we are still waiting for its arrival in India.

      • Kenrick Fernandes

        haha theres already the hack of signing with a US apple store id. but you already know that. – mumbai here

  • tiltdown

    The Beatles and Family Plan for $15 is the reason to switch from spotify.

    • Scotow

      I read somewhere than The Beatles will not be available on  Music.
      This need confirmation.

    • CtKiDd78

      Watch Spotify reduce their family pricing as well. Everyone follows Apple!

      • George

        More like apple follows everyone.

      • CtKiDd78

        Also true but we benefit either way.

    • diddy808

      If you have a good Beatles library why don’t you just sync it with spotify?

      • tiltdown

        For some weird reason, I can’t sync the local files to my iPhone 6.

  • edouardbirman

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    • Hi

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    • I can just do this for free on my own and not pay some scum $5!

  • lemonhead

    So the real question is how many artist/labels are gonna go with apple music…

    how many million songs are gonna be featured?
    we’ll find out next month I guess…

    • Chang in Charge

      All the ones in iTunes.

      • lemonhead

        definitely not!
        Artist & Labels have to agree on the terms and they sure have the right to reject being featured on apple music

      • Chang in Charge

        And you don’t think that Apple has those in place already or will upon launch. I really don’t think that when you are searching for music that some stuff will be able to stream and some music won’t. We’ll see soon.

      • lemonhead

        Have you read the Rolling Stone Article, linked above?

        It’s an Interview and he clearly states there, that they haven’t only the major labels….

      • Chang in Charge

        Just read it. I’ll still be surprised if this launches and they haven’t locked up the majority of those independent label deals by then.

  • Chang in Charge

    Smart marketing … easy way to differentiate itself from the competition and not get pulled down by any negative feelings towards streaming music as a product category. They want to redefine what we think of this product and so far so good. But we’ll see how good it is when it comes out. I love Spotify!

  • Byron C Mayes

    Streaming is delivery. Apple’s focus is (and should be) the music. And remember a big part of Apple Music is the “My Music” collection, which includes everything you’ve bought and downloaded or ripped into iTunes and/or have downloaded to your device. Technically that stuff isn’t streaming as we know it. Apple was focusing on the music over the delivery system.

  • emmanuel fernandez

    But, can I stream full albums like on spotify?

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    Apple Music = iTunes Ping 2.0

    • Marcus

      Apple Music = iTunes 2.0
      Apple Music Connect = iTunes Ping 2.0

      • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

        Thanks for correcting me 😉

  • Kevin Chen

    When I read the title I thought the S-word was Sh*t

  • I think it’s because streaming is obviously something that every streaming company offers and Apple wants to focus on the features that separate them.

  • Dante Arellano

    Radio? Back to 80’s uh apple some times even you dont know what you selling till people start buying it

  • Ed

    I was looking forward to this announcement, but after seeing that it’s a convoluted mess, I’ll just stick to Spotify, I like their service a lot.

  • Dante Arellano

    So do i have to wait another 20 days for use this shitte fuckk only apple

  • Alberto Espinal

    What distinguishes Music is @Connect which is huge for new upcoming artist trying to put their names out there, there’s going to be lots of new discoveries.

  • Jared

    Question about the Apple Music pricing. Beats offers $9.99 a month or you can pay $99 for a whole year. I haven’t heard of any word on weather Apple Music will match the $99 a year subscription. If not I might as well take the plunge and get the $99 subscription now while Apple/Beats is still taking signups for Beats.