ios 9 battery

Among the many new features Apple announced today in iOS 9, is a new Low Power battery mode. Much like the feature of the same name on Apple Watch, the new iOS feature will help save precious battery life on your iPhone or iPad.

Thanks to a barrage of under-the-hood improvements, Apple says that iOS 9 by itself will last an additional hour for the average user. And with the new Lower Power mode, it will last up to an additional 3 hours.

“It pulls switches you didn’t even know existed,” Craig Federighi quipped. It’s worth noting, however, that he didn’t mention exactly how limiting the mode would be or what functions/features it’ll disable.

iOS 9 will be available to developers today, as a public beta in July and launches to the general public this fall.

  • Chris Tangler

    that ipad multitasking though!!

    • Carlos Medina

      Waiting for iPhone multitasking. 6 and 6+ to be exact since it’ll be inconvenient to do it on a screen smaller.

      • iFLoWx7

        that multitasking is also gonna be available for the iphones as well. I watched the entire keynote and at the end of the Multitasking presentation they said it.

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    You’re behind iDB, update faster

    • haerondir

      I’m pretty sure they’re doing the best they can. Either way I don’t half-assed articles, so it’s better if they take their time.

  • TwinSon

    What I really want to talk about is that Swift Open Source. What does this mean for JB?

    • Carlos Medina

      That more things are becoming to be a reality in stock OS which allows for less options to jailbreak and for the jailbreak community (devs) to develop new and better tweaks.

      • TwinSon

        Does it really allow for less options for the JB scene or does it allow for more options for Stock OS? I think it’s two sides of the same coin. Could be very interesting.

      • Carlos Medina

        Yea pretty much what i meant just wasn’t sure how to word it. Now if only they can begin to implement activator along with force touch, f.lux, Grid Switcher, Widgets on homescreen, a nightmode option that darkens the UI, something along the line of Polus tweak, Preference organizer, Something along the lines of Priority hub for lockscreen notification sorting, move the ubstrusive volume hud from the middle of the screen to the top like Status Vol 2, and Swipe expander on keyboard. Ill be on stock until something form the jailbreak community captures my eyes lol.

      • TwinSon

        I think Swipe Selection, Quick Compose, Night Mode & f.lux are all things that should have been on iOS and its a shame they aren’t on iOS 9 because those are obvious features everyone can and will use. We’ll see, maybe they will surprise us.

      • Joe Meta Data

        Well, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think iOS is becoming open-sourced, just the actual Swift programming language. Maybe to implement the Swift language on other platforms so developers can utilize the code for their applications. That’s what I’m thinking is the true meaning for this. And that’s always awesome.

  • really

    Oh great job apple! An extra 3 hours? My Samsung note 4 can go an extra couple days on low power mode, but hey, apple does everything right huh.

    • Gary le

      My iphone 6+ can also go days in standy mode too.

      • really

        I didn’t say standby mode “Gary”. Can your bent iphone 6+ go 12 plus days on ultra battery mode with 10% battery left? Didnt think so “gary”.

  • Found this out. Low Power Mode automatically disables at 80%.