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watchOS 2 brings a ton of new features to the Apple Watch, including a new bedside alarm clock feature, multiple screens for friends, the ability to add new friends directly from the Friends interface, video playback, speaker output, replying directly from email, and so much more.

Nightstand mode Apple Watch watchOS 2

What’s new in watchOS 2

Here’s a look at some of the things that you can expect in watchOS 2:

  • Native apps
  • Photo watch faces – choose a photo from you
  • Time-Lapse – watch faces to show locations around the world shot over 24 hours
  • Custom third-party complications – developers can create their own complications to display right on the watch face
  • Time Travel – allows you to turn the Digital Crown to see upcoming events like temperature
  • Email – reply directly to an email from your wrist using dictation, smart replies, and emoji
  • Activity and Workout – share your achievements via Facebook, Messages, and Twitter. You can also start and end workouts directly from Siri
  • Apple Pay – adding reward cards and private label cards
  • Maps – using new Transit features to see public transportation info via the Apple Watch interface
  • Glances – use Siri to show Glances


  • HomeKit – Support for HomeKit to control home automation products like lights, thermostats, and more
  • Nightstand mode – when your Apple Watch is laying on its side and charging, it will automatically enter Nightstand mode, which changes the Digital Crown into a snooze button, and the side button into an off button

watchOS 2 speaker output

  • Video playback – play videos directly on Apple Watch
  • Audio output – audio output directly from the Apple Watch speaker

What do you think about watchOS 2?

  • hkgsulphate


  • Mr Mop

    Watching videos on a smartwatch sounds like fun.

  • M2

    Sweet. Mine was delivered today-ordered May 8th. Can’t wait for the fall to update it.

  • what an impressive day with ios 9 and watch os 2. Apple got right to work. Stunning day.

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    That nightstand mode and audio output are the best features of them all

  • George

    Boring and useless.

  • Custom watch faces?

    • Gary LE

      That would be under complications.

  • Gerardo Castro

    Apple just rendered all vertical watch stands useless 😛

  • Evan

    Though there aren’t custom watch faces per say, the option to use a photo as the background opens up a lot of cool ways to customize the watchface. You can do this on the pebble and that accounts for like 90% of their watchfaces, just an image someone uploaded in the background and the time on top of that.

    I wonder when someone will launch a website that catalogs custom watch “wallpapers” you can download like they have for the iPhone.

  • Chris Coleman

    Just being able to use Apple Pay here in the UK is the biggest news for me. Native apps is going to open up the potential of Apple Watch immensely I feel, looking forward to seeing what the developers can do in future. Just think of how far iPhone has came since the launch of the App Store.

  • L J

    and suddenly the apple watch just got a whole lot better. Mine should b arriving tomorrow. Can’t wait

  • Gary le

    The sharing of achievements and workouts on facebook can only MOTIVATE ME MORE on excercising!!!! Yeppy!!

  • Dominic LoFranco

    Jeff, Is there anyway to save SHSH blobs on iPad Mini 1st gen?

    • Giacomo Castellucci


      • Dominic LoFranco

        I saw that, but TU only works for A7 and A8 devices, my iPad has an A6 chip

      • Giacomo Castellucci

        that’s not true I can save blobs from my 4S which is A5 lol

      • Dominic LoFranco

        Ok, I am trying it now. I’ll let you know if it works for me

      • Dominic LoFranco

        It didn’t work, maybe because I’m on iOS 8.1 but idk. I tried in both my Mac and PC. The only option I get to save the blobs is save blobs onboard, or something of the sort. And I keep getting the error AFC 2 is not installed when it is, and I tried disconnecting and reconnecting from my computer, but nothing.

      • Giacomo Castellucci

        idk it works for me

  • Josh Venegas

    is it me or does the apple watch have horrible speaker volume? i want to make sure its not just me because if it is maybe i got a defective one. i can barely hear people oh the highest volume output on phone calls. really annoying. that is my biggest complaint, and siri takes forever but maybe thats just sprint…

    • Joonyaboy

      I was wondering that too. Seems to low to be useful. I’m gonna check the forums. Still love the watch tho

  • John

    Because it’s been missing for *such* a long time.