Notes Sketch

Apple says that many iPhone users use the Notes app regularly to do things like create lists, capture ideas, and more. As a big proponent of the Notes app, I completely concur.

Notes on iOS 9 brings some significant new improvements to the Notes app to help those users, including the ability to create lists, rich text, and hand-drawn notes, and more.

Notes Checklist

The new Notes app will also allow you to add content directly from Safari, Apple Maps, and other apps. This is done via the share sheet, which is accessible via the share button on supported apps.

Lastly, you’ll be able to use your camera directly from the Notes app to add photos. As someone who often captures images for documentation, the ability to do this right from within the Notes app is a great feature.

What do you think?

  • Finally!!! Now its basically evernote.

  • bsquarewi

    Oh cool! Just like I used to do on my Newton 20 years ago. Progress!!

    • White Michael Jackson

      Apple might be pushing to many features too fast. They could have saved this one for ios 11

      • Evan

        Haha I know right.

      • Alawyy96

        what u know maybe they add new colors for the pen or for the sheet in iOS 20 =D

  • Midyro

    Rip Notability

    • Gary le

      Yep im about to delete right now. Lol

    • Tommmy

      Rip evernote I hope.

  • Alawyy96

    one of the best major features for me because I’m a heavy user of the notes app, it was restricted from all of „true documenting” thing for very long time, but with iOS 9; it’s a true NOTES app!

  • Cliff C

    Yes finally. Now everything can be in one place. Although I may keep Notability given the additional features. But everything else is going in Notes.

  • DandyDon “Xerox6085”

    One big problem. With this new “toy” one can no longer sync notes to Outlook on a Windows box. Thanks Apple.