Apple Music

“The next chapter in music,” Apple’s rumored subscription streaming-music service, is now official and it’s more than the rumors would have you believe. Apple CEO Tim Cook brought Jimmy Iovine on stage today in San Francisco to talk what Apple’s been doing in the music space.

Here’s what Apple Music is all about.

Before we get to it, Apple Music will cost $9.99 per month and be available June 30.

Apple Music is all your playlists, recommendations, radio stations with celebrity DJs, streaming music, the Connect feature that’s basically artists pages with information about their songs, behind-the-scenes videos, demo songs, news updates and more, all available through one app.

Here’s what else Apple Music is all about.
Apple Music is “All the ways you love music, all in one place.”

Apple Music three pilars

It’s three things:

  • Revolutionary music service
  • 24/7 global radio
  • Connecting fans with artists

Revolutionary music service

Apple Music is curated by hand-picked experts to help create the magic of what app comes up next, depending on your activity, mood and a number of other criteria.

Apple Music revolutionary music service

All your purchased music and playlists created on Macs and iOS devices are included in the My Music section of Apple Music. Another new tab is For You, a personalized playlist of artists and songs that Apple’s team of experts thinks you’ll love, with a little help of the iTunes recommendation engine.

These recommendations can be explored by genre and activity.

“Algorithms alone can’t do that emotional task,” said Iovine.

24/7 global radio

They’re calling it Beats One.

Beats 1

It’s true 24/7 global radio broadcasting to more than a hundred countries around the world. Beats One uses actually celebrity DJs from three major cities: New York, Los Angeles and London.

Beats One provides great music “without any restriction.”

Apple Music Global Radio

Connecting fans with artists

Noting that the streaming music and video space is “a fragmented mess,“ Iovine said that Apple Music delivers the art of music, with the sense of respect and discovery, giving artists a place to engage with their audiences.

Apple Music Connect with fans

Artists can post, publish and update anything—be it news posts, photographs, videos, studio demo sessions and even upcoming songs—and fans can like and comment on those posts.

As mentioned before, Apple Music is launching beginning June 30 for a flat monthly fee of ten bucks per month, the cost of an album.

Apple Music will be available with iOS 8.4 on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, on Mac and Windows PCs with an updated desktop iTune software and on Android via a dedicated app.

A free three-month trial will be available, in addition to a $14.99 tier for a family up to six.

To learn more, visit and read Apple’s press release.

So, your verdict on Apple Music?

And will you be taking the plunge?

  • avd98

    If it works, it’ll kill all competitors (Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, etc.)

    • Markus Hudobnik

      Yes for real. I am an avid Spotify User but this looks great. But ill wait and see

    • Zac Bishop

      I think Spotify will remain king, only because it is available on almost every platform

      • Zac Bishop

        Will be available for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows

      • Brandon Higgins

        True! I stream it right on my tv.

    • Niclas

      What makes it better than spotify?

  • Christopher Williamson

    When is it available is the real question! :O

    • Dean Johnson

      june 30

  • avd98

    Tim cook and it’s China addiction.

  • Nothing I can’t already see elsewhere. Frankly there’s no artists out there today that are worth a service such as this. For 10.00 a month I can purchase a few songs here and there that I’ll enjoy listening to but that’s about it. Streaming doesn’t interest me one bit.

    • Vic O


    • Jon20

      Well said!!!

    • Joostiphone

      It seems you don’t love music as much as we do. It’s a bargain compared the LPs and CDs I used to bought.

      • If you want to throw your money away at data costs and call it love for music, you can do that.. Apple just made an app for that. 🙂

      • Dave Finkelstein

        2 words dude, unlimited data.

      • Which will be gone soon, sadly.

    • diddy808

      I guess I’m lucky I still have my unlimited plan. I was against the whole pay for streaming music deal but once I gave spotify a try kinda changed my whole outlook on it.

    • Matt

      I agree. I personally DJ for a hobby and streaming is useless. I need the songs and I need them in high quality. That’s why I’ve completely ditchedd iTunes and gone with Beatport, songs there cost a bit more, but are worth it as they come in a better format. Streaming is great for those who just want to listen to music then and there, but for us who like to have a collection of music, streaming is not a good option. Also $10 every month is ridiculous. That’s spending over $100 per year just to listen to music that you DONT’T even own….

  • Jamessmooth

    I’m gonna give it a shot, but I have TONS and tons of playlists on spotify I use every day. This is going to have to be amazing to pull me away.
    PS how hard was it watching Iovine on stage?

    • Joonyaboy

      Wasn’t there a service recently announced that copies all your playlists over? That’s what I’m gonna do.

  • Smegmatron

    Any word whats going to happen with my current Beats subscription? Do i have to cancel beats and re-register (if thats even a word) with B1? Please no witty comments and grammar nazies 🙂

    • diddy808

      On June 30 when you open ur Beats app it will prompt you to sign into Apple music. All your playlist and such will be transferred over.

      • Smegmatron

        Thanks for the info

  • Yash Gorana

    Frankly speaking, probably the worst WWDC keynote in terms of presentation. Lack of energy and those Craig jokes. Iovine and Drake were a disaster.

    Good to see that Apple actually focused on performance enhancements.

    • SkyFall

      They had to present in two hours 3 OS updates and a Music streaming service and the statistics. Last year they only had iOS and OS X to present so they had more time for jokes/better presentations..

  • If this has The Beatles, goodbye Spotify.

  • Nesly Lacroix

    Ha! Not even close! Before we get all excited. Remember Ping! Nothing here that will make a Spotify subscriber to switch. By the way, Spotify has a free tier.

  • Dean Johnson

    If anyone was wondering, you can save your music offline if you have the paid subscription

  • emmanuel fernandez

    I may have missed it, but will I be able to play full albums with subscription? That’s the only reason I have spotify. Sure it’s nice to have a playlist radio of different artists that are similar to one that I like, but when I find a new artist that I like, I go directly to their albums and listen to them.

  • Rupinder

    The presentation for this was all over the place, but I am excited! It’s something that you truly just have to use yourself in order to understand, I guess..

  • Jason Masters

    The connect feature sounds like another failed plot didn’t it sound like the first social media Apple attempted and failed horribly what was it called iagain? Ping ting some stupid name like that they dropped that one so quick it was just terrible this has hallmarks of it .

  • Dave Finkelstein

    So no mention of iTunes Match subscribers. This seems to have the same features along with streaming of albums you don’t own. Is iTunes Match disappearing?

  • therealjjohnson

    So do I have access to the entire iTunes catalog?