OS X El Capitan

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference has kicked off in San Francisco this morning with a keynote talk at 10am PST. Surprisingly, Apple has skipped the usual round of business updates and went right for the big news.

Following months of speculation and rumor mongering, the California firm has formally unveiled the next major version of the Mac operating system. It’s called OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Yup, you read that right.

OS X 10.11 has new gestures like the shaking gesture to show the mouse pointer and more.

Safari Pin Tabs

In Safari, you can pin a website.

pin Tabs

Pin Tabs have a dedicated icon left to the tab bar. If a tab plays audio, there’s a new option to see what website is playing and can mute it with a click of the mouse button.

Spotlight Search Improvements
The improved Spotlight has better natural language processing so you can search for stuff like “Mail I ignored from Phil,” “Documents I worked on last June” and more.

OS X El Capitan Spotlight

Improved Mission Control
You can now snap windows to either side of the screen directly in Mission Control, similar to Windows 7, which provides a great way to work split-screen.

Spaces Bar

And if you drag a window past the top of the screen, it takes it immediately full screen. And if you drag another window on top of it, you’ve just created a split-screen environment.

Split View

Super handy.


OS X El Capitan features some serious plumbing work to accelerate your daily computing. You’ll experience 1.4 times acceleration in app launching, 2x faster in snappiness, four times faster opening PDF in Preview and more.

Metal, an iOS 8 framework for close-to-the-metal access to the GPU is now available to Mac developers.

Metal in OS X El Capitan delivers 50 percent increase in graphics performance and 40 percent greater rendering efficiency, leading to better battery life.

El Capitan performance improvement

Metal will do wonders for all kinds of Mac applications.

Apple is working with Adobe, which will update its creative apps for the Mac with support for Metal technology. Epic Games showed off an updated Unreal Engine with Metal support.

A demo shown off on stage included 64 layers of shading, with all the effects done completely in real-time. Epic said Metal on OS X El Capitan delivers a 70 percent reduction in CPU use compared to OpenGL.

Cody has more on Metal for Mac.


OS X El Capitan is available to developers starting today.

A public beta will launch in July for members of Apple’s Public Beta program. The software will be rolling out to everyone with a free upgrade this fall.

This post will update with more information after the event has wrapped up.

  • jamster440

    What else could they possible add, i have a feeling it’ll be mostly security updates as apple has gone security mad lately.

    • Chris Tangler

      they are, but honestly how often are you going to use any of these options mentioned so far…i like split view but i get this in hyperdock and it works perfectly

      • jamster440

        I guess but it shows apple are listening, it may be slow but it is very steady and stable improvements.

  • Renan Poss Moreira


    • Chris Tangler

      seriously dude

  • The splitscreen is nice, I’m hoping that is announced on IOS as well.

    • Carlos Medina

      Probably on bigger screens like 6 or 6+

  • Héctor Viveros

    The drag window, is it similar to Windows function?

  • you have forget to mention that it has San Francisco font 😉

    • Kr00

      No, I don’t think it has.

      • IT HAS!

      • Kr00

        And you can tell this, how? I just checked the fonts from Apple preview page and it is the same, just bolder.

      • Kr00

        Have a closer look.

      • Kr00

        That is not San Francisco

  • mrgerbik

    “2x faster in snappiness” ? wtf? is that marketspeak?

    • filter351

      LOL, right? How did they measure that?

  • Okay it’s like san francsico.

    • Kr00

      I think it’s a hybrid. It may be a version of San Francisco, but it certainly is unknown for now. Typography is a kind of obsessive hobby of mine.

      • I think it’s SF made for Mac™