SwiftKey Keyboard, my favorite third-party keyboard for iOS 8, was updated today, bringing it to version 1.3.3. The new release includes skin tone options for Emoji, several new Emoji offerings in categories like Flags and Family, and various improvements.

While improvements are nice, they typically aren’t anything to get excited about. SwiftKey, however, says that 1.3.3 features “a number of stability improvements to reduce crashes.” Given how crash-prone third-party keyboards are in the first place, this is huge.

Here’s the full change log:

New EMOJI, including skin tone
* Choose the skin tone of your emoji 
* More new emoji, including flags and family
* Live long & prosper – SwiftKey now includes the Vulcan Salute emoji

Fewer switches back to the Apple Keyboard
* A number of stability improvements to reduce crashes

General Improvements
* Choose to have either the emoji or globe key to the left of the spacebar

* Looking through the store now works on an iPhone 4S
* Themes now order correctly and show the price if In-App Purchase setting in System Settings is disabled

Note that SwiftKey now includes the Vulcan Salute emoji, which Star Trek fans have been talking about since it was found hidden in iOS 8.3, and you can now choose to have either the emoji or globe key to the left of the spacebar. I like the globe key to the left.

For those wondering what makes SwiftKey so great, I like it because it’s totally free and offers a number of powerful features including smart predictive text and autocorrect. Also, you can chose to type conventionally, or swipe-to-type using ‘SwiftKey Flow.’

If you want to check it out, you can find SwiftKey in the App Store for free.

  • Sofakingstepwit

    They said fewer crashes last update so I tried it again for like the third time. Not trying it again. Too many times, I’d try to use Spotlight and there’d be no keyboard. Too many times I’d go into an app and it wise inexplicably switched back to the stock keyboard. I don’t even blame Swiftkey. I blame Apple. Custom keyboards have basically been a raging dumpster fire since iOS 8 came out. I’ll try it again in iOS 9.

    • Montgomery Tyler

      Swype is the one for me

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    I want to use 3rd party keyboards so bad.
    The lag and freezing keyboards are just bad. I know its not the developers fault.
    There has’t been single App or iOS update that fix the issue.
    I can’t do it anymore.

  • Martynet

    Crashed after about 6 seconds of browsing through emojis. I’m sick of this. Why won’t Apple allow 3rd party keyboards to work as smooth as default keyboard?

  • Christopher Robin Hernandez

    How can i see the new emojis? There appear to be nowhere in my keyboard. How do i see the other races? I hold the emojis and nothing happens

    • Chuck

      Same with me. I can’t find the new emojis either.

    • RafaelMelo

      Same here. I am on 8.1.2

      • Christopher Robin Hernandez

        Im thinking we have to be on ios 8.3 or the ios version that supports the new emojis to be able to see them. Im just guessing so dont trust me about that.

  • Hot12345

    I hate when you have 2 languages words prediction,

    I don’t know want that, you can only add 2 languages at the same time. I hate that really bad.

    I send they a tip to make a toggle that words prediction must be a toggle for 1 specific language. So many if i write a dutch letter i get also words predicition in English , and with that I can’t add a third language of a fourth.

    I hope they make that a toggle

  • No matter how many times they update their keyboard, it’s still going to crash. It’s Apple’s fault that third party keyboard are complete trash. Hopefully they fix that in iOS 9.

  • Sofakingstepwit

    That’s a fairly cynical way to look at the way Apple is handling 3rd party keyboards. I’d be willing to bet that they are just busted right now and Apple hasn’t had time to fix the way they work. There is zero benefit to Apple allowing a terrible experience, like the current 3rd party keyboard experience, onto their platform. Especially when a 3rd party keyboard works so well on Android. It just looks bad and since people know that they CAN work properly, it only makes makes Apple look bad. It’ll be fixed at some point.

    • Manuel Molina

      Apple has no reason to want people to use other keyboards but their own. Giving you choice without the ability to have a good choice brings you back to the fact that you will choose to have Apples keyboard in the end because it is the only one that actually works. Thus, it makes you say these other keyboards really aren’t that good when it is Apple who doesn’t give the complete freedom to the developers to make the keyboards work just as well as apples keyboard and if not better. Swiftkey is 99 times better than apples keyboard, but not on iOS. On android Skype and swift are just completely perfect without issue. Why not Apple when development should be better to do on iOS than Andriod. Sounds like an Apple limitations issue.

  • Vice Squeezer

    keyboard crashes.. thinking Norton doing some cleanup in the background.. then again I got some watchover type bug in my system.. thinking maybe win10 is messin with me.. lots of options.. to think about