Ringke Fusion iPhone 6 case

Whenever a minimalist case is mentioned on iDB, someone always asks whether it has protection from drops. For the most part, minimalist cases don’t really protect from anything significant, other than scratches on the backside. They offer protection in the most minimal of ways.

The Ringke Fusion is slightly less minimalist, but slightly more protective. Not only does it have dust caps to keep ports from getting dirty, but it also has added layers on the corners for a bit of drop protection.

The company touts this as “the world’s hardest case,” which is obviously an exaggeration, but you get the idea. It is protective. The TPU case is made with a special scratch resistant and anti-static coating to repel dust.

It has a tapered lip on the front to keep your screen off of flat surfaces, while still giving a sense of slimness. The lifted camera bezel reaches past the back-facing camera’s lens.

The case is also designed with “active touch” buttons. They are slightly larger than your iPhone 6’s switches and buttons to make it just a bit easier to find and use them. The headphone jack and Lightning port are both covered with dust caps.

The four corners have additional layers of shock-absorption protection so your iPhone 6 can have a better chance of surviving a drop than if it weren’t protected at all. Keep in mind that this is a minimalist case. You won’t get the same kind of protection as a rugged case like the Otterbox Fré.

The Ringke Fusion comes in a variety of colors that range in price from $10 to $17 on Amazon. There is a version for the iPhone 6 Plus for $12.

What do you think of this protection-friendly minimalist case? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Mike

    Been using Ringke’s cases since I had my 5, and I can say it’s definitley the best case I’ve gotten. Otter box is good, but it gets really bulky. I’m not one to drop my phone all the time, so I need a thin case and Ringke does an excellent job at that.

    Would highly recommend for those looking for a thin case that provides well rounded protection without paying big bucks or sacrificing the size of the phone.

  • Brandon

    i feel like you guys are going a little crazy on idevice case reviews. Since early May, there has been over a dozen of them. Maybe it would be better to have a case roundup every week instead or something?

    • Tyler Smith

      What the Author primarily does is game reviews and case reviews. She doesn’t really write many articles other than that and a roundup every week needs about 5-10 cases to actually be a decent roundup.

  • Greeny :)

    It’s great for protecting your device from drops (dropped mine facedown with a screen protector and only a minor hairline scratch) but I’ve found the back of it gets really dirty quite fast. That being said, I’ve had it since November and it’s gone through some really harsh conditions.