Samsung ad Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6 wireless charging

In a pair of new television commercials, Samsung is back at what it does best: bashing Apple’s iPhone. Promoted under the tagline “six is greater than six,” the 30-second videos highlight three features of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge: wireless charging, a wider-angle lens on the selfie camera out the front and a curved screen which displays tidbits of information across the edges of Samsung phones.

I’ve included both ads for your viewing pleasure.

The latest Samsung device comes outfitted with built-in wireless charging capabilities. “The iPhone 6—not so much,” proclaims the voiceover.

The ad proceeds to take us on a quick tour of the Galaxy’s front-facing camera which takes wide-angle selfies “that fit everybody,“ as opposed to the iPhone 6’s camera which “just cut off nana”.

The other ad touts the Galaxy S6 Edge’s curved screen that can displays colors when your favorite contacts call. “The iPhone 6 displays nothing, but it has a vibrate function,” the ad remarks sarcastically.

The edge of the Samsung smartphone displays various bits of information when the phone is lying face down on a table, such as texts, news, sports, weather, Twitter, email and more, “while the edge of this guy has buttons”.

Someone please remind Samsung of their prior iPhone bashing which revolved around the Galaxy’s removable battery and a port for memory cards as these features are nowhere to be seen on their latest flagship.

Source: YouTube

  • Todd Chapman

    When would anyone every need to put their cell phone down on its face? conductive charging is cool. but is it that hard to plug in your phone? it doesn’t solve any real problem.

    • iBanks

      I personally place my iPhone on its face at all times if laying it on a flat surface. Fear of something falling or spilling on it. But wireless charging really sucks. I don’t see the point. Wired I can still utilize my device, wireless you have to put on and take off and put on and take off the charger. I’ve seen an article yesterday of using wifi signals to charge mobile devices, now THAT is genius.

      • rikomenzies

        God, finally someone sees it.

        “Wireless charging” is not truly wireless. You have to leave your device on the puck, otherwise you interrupt charging. How is this not more tethered than cables? This is not convenience. It’s a gimmick.

        By this logic you could argue that magnetic power connectors are “wireless” because you don’t technically plug them in. You still have to be connected.

        A cable of sufficient length will allow you to use your device and keep it charging at the same time. You don’t have to leave it laying on the table.

      • Benedict

        It does not use a wire to charge – that’s making it wireless! I’m charing my phone right now on the desk, pick it up to read messages all the time and place it back. Then it starts charging again automatically. I can also pic up the phone when I’m in bed without unplugin it, put it back on the table and it continues to charge. Same in the car. This is a huge advantage.

      • Blip dude

        I guess in those circumstances it can work. But for me, If I wanna play a game or do something that requires actually picking up the phone, now it won’t continue charging. To me wireless charging is NOT placing it somewhere and be restricted to that space (the puck). I want to MOVE around and use the phone while charging even if it means staying in the same room, but at least I can actually move my phone around and use it. That’s why I don’t give a **** who does wireless charging. If my phone stops charging from picking it up, I rather put up with the bulkyness of a charging case instead.

      • Benedict

        Since iPhones are famous to be pluged on a wire for charging the whole day I get your point. But if you are so much used to it, you can also plug a cable into the S6. But you know it is just nicer to have a feature than not having it.
        Try to imagine when Apple comes out with that, every Starbucks table will have a Qi charging coil inside which will charge your phone whenever you place it somewhere on the table. Wouldn’t that be cool??
        I’m also using an IKEA table like those attached. First company I know which started a new standard without waiting for Apple. (Photos by IKEA)

      • Manuel Molina

        Lol. Didn’t see your comment and said this about IKEA as wel! The shit does the exact same shit with a case and lamps and desk.

      • Haraesh Jayalingam

        Even on heavy gaming , charging once is more than enough to last me the whole day on my 6 plus. For normal usage it has easily lasted me more than one and a half day.
        So I am not sure where you heard about low battery life on the iPhone. Even my old iPhone 4 lasts almost a day

      • SoylentGreen

        I like your concept of wireless charging, it’s infinitely better, pity it’s not this.

      • therealjjohnson

        I feel you, but the definition of “wireless” means no wires. Sounds like what you have a problem with is the practical use of it, but you’re focusing it (in your comment) on the name of the device.

      • rikomenzies

        When you pick up your phone, does it continue to charge?

        No, it doesn’t. Hence, it’s not true wireless charging. It’s very much still wired – it requires a physical connection to pass the current. It’s no different from a magnetic charging cable like what some smartwatches use, and what Apple is known for using with its MacBooks. It’s just cleverly disguised as a charging surface instead of a plug. Without this physical connection, the current is interrupted and charging stops.

        Wireless is the fact that I’m sitting on my couch with my laptop and not a single thing connected to it, yet I’m able to use my Internet connection while my router is in the other room. Wireless is the fact that I can walk outside with my mobile phone and use data so long as there’s cellular reception.

        Having to set my phone on a puck on my desk in order to keep it charging is not wireless.

        Say I’ve had a very eventful day and it happens to be the rare occasion that my phone ever gets past 25%. I’m going to bed, but I want to watch an episode or two on Netflix or play some games. My “wireless” puck is on my nightstand. I need to keep my phone charging. Am I going to have to leave my phone on the puck and hover over the nightstand just to do stuff? Or do I pick the whole thing up and hold it that way?

        Not only that, do I have to buy a second charging puck if I don’t want to carry it everywhere?

        For all the things that “wireless charging” will not let me do, I seem to keep having to use a cable, anyway.

        Yes, in the sense that I’m not plugging a cable directly into my phone, it’s “wireless.” However, it requires some sort of physical connection that can’t be interrupted or it simply will not work.

        iBanks mentioned the research going into charging over Wi-Fi. *That* is true wireless, and that’s the kind of technology that we need to sink all this R&D budget into. The use of charging “pads” or “pucks” is a dead end at this point – the farthest that tech has gone in this area is not having to use special phone cases to make it work. We’ve yet to get around requiring physical contact points.

      • Benedict

        Don’t be so narrow minded and just imagine you place your phone whereever you want and it charges: On a table at home, at the restaurant, at your favorite Starbucks and you don’t even notice it charges. Wouldn’t that be great? You can also apply it to your Macbook (if it would have a plastic or glasback). Cars or busses also charge this way already. And there is no need for a physical connection. I can hover my phone about 1 cm over this pad or even put something in between. There is a clear advantage and just because you can’t take advantage of, don’t hate..

      • rikomenzies

        It’s not wireless. It’s as much, if not more of a tether than a conventional cable. Putting it in tables isn’t making this technology that much more useful. It only benefits the end user if they have access to that table. Why buy special charger-equipped furniture (or, failing that, have to modify the furniture that I have) when a cable and adapter are far cheaper, more portable, and actually come with the device?

        1 cm of range is not an improvement. A weak refrigerator magnet works within a centimeter. Might as well just leave it on the puck. It doesn’t change the fact that this is not true wireless technology.

        Now, if I’ve got my phone a full foot and a half away from the emitter and it’s still charging, *that* is wireless. *That* is impressive.

        However, that is not the case, and that’s my point. It’s not true wireless and this is plainly false advertising. It’s a solution without a real problem to solve that offers very few advantages – if at all – to an existing standard. The amount of work involved and the cost of integrating this technology far outweighs what it actually offers.

        Honest question here – as it is right now, can you even transfer data with this or is it just providing power?

        The current induction charging standard is no different – and not much better – than the Duracell PowerMat which flopped horribly. They just managed to stick that technology inside the actual phone instead of in an external case.

      • Benedict

        You can’t call it wired. This feature is very useful and just because it is not available for iOS you can’t doubt it. Please try for yourself. I hope you won’t wait till it’s supported by iPhone.

      • Occu10

        im assuming you havent been in a situation where your phone’s battery is dying while texting/calling someone. it is more convenient to charge your phone by wired for that matter. wireless charging doesn’t fix any real problems.

      • Dan

        Most Apple fans will say it is useless until the iPhone gets the feature. Once it does, they will love it. It’s sad. I for one find it extremely useful.

      • Blip dude

        No, and that’s going to be my biggest grip of them all. Last thing I need is the Apple d’bags adopting to this, because it’ll just make others lazy to create a true wireless alternative to charging. Not to mention, that yes, I can’t freaking understand why other companies haven’t already adapted this if it’s that magical and why the **** do they need to wait for Apple to adapt this for it to be “Mainstream.”

        Like I still stand, I don’t give a **** if Apple or anyone else adapts it, it the phone can’t charge from my bed while the puck is across the table 3-5 meters away, it’s not wireless charging and I refuse to spend extra, period. The charging cable is long enough to reach my bed from the table, so I’ll stick to that instead. Once anyone creates a wireless charger that can charge my phone from 3-5 meters away, then I’ll be amazed.

      • Mr. Right

        My Toyota Camry has wireless charging built in so it would save me from having to take the wire into the car when my phone is about to die.

      • ravinigga

        For me wireless mean iPhone or phone in my pocket And charge somewhere few meters away

      • Todd Chapman

        I’ve also heard the same concept on wireless charging. I definitely agree that would be awesome. As it stands it’s nothing more than a sales gimmick

    • justme

      I agree with this.
      this is not a true wireless charging device. what if you need to check some information urgently and you are forced to put on the dock and wait to charge the smartphone? OK we got a cable to connect, so… what is the advantage of this “wireless charger” ? it’s ust a gimmick.

      The Real Wireless Energy it was tested decades ago by the Master Nikola Tesla. Hope some day Apple re-invent this real wireless technology to connect or attach a single adapter on the wall and charge your iPhone or iPad via True wireless in a 30ft. ratio around.

      Maybe they would need re-think about source materials to put in their batteries that will be compatible with true wireless charging.

      this will not only revolutionize the iPhone, this will revolutionize every piece of technology in the world.

      • rikomenzies

        Definitely. True wireless power wouldn’t just be limited to phones – imagine getting rid of all the cable clutter from appliances. We could eventually reduce the number of points in every home that present electrical fire hazards.

        Right now what we’ve managed to do is take the Duracell PowerMat technology and stuck it inside the phone instead of putting it in phone cases. Not a lot of advancement there, and it’s a dead end at this point.

      • RarestName

        Wireless charging is somewhat convenience. Most of the time it’s just there for extending your battery life. It’s not there to be a complete replacement for the good old cable, although it is done by a some people there.

        With upcoming public releases like Nikola Lab’s RF signal harvesting case and Wysips’ solar film implementation, we wouldn’t have to worry about battery life all the time.

      • therealjjohnson

        What does that scenario have to do with the fact that phone does not need to connect to the power source using a wire? How can that not be “true wireless”? I completely understand the scenario you posted, makes a lot of sense. Still doesn’t change the fact it is charging without a wired connection. The definition of wireless doesnt change because its inconvenient for you. Is there a wire? Then its is “wire” less. Its a pretty simple concept to understand.

    • Matt

      I place my phone on its face all the time…

      • Todd Chapman

        You are misunderstanding my comment. Why do you NEED to? Samsung is selling the edge as if it solves a major problem in receiving notifications. Placing your phone face down is fine.

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      Thats the problem. Unless you wanna hide your secret lovers messages, why would you want to keep it down in the first place? How stupid can Samsung get. Keep the phone face down and then make an ad about the features of the colorful stripe. Godammit, why don’t you just keep your phone face up and actually see who’s calling?

    • Arthur Geron

      Wireless charging is a WIRELESS charging, you don’t plug anything to tour de vice, you just place it there, you van pick it up all The time and don’t need to keep unplugging and plugging it baxk, plus you’ll never need to wory about any broken cables anymore

  • SMH

    Lol they highlighted two features that no one gives a shit for. Also wireless charging (in its current form) is garbage and worse than wired. At least with wired you can pick up your phone and it will continue charging UNLIKE the fail that is wireless ‘not really wireless’ charging

    • Cristian Meneses

      Totally true! They are highlighting two features which only are for showing up, but not in real life use, as wireless charging sounds really cool, but you can’t even move your phone.. And the edge.. well… whatever . There is just one, and one and only Galaxy feature that I’ve ever missed, and that’s the removable storage card. But even so, I wouldn’t switch to a Galaxy…

      • WonkieInc

        Didn’t they remove that in the S6 anyway?

  • Jonathan

    Never seen an Apple ad compare their products to something else.
    I think I know why.

    • ericesque

      Hi, I’m a Mac.
      And I’m a PC.

      • Cristian Meneses

        LOL… I forgot that one!

      • Newgunnerr

        That’s not really bashing a company since a PC is made a lot of different company’s.

      • Eric Castro

        regardless of that, the ads were aimed specifically to microsoft windows users that run on PCs (popularly adopted as different from Mac even though a mac is a pc too)

      • Jonathan

        Hm, forgot about that.

      • ericesque

        At the time those commercials were airing I was a rabid Microsoft fan. I simultaneously loathed those commercials and loved them. I’d seek new ones out on YouTube and then watch a bunch of old ones after. It was a great campaign and struck a note very few comparison ads have been able to hit. Samsung isn’t hitting it here. Not even close.

      • Jonathan

        Couldn’t agree more. I still go on YouTube and watch the 30 minutes version when I’m bored.

      • rikomenzies

        At the time those were airing, Apple was also still a bit of an underdog and didn’t have the presence that Windows-based computers did. At the same time, Windows computers just weren’t gearing their marketing to the more casual end-user and were focused more on developing tools for the home office.

        Samsung is a giant and really has no need to write their ads this way. This just reeks of pettiness.

      • Occu10

        those were actually funny for both mac fans and pc fans

      • Jordan Stevens

        PC is a generic thing. It wasn’t “I’m a Mac and I’m an HP or a Dell.”

      • iBanks

        Windows is an operating system, not an computer. But Compaq, HP, Dell, Gateway, Etc would have been an good one. 😉

      • Jordan Stevens


      • Mr. Right

        Mac = OS X
        PC = Windows

        Mac vs. PC.

        Got it?

      • stylesbeyond

        or linux?=pc or mac

      • Rowan09

        Yes when Apple was trying to educate customers but after they accomplished it they didn’t make these commercials. Hey Apple is number 1 so I guess this is why Samsung uses them all the time, it’s fair game.

    • Newgunnerr

      Because Apple has a reputation to keep up and they don’t lower themselves

  • john diaz

    Gotta love their humor!

  • Jordan Stevens

    Just when I thought I couldn’t despise this company more.

  • Kevin Chen

    Apple, please. Take over Samsung making the REAL wireless charging possible. A Bluetooth power brick that plugs into the electric white block wall (idk what that thing is called), while use your iPhone and connect it to the brick to charge as long as the distance is close.

  • Tony G

    The reason I put my phone face down is so I don’t see anything. This could be annoying at night while sleeping or in a dark room when you’re not trying to lighten up the room. Also for privacy reasons.

  • really

    So only apple can talk crap about other companies, like Tim cook talking crap about Google and Facebook this week? That’s ok. But don’t let another company point out features their phone has that apples doesnt, it’s the worst thing ever? Yall are so brainwashed.

    • Alexei Solonari

      Samsung can talk crap about companies. It’s just most of the features that Samsung etc. brag about are all stupid. What’s the point of wireless charging, anyway? (The only feature I like from the two videos? Wide Angle Selfie.)

      • Mr. Right

        Cars have wireless charging. Some coffee places have wireless charging. Airports have wireless charging. The point of wireless charging is that even when you forget to bring a wire you have that option to still charge you phone.

    • Kr00

      People are free to say what they think, but spending millions on an ad campaign is totally different. If Samescum products are better, why would they need to compare or bash an opponent? Because their products aren’t that great. But honestly I would never buy a product from a company that doesn’t believe in itself, that and Samescum are the most corrupt, unethically business on the face of the planet, using child labour, running pricing cartels, bribing judges and politicians, withholding supplies to competitors, and their outright blatant copying of everything.

      • Cory

        You mean the million dollar advert campaign Apple ran mocking Windows users?

      • mobilemann

        do you understand basic concepts? Apple never made fun of the user, the guy was a actual PC. That was the point of how it was playful. How are you this stupid?

      • Kr00

        Never heard or saw the word windows in any of those commercials, did you? You must have just assumed windows was bug riddles, slow and crash prone. At least those ads were light hearted and honest.

      • Cory

        You clearly didn’t watch the ads.

    • rikomenzies

      Talking about the ethics of monetized data mining – which Google and Facebook have taken a lot of crap for from just about everybody because, well, that’s how they make their money – is very different from poking fun at phones for not having side-view notifications and wide-angle front camera optics.

  • really

    When the iphone gets wireless charging in 3 or 4 years, all of yall are gonna be like, this is amazing, omg, apple did it again! But right now you’re bashing it.

    • Because it’ll prolly be done better.

      • Mr. Right

        All I have here to say is: How is that 1080p screen you just got?

      • Occu10

        its nice because it doesn’t drain my battery. i can get through the whole day with only 1800mah lol

      • Mr. Right

        Note 4 gets through the whole day with a 2k screen. Plus iPhone doesn’t do anything so obvious its going to last the entire day. It can’t even true multi-task.

    • Rowan09

      You can add wireless charging to any phone already with a case. All Samsung did was include it in there phone so you can buy the pad like my wife did. The Apple Watch has “wireless charging” but with a watch it makes sense. If Apple did add this type of wireless charging without including the pad I would never use the feature.

      • Benedict

        Why does it make sense for a watch and not for a phone or a tablet!? Don’t you just want to put the tablet on the table instead of fummeling in the cable? Makes not a bit of sense…

      • Rowan09

        It makes sense for a watch because it’s easier to lay it on the back on a pad or charger. For a phone if it rings you have to take it off the pad, if you want to surf the web and pick it up you’ll have to either pick up the pad or do it on the pad. I don’t see it solving anything with a phone or tablet since you still have something plugged into a wire. Until they come out with true wireless I’m not interested.

  • Andrew Roth

    I’m a huge Apple fan, but I used both an iPhone and Galaxy S6 Edge side by side for a month and the Galaxy had the upper hand in just about every aspect of daily use and testing. Prior to the S6, I would refer to them as Scamsung, Samsucks, or Shamesung, but their latest is the greatest.

  • Jason Baroni

    Oh, and it was Samsung that once again reduced the suppliers for the S6 production. And I think this ad won’t help it sell more.

    One more thing: The mute switcher is more useful than a color that tells me who is calling, since I will have to look at the display if I want to answer it.

  • Cristian B

    Ok Samsung we know. You hate Apple. This is exactly the kind of unprofessionalism that makes me stick to other android phones. I’ll stick to my G3 (and soon to be G4).

  • Jeff Ramirez

    Pretty sure my 6th grade teacher would slap me across the face if I agreed that 6 was in fact great than 6.

  • Darn I hate staring at the edge of my phone when I put it face down on my desk and seeing nothing!

  • marco1993

    If you truly do the math
    6is in fact equal to 6(i went and counted)
    Someone needs to teach samsung some 1grade maths
    There’s an app for that

  • When you do the math, shaming another product to try and bump up sales just makes your company look desperate.

  • The wireless charging system has been used in electric toothbrushes for the past 10 years! Its not wireless if it only works 20cm away from it base station.

    • Benedict

      So you plug a wire inside?

      • Are you talking about the charging cable? I would rather wait for a truely wireless system that works off of wifi or some other common rf signal

      • Benedict

        Ok then wait. I use this approach with pleasure since years.

  • I have always said, “I have absolutely nothing against android, but Samsung has to be the worst company in existence. They should really stick to making Microwaves.”

    • Kr00

      Pity those microwaves keep catching on fire.

      • More like a bag of popcorn that used to take 2 minutes to pop now takes 7, but don’t worry, Microwave OS 5.1.1 will fix /everything/

  • Benedict

    The advantage is that you can interupt the charing process as many times as you want. I’m charing my phone right now on the desk and can pic it up for a call or a message without beeing stucked on the short cable. But I agree it’s hard to imagine for someone who can’t reproduce it. Perhaps you understand when you get this benefit in some years…

    • kokeropie

      When the charging process is interrupted, does it impact the battery life in the longterm? Please share your experience.

      • Benedict

        Since I know, it does not influence Li-Ion batteries. I also can’t notice any change in capacity. Although my phone is almost 2 years old, the battery is still in good condition.

      • kokeropie

        Thanks for the info 🙂

    • Alberto Espinal

      And you think you can do that at 1% of charge? And whatever you said I can’t do it on a cable?

      • Benedict

        I normally don’t have 1% charge because I put my phone on the desk at home every time I put it out of my hand. And no, I can’t talk on the phone whilst it’s pluged because the cable is too short. I always had to unplug it before I got a phone with Qi compatibility. Especially in bed which was extremly annoying. It’s very comfortable with wireless charging now. You don’t have to fumble a cable inside.

      • Mr. Right

        iPhone cable suck. Samsung has ultra battery saving mode so you can do that on 1% techinally

  • Mark Tesch

    Last time I “checked the math”, 6 was equal to 6. Let’s not teach our kids otherwise. #advertisingforthesakeofadvertisingsucks

  • Jordan Lewis

    Samsung has it wrong.
    6 = 6 not 6 > 6 which is false
    For the S6 Edge it should be 6e which would be about 16.309690971

    6e > 6 is true
    Then again Samsung made a false statement again, such a Samsung thing to do.

    • Benedict

      For all you math masterminds: You should look carefully at the fonts… 6 > 6 …got it?? 😉

      • Jordan Lewis

        Just because the font is fatter doesn’t make the number any bigger.
        Unless your looking at surface area of course, then the iPhone 6+ is greater 🙂

  • Kr00

    Maybe Samescum should concentrate on their own products first, like those washing machines that catch fire. Someone should tell them that envy is a sin.

  • Manuel Molina

    Is it a faboy comment coming from me if I said that the iPhone 6 does have wireless charging with a case and a lamp from IKEA?

  • Cole Mahoney

    This shows that Samsung is worried about iPhone 6 doing better. You don’t see apple making fun of Samsung.

  • Haraesh Jayalingam

    “When you do the math it’s clear. 6 is greater than 6.”

    Seriously Samsung, are you drunk? You just took stupidity to a whole new level

  • Ivan Wan

    in terms of battery drain, that S6 > 6

    • Benedict

      Not true.
      Talking time:
      Samsung S6 Edge: 9:43 hrs (Rank 1)
      iPhone 6: 5:31 hrs (Rank 23)

      (source: Chip Magazin, Bestenliste)

  • n0ahcruz3

    Let the flamewars begin!.. Oh wait lol

  • Chris

    This is the best Samsung can do?

    Some incorrect math, crappy “wireless” charging and screen edges in which you need to turn your phone sideways to read!

  • Chris Coleman

    Such a waste of advertising, what Samsung should be doing is showcasing these “features” in real-world situations, giving the consumer an actual need for the gimmick rather than trying to play petty games with Apple (who probably laugh at them) I actually like the build quality of the s6 edge and was almost tempted to get one…until I realised the ram was used up by bloated features and software, and the build quality came at the price of losing the sd card slot, removable battery and water resistance that most Samsung owners raved about. And to top it off I actually work in a large mobile phone company so we actually get a real world idea of customer demand etc….the s6 launch day was abysmal to say the least, iphone launch is always late finishes, earlier starts and pretty much constant for a week. What I’m trying to say is stop the petty games Samsung, the ads actually come off making you look desperate.

  • What kills me is that Samsung markets “wireless” charging, but they weren’t the first to bring it to the market. My toothbrush has had it for about 8 years.

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      I remember my elec toothbrush had wireless charging in the 90s. Induction tech has been around for really long. I guess the challenge was in miniaturizing the induction coil.

  • ProllyWild

    i tested out wireless charging with an android phone i bought, and then a wireless qi adapter case for iphone. The gimmick of drop and charge is interesting, but ultimately as far less practical than people would assume by the advertisements. everytime you pick it up you will stop charging and if i’m not correct, all current charging methods are somewhat limited on output making them potentially slow charging options compared to wired charging. with the smart watches out and about on both sides, I imagine just leaving a smartphone on a qi pad and doing your business is not a major problem, but in that case it doesnt make wireless charging any better or worse than just having a wired stand for iphone. The only place where it sometimes came in handy was at airports that hard wireless charging pads. Instead of digging out a cable, i could just drop the phone and let it charge, but depending on the charging pads, sometimes getting the unit to align properly was trouble.

    sooooo samsung doesnt really make any major wins with this ad campaign, and as things progress im seeing less reason to go with either ios or android other than basic preferences of style and compatibility with your overall system (computer, tablet, smart watch and/or phone)

  • lou111

    well.. when i plug my iphone on the wire, i can still use it while charging, and not wasting my time. Wireless – when it lying i can’t use it.
    Gorilla glass is still getting easy scrachtes so, i would never put him on screen anywhere.
    S6 is a great smartphone, but these commercials – not too good.

  • singhay559

    Whoeva says wireless charging is a gimmick is a moron. Its for conveniency. Just like a car having keyless entry. Its not hard to plug a wire in nor for u to use the key to unlock doors but doint it electronicly is way more convenient. As for the edge screen i believe that is a gimmick until they find some other useful feature for it.

  • CuBoy531

    Shamesung math is so dumb that’s why they will always be behind Apple. Anyone knows 6 is equal to 6 on this planet. Wtf is 6>6. However, I’m glad Shamesung sees 6>6. I would be worried for Apple of Shamesung got their math correct in the future. For now, yes Shamesung, 6 is greater than 6 LOL idiots. I spelled Shamesung on purpose.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Yes, the a Galaxy S5 was better than the S6.

  • j7469

    I tried a S6 for 10 days and the reason Samsung offers wireless changing and rapid charging is… because they have to. At a minimum I was charging the phone 3 times a day. It was nice and all and the screen was amazing (come on Apple step it up) but watching the battery drop every few minutes is more than I can take.

  • erg

    samsung = we’re better, because we stole everything that was good about the iphone!

  • Macdemon

    Wireless charging is completely pointless as you’re still ‘tied’ to the charger base DUR!!!!!!!!!. Not such a hot feature actually Samsung.

  • Samsung is Desperate. Gimmicks. My iPhone charges standing up in my third party dock.

  • enough with this bulshit

  • Richard Häggblom

    This conversation seems to be going the same way as android users did when the 5S got a fingerprint scanner. ” this is just a gimmick, no one will ever use it ” then when Galaxy got it ” it was the greatest thing ever, and so practical . Except in my opinion it wasn’t really useful in the way that it forces you to use two hands. They fixed that in the s6 tho. Same with Siri. And Google now / s voice. Dual tone flash, unibody construction. So android users. I don’t defend anyone. Since Apple copied Notification Center, control center and several other things.
    Just saying think before bashing 🙂 Apple are innovative. Android is too. That is what keeps pushing technology further.
    If Apple didn’t make Touch ID , who knows if it would ever be present in a convenient way on phones. If android didn’t push new features , those might not be present either. I don’t find it wrong if Apple adopted wireless charging and improving it. Because then android would have to improve it aswell. Making range further and so on .

  • Jason Baroni

    Mr., we are talking about market share, not saying a phone is better because it sells more.

    Screen coloring and mute switcher are different things, but SAMSUNG is the one who’s comparing both, so I went with the context here 😉

    Plus you don’t need to offend other because of their preferences. Try to attack the company instead of us, bro. It works better.

  • jaysoncopes

    It’s hard to believe there hasn’t been a lawsuit over one company comparing another company’s product on television. Maybe it’s a mutually assured destruction thing.

  • Bishop

    Now we can see that the users of all other Samsung devices except the S6 are the same retards who can’t cope with the cables that totally dominate their lives.
    That’s what you wanted to say, Samsung?

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