The Blumoo universal remote allows you to control your entire home theater right from your iPhone or iPad instead of the remote hiding out under the couch cushions. Order the Blumoo for over 30% off at iDownloadBlog Deals.

Blumoo works with Bluetooth to turn your phone or tablet into a remote. Just set it up and use the Blumoo app to flip through channels, stream your music to any A/V system, and more.

You can even use it to power on multiple devices at the same time and customize one-touch command buttons for everyone in your family. With a library of over 225,000 pieces of equipment, whatever devices you’re currently using, Blumoo is likely to support them.

Tell your remote to get (and stay) lost. Get the Blumoo for $84.99 and free shipping at iDownloadBlog Deals today.

  • Tim

    Cool. I have about the same thing from another brand. It was $ 15. 🙂

    • Gabriel Anaya

      Which brand?

      • Tim

        The Unity Remote from Gear4. The app is just a bit more horrible from what I can see.

      • sadaN


    • Antzboogie

      This is a feature that should’ve been built into the iPhone a long time ago! At least a basic remote the Galaxy S5 has it as well as the Galaxy Gear Watch. It’s the best I turn my TV down all way when I’m half asleep or just turn it off with my watch. Come on Apple catch up on this. Not even the Apple Watch can be used as a remote. I have the iPhone 6 Plus and nothing as well.

      • Tim

        I pass on a big fat IR transmitter on my phone.

      • Antzboogie

        Big? Lol there’s one in the S5 its thin so what what were you saying? I’m an Apple fan by the way. It’s just something I would like to see!

      • Kr00

        What the hell are you talking about? I use my Apple Watch every night to control my Apple TV, music, iTunes on my Mac. How is its Apples responsibility to add compatibility to all TVs, home theatres etc? There isn’t one standard for wireless connectivity between these device. Apple have tried with AirPlay, there is no go to standard.

      • Antzboogie

        So then how am I able to control my Sony TV with a Samsung device? Lol I also control a variety of other brands which is good enough for now. Don’t be mad lol. Apple just needs to include this. It’s a good idea that’s all.

      • Kr00

        I really don’t give a stuff what samescum do. My TV already comes with a remote. Again, why should Apple provide support for tens of thousands of devices?

      • Cory

        You Have no life

      • Kr00

        Well it has to be better than yours if all you can do is follow my comments and make inane vacuous statements.

  • Hotrod

    Does anyone know if it is posted somewhere, like a PDF file, or something showing all the devices its compatible with… I’d like to look up my devices and see if they’re compatible before purchasing but man this is an amazing looking product

  • Gabriel Anaya

    For 85$ I can just stick with my freaking remote. Was intrigued but never mind. I may just look into a cheaper similar brand instead.

    • Not cheap indeed, but still a deal compared to the full MRSP price. I personally use a Harmony universal remote.

      I find that using your iPhone or iPad as a remote, although really cool, is cumbersome. You have to slide to unlock, launch the app, tap the button. My Harmony on the other end, is always ready!

      • dpacemaker

        Think of the confusion if your spouse was named Harmony lol.

      • lol

  • Tim

    Then I better not remove it from my iPad. 🙂

  • Jeff Hogancamp

    This article states that Blumoo works on Ipad. It does not work on ipad. Nor is there a download anywhere to do this.. I think more research into a product should be done prior to writing a review..