We’re always on the lookout for great Mac apps, whether to help our computers run faster and more efficiently or to upgrade what we can do with them. This bundle is where we’ve collected some of the very best to share with you—at a huge discount, of course. This nine-app bundle is valued at $204, and it’s worth every penny, which is why you shouldn’t miss your chance to get it for $19.99 at iDownloadBlog Deals.

Here’s what it includes:

Unibox: It’s about time email got a makeover. Unibox creates a more seamless, intuitive inbox experience, organizing your messages by person and making it easy to browse attachments.

Noiseless: A top 10 paid app in the App Store since its release, Noiseless cleans up the noise in photos taken in low light, perfecting smartphone and DSLR shots alike.

Hider 2: Whether you share a computer or have sensitive files that you want to keep safe, Hider 2 is the way to go. The apps hides and secures private files while keeping them easy to access when you (and only you) need them.

NoteBook 4: Everything you’ve ever wished you could do with handwritten notes, the NoteBook 4 app does—think in-text attachments, audio syncing, diagramming tools, action items, search, and password encryption.

App Tamer 2: Open apps that you’re not currently using and browser tabs you opened days ago may not seem like they’re doing much, but run this app and you’ll see just how much CPU they eat up. App Tamer 2 instantly reduces processor usage, maximizes battery life, and decreases fan noise (and you don’t have to do a thing).

iStat Menus 5: See important information like file transfers, temperature sensors, CPU, GPU, RAM, and network usage right from your menu bar with this detailed system monitor.

Beamer 2: Don’t let your Apple TV limit what types of media you can watch. Beamer 2 allows you to stream all common formats, including AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, WMV, FLV, and more, no converting required.

Chatology: Search your messages from iMessage, Google Talk, Facebook, and more, filter just images or links, and find chats from a specific date range with the app that saves you hours of scrolling.

Jump Desktop: It’s never been easier to remotely connect to any Mac or PC than with this top-rated, top-selling app—you can even use Mac shortcuts when accessing a PC, making the process even simpler.

Sound awesome? We thought so too—which is why all of these killer Mac apps are available as a bundle at iDownloadBlog Deals for $19.99, a savings of 90% that you can’t afford to miss.