wwdc 15 apple tv

It looks like Apple is going to once again be providing a live stream of its WWDC keynote this year. On Monday the company updated its Events channel on Apple TV with a new program labeled “WWDC 2015 Keynote – LIVE.”

There’s no word on Apple’s website yet regarding streaming to other devices, but the company typically offers live video on both Macs and iOS products via its Safari web browser. It’s set to begin at 10am Pacific Time on June 8.

Apple will likely use the keynote to introduce future versions of iOS and OS X, as it has in the past, highlighting major new features and changes. Following the event, the company usually releases betas of the new software to developers.

Other possible WWDC announcements include a new version of the Apple TV, which hasn’t been refreshed in 3 years, Apple’s new streaming music service, and more. As always, we will be covering the event live right here on iDB.

  • port87

    time to brush up on my chinese

    • Kenan


  • Alberto Espinal

    This is like waiting for Christmas!!

    • SoylentGreen


    • iOS Kush

      Ha? If you’re up on game you should already know what they are going to showcase. I’ve known since March… feel bad for you Alberto. SPOILER ALERT! iOS 9 will be shown.. ah shit mybad homie thought you knew. Lol catch up people.

  • Ricky

    A bit Out of Topic can i install Mavericks on 2015 MacBook Pro 13?

    • Luis B.

      No, you cannot install a version older than what it ships with.

    • Grzegorz Gietka

      of course you can

      • Ricky

        Which one of you is lying hahaha

      • Yes, you can.

  • SoylentGreen

    Can you watch on your watch lol,
    *as the topic of screen real estate gets the back burner, way back.

  • -= J$@ =-

    My 2nd gen AppleTV is playing up, please give me a new AppleTV…please!!!