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The iPhone 6 boasts Apple’s most impressive mobile camera to date. As part of the campaign to show off the newly developed technology, Apple created a “Shot on iPhone 6 World Gallery” on its webpage. The gallery includes many stunning photos of different subjects, three of which are highlighted in today’s Wallpapers of the Week section.

Last week, we also included two images taken from the iPhone 6 World Gallery. After receiving several requests via Twitter for additional images, I found the following on a Spanish site, Botgard. Step inside for the latest downloads.

Wallpapers shot on iPhone 6

As I mentioned, the following three images were sourced from Botgard. As the article is in Spanish, I cannot tell how exactly they were able to find the images in iPhone 6 resolution of 1080 x 1920. Because the images were most like pulled directly from the Apple site, originals cannot be gathered. Consequently, the image quality varies by image. However, having a slightly lower quality image may be acceptable for some, just to have the image at all. Take the images below with a little understanding that the quality is probably as good as it gets, without having access to the original photos shot by the listed artists.

Dubai splash

DownloadDubai, United Arab Emirates | David K.

El Calafate splash

Download: El Calafate, Argentina | Kim G.

Yamanashi splash

Download: Yamanashi, Japan | Taketo Y.


Thanks for consistently making the Wallpapers of the Week, one of the most read articles each week. The section would not be possible without the readers! I get tips and submissions each week from various iDB readers via @jim_gresham. Just like today’s post was shaped by the requests I received. Please, feel free to connect with me to help shape the future of the weekly post.

Slapsh images

  • Christian Mejía

    Finally something good in a while.

  • Antonio Arguimbau

    About time you guys posted something worthy of my time.

  • Jose Gonzalez

    Just spotted one of those Apple minivans here in Orland Park, IL.

    • AnoNymouz

      I saw these guys friday and asked them what the whole deal was…. No response. This was at Orland Park, IL also. As we walked away one guy said “Apple Goodies!”… ok.

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Yeah I wanted to try following them for a better shot but man they drive off quick. That and because I was heading the opposite way and had a destination to arrive at with my wife. Or else I would of gone on a hunt for the truth lol :p

    • Giovanni Cardona

      And “Shot on iPhone 6″…

      • Jose Gonzalez

        Nope…5s. Just saw another one pass by my street in Hammond, IN last Sunday. Now they have the “Apple Maps” wording on their cars. Didn’t have time to take a shot since it was a complete surprise. Didn’t expect them to pass by my city this quickly.

  • Cameron Nelms

    I shot these on my 6 yesterday with my telescope. Using one of them as my wallpaper now.

    • sh1ny

      Wow, you shot this with iPhone? Simply gorgeous.

  • August Ebbesen

    Some of my wallpapers.

  • Abram

    Folks where can I find this wallpaper?

    • yentrog31

      I can’t remem where I got it from but it’s very HD…

      • Abram

        Thanks, do you have it for iPhone? It will look great on my 6

      • Max Delsid

        You’re kidding right?!

      • Abram

        No! Lol actually that one fits right in my iPhone

      • Just crop it yourself when selecting “Use as Wallpaper”

  • I wish they shared some wallpapers for the Mac too.

    • sh1ny

      Well, considering the images’ resolution and quality… Anyway, I think Apple should’ve given either links to author’s website with an original or simply put the full-resolution image on its pages.
      But — and that’s a big but — it seems Apple never intended to share the actual photos, just a ‘gallery’ of well-composed photos to show off how amazing iPhone 6 shoots. And it does.

  • Jason Baroni

    I think it’s sad the way people comment here saying something like “finally something good”, like it’s IDB obligation to post wallpapers following every taste. Don’t take if for granted, people, come on. I don’t know much other blogs that post wallpapers weekly.

  • luis

    I use this as my wallpaper, taken with my iPhone 6

  • Pulkit Maloo

    I clicked some too

  • Мирас Мынжасар

    That’s mine)

  • Jayy

    Please for the love of God. I always ask this, and i’m not even sure if anyone at IDB ever see’s my post about this. Can we please get a dedicated section where people can post up their wallpapers & Themes to get cool ideas and inspiration for what their iDevices could look like! or even show off the cool stuff people have done with their Jailbroken iPhones!

    Every time a artical is posted with the topic of wallpapers or Pictures taken off of iDevice’s all the great people who come to the site post up cool wallpapers, screenshots of there JB iPhones and cool pictures they have taken ect… Please add a section like that please!

  • Abram

    These I took

  • Daniel Rincón

    Is it just me, or do all these images kind of suck? for all the praise they’re getting I imagined something way better

  • Kevin Chen

    Took this on my iPhone 6 Plus and in love with it using it as wallpaper

    • Kevin Chen

      Why is it rotated horizontal…

  • Cole Mahoney

    My Yosemite setup

    • Joel

      How did you set up your desktop like that looks good

      • Cole Mahoney

        For the dock I used cbar and u can download it free off the internet. The menu bar I used bartender and for the clock on desktop I used geektool. Then I changed the font to San Francisco. Wallpaper:

  • David S Kalonick

    Hello, If anyone want’s the high-res version of my shot from Dubai, direct message on twitter here – @davidstephen