Once again, Apple has managed to maintain the highest score for overall satisfaction when it comes to computer technical support, Consumer Reports, the influential U.S. magazine published monthly by Consumers Union since 1936, has found in its July 2015 issue.

The non-profit organization first began polling customers about the topic back in 2007. Apple’s tech support is “by far the most effective of any computer brand’s,” the magazine revealed. If you own a Windows PC, there’s only a 50-50 chance that a manufacturer’s tech support will solve your problem, the survey found.

“If you want an army of geeks you can count on to tame an unruly computer, you’d better buy a Macintosh,” wrote Consumer Reports.

Apple’s phone and online support has received glowing reviews from Mac customers. Four out of five Mac owners who used AppleCare said Apple’s service solved their problem.

Tech support of four of the six surveyed PC brands solved only half of the problems consumers brought to them, with the likes of Lenovo and Dell successfully solving issues their customers were plagued with about 61 percent of the time.

The research polled more than 3,200 computer owners in the United States.

Apple has been top-rated in this category consistently every year since Consumer Reports began first measuring computer tech support in 2007, despite Apple providing just 90 days of free phone and online tech support versus one year for most Windows PC companies.

The Genius Bars in Apple Stores, famous for their tech support, were among the best rated options, whether customers had a PC or a Mac.

The Genius Bars were followed by the Best Buy Geek Squad and Staples’ EasyTech. Consumer Reports notes there’s one huge difference among them.

“The Genius Bars in Apple retail stores offer free lifetime support,” reads the article. “With the other services, you generally have to pay for help. Prices vary greatly depending on the service you need and by retailer, so get an estimate before you commit.”

Pictured below: Apple CEO Tim Cook paying a visit to the AppleCare team in Austin, Texas in June of last year.

“Our AppleCare team is the best in the world,” Cook said on Twitter during his visit. “Thrilled to see them in action yesterday on our new campus in Austin.”

Tim Cook (Texas campus, AppleCare staff).jpeg

As a reminder, Apple sells additional AppleCare+ Protection Plans for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and other gear. These plans typically cover accidental damage and extend your warranty for up to two additional years on top of standard 1-year warranty.

Most other PC manufacturers charge around the same price as Apple does for these plans just for an appointment to identify the issue with their Windows PC.

What’s your experience with Apple’s tech support been like thus far?

Source: Consumer Reports

  • asch3n

    This really is one of the main reasons I recommend Apple to so many people, especially if they live in driving distance of an Apple store.

  • Ara Rezaee

    I’ve only called up two support services, Sony and Apple. I haven’t bought anything from Sony ever since

    • Bob May

      ha ha, well i hope that people treat you the same way

  • That’s the great advantage of having many local stores readily available, and competitors like Microsoft are slowly catching up in that aspect, offering free PC services at their stores. Keep pushing the competition Apple.

  • Shams

    I’m proud of the Apple technical staff that helped me through tough times with my iPhones. I also give credit for the PC side of things. It’s slowly getting better. I don’t like the fees charged by Microsoft to solve my problems. At most times the PC technical support is a game of chance for me. Sometimes you get good help, some not so good. With technology changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up with demand from consumers. I hope it gets better soon. Ever growing population which does not help, with that in mind creates tech jobs that could keep up the pace of technology. Regardless. Humans will never catch up to technology.

  • Shams

    Apples tight security helped the likely chance of not having any problems could be it. I know there is a few incidents that a Apple computer virus in the past. PC is known to have lots of computer viruses because of its openness to third party applications consumers download. That being said it’s the consumers that take risks to download unauthorized applications. Both technology and consumer hunger for openness might create danger. You guys can correct me if I’m wrong. I’m open to opinions on this. I respect all comments and there is no need for swear words either. I love all people for the sake of God.

  • Bob May

    Actually PayPal was number one in customer support in the US, They won it for 2013 and 2014, wont know who gets it this year untill the year over!

    • Apple ranks highest in annual Consumer Reports satisfaction survey for computer support services