Reminders Apple Watch

If you’ve been looking for an official Reminders app for the Apple Watch, your search has been in vain. That’s because there simply isn’t an app dedicated to Reminders on the Apple Watch like there is on the iPhone.

That doesn’t mean that the Apple Watch is incapable of both managing reminders and setting reminders. Actually, with the help of Siri, it’s easy to set up reminders on Apple Watch.

Take a glance at this latest entry into our full Apple Watch tutorial for a look at how to effectively set and manage reminders on the small screen.

How to set reminders on Apple Watch

Step 1: Invoke Siri

Step 2: Say: “Set a reminder for 6 o’clock” or for whatever time you need the reminder set for

Reminders Apple Watch Siri

You can also use any sort of the other language to establish a new reminder like you’d do on the iPhone. For example, you can set a location-based reminder by saying: “Remind me to go to the store when I leave home.”

Reminders Apple Watch OK

How to snooze, complete, or dismiss a reminder

If you receive a reminder on Apple Watch, you can decide to Snooze it, Complete it, or Dismiss it.

Reminders APple Watch Snooze

If you don’t acknowledge the reminder at all, then it will be sent to Notification Center where it can be handled later.

While there’s no proper standalone Reminders app on the Apple Watch, as you can see, it’s still possible to both set up and manage reminders on Apple’s wearable.

What do you think?

  • I use Reminder Nano which can truly manage all the tasks from my watch. You can see all your lists, add new tasks, mark as completed. That’s very handy!

    • I can’t tell if it works with scheduled times/locations reminder importing?

  • rickinsav

    For how I use them, stock reminders are perfect. I also use Clear on my iPhone but haven’t checked out their Watch app yet.

  • Kr00

    I’m happy to use reminders like this on my watch, but it would be good to have a dedicated app to check reminders. Then again, the phone is right there.

    On another note, I love the navigation on the Apple Watch. It would be great if you did a video demo. My learning curve has gone through the roof just learning new things.