Sinjimoru SyncStand for iPhone 6

Whether charging your iPhone 6, syncing it with iTunes, or simply gazing longingly into its front-facing camera, you may be in the market for a stand to display your device with. The Sinjimoru Aluminum SyncStand is a sturdy holder for your iPhone 6 that has a sleek design to compliment your Apple product. You don’t have to worry about whether this stand is MFi compatible since you use your own cable for syncing and charging.

The rounded aluminum base looks like it could double as a bangle bracelet at a futuristic dinner party. It has two feet at the bottom with rubberized strips across the bottom. The inner lining is rubberized with slight protrusions on either end, so you won’t have to worry about scratches when you rest your smartphone against it.

The mount for the stand is detachable. You can add or remove the cable adaptors to fit different versions of iPhone, as well as non-Apple smartphones like Samsung’s Galaxy line. It is also sturdy enough to hold an iPad mini in place.

The cradle is specially designed to make it easy for you to switch from portrait mode while charging to landscape mode for watching movies. Although, you won’t be able to connect your iPhone 6 while it is in landscape mode.

The cable protrudes out of the mount enough for you to be able to plug your iPhone in with a case that is 2mm or thinner.

It comes in black or silver aluminum and is available on Amazon for $20, where it is getting a fairly good rating at four stars out of about 175 reviews. You can also order one with a non-MFi Lightning cable for three dollars more.

What do you think of this sleek iPhone stand? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Zille Hasnain


  • Hi

    I am getting this.

  • MrDDify

    Looks like shit!

  • S.Curry

    20 bucks to hold my iPhone 2 inches off my desk, what is my desk made out of lava?

  • Stayo

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  • James G

    I tried this dock a few years ago with an iPhone 4 and also a Galaxy S2. It was shit. The device wouldn’t stand up straight and getting the cable through the cradle was a disaster. The device kept tipping over and was never sturdy when touching the device.

    Unless they’ve made some manufacturing changes, I recommend you don’t bother with this dock.

    • stylesbeyond

      gee what device did you put in it a iPad 1 lol my 6plus stays in perfect doesn’t tip of I’ve had this dock almost 2 years now

      • James G

        As I said in my comment, an iPhone 4 and Galaxy S2. Both didn’t stand properly in the dock and weren’t firm. Maybe it was the port on the dock or I’m not sure, it was awhile ago, but I returned it quickly on Amazon.

  • Álvaro Morales Navarro

    Not that sleek…