iPhone 6 inside view retina hd display

In its never-ending quest of engineering ever thinner and lighter devices, Apple is said to use smaller LED backlighting chips that could, at least theoretically, make the next iPhone(s)—you guessed right— smaller and lighter.

Citing a TrendForce report, DigiTimes said Tuesday that next-generation ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ will adopt smaller LED chips for the display’s backlight unit. The new chips reportedly measure three mm wide, 0.85mm tall and 0.4mm deep versus the 3.0mm x 0.85mm x 0.6mm chips used in the present-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

Japan-based Nichia and Toyoda Gose will allegedly supply these LED backlight chips for the upcoming iPhones.

“As such 0.4t LED chips are smaller with brightness ten percent lower than 0.6t ones, the backlight unit may need to use 2-3 more chips to reach the same total brightness,” reads the report.

I’m not entirely convinced that the next iPhones will have a slimmer chassis.

Apple typically re-uses chassis design across two iPhone generations before making major changes to the handset’s form factor.

I’m not an engineer, but conventional wisdom tells me Apple could use any extra space inside the device for other components such as new sensors or bigger batteries.

As per usual, anything written by DigiTimes should be taken with a few pinches of salt considering this Taiwanese trade publication has hit-and-miss track record, at best.

The 4.7-inch iPhone 6s and new 5.5-inch iPhone 6s Plus should enter production in June 2015. An estimated 24 million units should be initially shipped in the third quarter.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks both devices will be announced in August before hitting store shelves in September thanks to better-than-expected yields.

According to the revered analyst, these new iPhones will be outfitted with Sony’s twelve-megapixel CMOS sensor with RGBW subpixels, a faster A9 chip with 2GB of higher-clocked LPDDR4 RAMpressure-sensing Force Touch technology and more.

A rose color option possibly resembling the look of the 18-karat rose gold Apple Watch Edition is expected to be added to this year’s iPhone lineup, too.

Source: DigiTimes

  • Reda A Al-Baqshi

    They should go for bigger battery instead of thinner device, as it’s already thin as hell !

    • said

      Your profile pic is just as ugly as your post

      • Reda A Al-Baqshi

        Your post is just as ugly as your ass

      • Steven Code

        I salute you for that comeback lol

      • Eni

        You don’t even have a profile pic

    • askep3

      Seriously at this point I couldn’t care less how thin and light it is, I just want more battery

      • Rowan09

        Which iPhone do you own? They increase the battery capacity every year.

      • When they increase its capacity they add more features to consume those extra..So in turn it gives just about the same battery life.

      • Rowan09

        You’re right but the 6+ has great battery life and it seems all day in the phone world mean about 12-15 hrs

  • gittlopctbi

    I hope Christian is correct and that there really isn’t going to be a thinner phone. Enough already! It has to be thick enough to comfortably hold onto. Lighter in weight is fine. Just give us better battery life. When a battery is dead. all phones are equal.

  • Mr.Adam

    I’m hoping its to fix the backlighting issues. I had to send back 4 iphone 6’s because of backlight uniformity issues and my 5th one still isn’t great as it has a dark fingerprint sized smudge in the middle. I see it when reading text on white backgrounds. So I see it pretty much all the time. The other 4 either had pee yellow spots or dark splotches especially up in the upper right hand corner. I’m really hoping they improve the quality of the display because this time around with the iPhone 6 it has been terrible! Also 3-5 of mine have the FaceTime camera shifting problem including my current one. I’m going to send it back at the end of warranty and hope for the best! My iPhone 4 and 5 never had any problems!

    • Julian

      I have this on my iphone 6 as well

  • Andres

    Maybe lighter but not thinner. Design will most likely stay the same for the S model. If Apple does have plans to make it thinner they should use the extra space for a better battery

  • f1ght3r

    You won’t see this on the 6S, but maybe the 7. More likely, the 8.

  • James G

    Use the extra space for bigger battery and removing that protruding lens!

  • sun

    half as thin please!!!!!

  • DopamineAddicted

    Screw thinner! I say make it fatter with a huge ass battery! Who’s with me? And what’s with this ion x glass on my iphone 6? I thought it was gorilla glass. Come on Apple, the S6 is winning with gorilla glass 4 in those drop test!

  • pnh

    Sure, make it thinner so the next #bendgate will be of epic proportions.

  • nbnbxdnb

    Ever since when, “thinner and lighter” from Apple makes me shake in fear.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Enough with the d*mned thinness SICK obsession already! It’s gotten old, so passé and ridiculous beyond any comprehension. I want to hold a device in my hands, not half a biscuit! And I absolutely hate it when other reputable Apple blogs make apologies for Apple and say “making a thicker iPhone to pack in more battery won’t help, it’s about weight…blah blah blah.” It’s electrics, it’s physics, it’s common-bloody-sense! Making a car with the thinnest lightest most aerodynamic materials and design possible with a 4-cylinder engine is NOT going to beat a car with an 8-cylinder engine and enough torque & horsepower to climb a mountain…it simply won’t. Just the same as making this phone thinner and lighter won’t make it last longer. It’s ridiculous, enough already.

    • Rowan09

      Are companies making thicker phones now for bigger batteries? The S5 is a thicker phone than the 6 plus and it has a smaller battery capacity. The highest capacity being used right now is about 3400mAh. Making smaller LEDs, better processor, etc affects battery life more than just putting in a bigger battery.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Yes you might also see in my comment that I also said that additionally adopting new and more energy-efficient technologies is also needed in addition to keeping the phone just as thick as it currently is or even if it went a “tad” thicker rather than a “tad” thinner would be great. Did not solely put emphasis on thicker-iPhone-only. Do you honestly/frankly want this iPhone 6 to be any thinner than it already is? Will it be a purchasing factor? Is it needed, do YOU need MORE thinness?

      • Rowan09

        I understand but you put emphasis on thickness as if it’s a factor for battery capacity when it’s not. As stated before the thickness of a phone (at least the iPhone) is based on the camera size and hence we have the protruding lens. When we had the 5s people said it’s the perfect size including width but I like the width of the 6 over the 5/5s and .2 mm won’t be that much of a difference. Apple do optimize there CPU extra like everyone else and I believe they will move to OLED since they wanted to years back. I think with the introduction of the Apple Watch using OLED, it might reach the iPhone soon.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Yes very aware that it is the camera that really dictates the thickness and depth of the device, that’s valid. And I understand your standpoint, you do make some valid points. However, going back to my question which is quintessential — do you want this current iPhone to be thinner than it already is? Do you want thinness to be a yearly focus-point? Is the current thinness/thickness not up to standards? Would the thinness of the next iPhone and any upcoming ones be the purchasing or one of the purchasing factors for you?

      • Rowan09

        I understand what your saying but the trend is towards lighter, big screen, thin devices. Do I want thinness to be the only factor? No and from reports it’s not the only factor, but I have no issue with it being one of them. Battery life is a huge issue for every manufacturer and it’s the reason Apple does multitasking the way it does, etc for efficiency. It’s just that people always seen to say don’t go thin just give us a bigger battery when that’s a fraction of what will dictate power efficiency.

  • ck125

    Ah yes so they can go even smaller on the battery so you have to charge it even sooner. Come on apple, enough with the paper thin devices. Stick a larger battery in, the phones are plenty thin.

  • Zzyzxd

    I have no problem with thickness or battery. All I am asking is to put the lens back into the body! It’s pointless to be thinner if I have to put a case on the phone.

  • Have a dealing it’ll be yet another weakass link that’ll bend even easier when down there…in your pocket.

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      which phone do you have? isn’t the iphone 6 plus providing amazing battery life already?