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Apple on Friday updated the Acknowledgements page for its mapping software, adding a handful of new data partners. The page gives credit to TomTom, Yelp and other companies that provide Apple Maps with imagery and information.

Among the new partnerships added this week are E-WEGO, a business listing firm, navigational ad expert NavAds, and Yellow Pages. TripAdvisor and are also now listed as official partners, following a report earlier this year.

Apple has been vigorously working on its Maps app since it launched in 2012 to much disparagement. Users have criticized the software for being inaccurate, and lacking many of the features of competitor map apps, such as transit info.

A lot of the inaccuracies, however, have been corrected in recent years and rumor has it that Apple is working on some of those missing features. It’s believed that iOS 9, debuting at WWDC, will feature a Maps app with public transit details.

Source: Apple

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        Great movie. Haven’t seen it in years. Human Traffic. Wonder if it’s aged.

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  • Cole Mahoney

    Off topic- Here is my guess: OS X Sequoia 10.11

  • Benjamin J Schwartz

    I hope this helps their rather poor mapping data. I still use google maps exclusively, unless I’m navigating at night and want apple’s night view (sometimes I invert the colors of Google maps, but it’s a lot of pink and orange).

    What I’d really like to see is the dictation improved. Compared to google it’s like using voice search from the late 90s. Sooooo inaccurate and it doesn’t learn or adapt to my corrections, contrary to apple’s claims.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      Likewise, I still use Google Maps exclusively. Although it’s not perfect either, it’s still rather better than Apple Maps. I really want to use Apple Maps on account of it being more integrated and the nicer UI (in my opinion).

      • Rowan09

        Where do you live? I used it in NY, Virginia, California, Georgia, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey and few others I can’t remember with no issues. I’ve actually used Google maps to find and address and it led me to an address that doesn’t exist, after I put it in Apple maps I got the right place. Now I’m not saying Apple maps is more accurate yet, but it’s a long way from its inception and not that far anymore from my daily usage.

      • In the Midwest, where I live, Google Maps is garbage. I use Apple Maps exclusively and have never had anywhere near the issues GM has caused me in Chicago and St. Louis.

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        I’m not in the U.S. AppleMaps outside the U.S. is rather inaccurate.