Maxboost Liquid Skin

The iPhone 6 may have the largest screen of any past model, but it is also the thinnest so far. If you prefer keeping your device as thin as possible, while still providing scratch resistance on the back, ultrathin cases are just what you need.

The Maxboost Liquid Skin is an ultrathin case for iPhone 6. It is so slim that the company claims it is the “World’s thinnest” iPhone case, but Spigen makes the same claim. What is sure, is that Liquid Skin is practically as thin as paper.

The 0.4mm thick case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane to protect from scratches and absorption. It is completely flexible, like a sheet of skin that slips onto your iPhone 6. It weighs a scant 0.3 ounces, so it will not add any noticeable weight or thickness to your device.

The case was specifically designed with cutouts for ports, buttons, and camera lenses. So, your iPhone 6 is protected from scratches on all sides and the back. Because this case is meant to be as thin as possible, it has no drop protection or screen coverage.

This inexpensive little case is well received by users on Amazon with a rating of four stars across nearly 1,300 reviews. It is available for $8 in ultra clear, and $9 in orange and smoky black. It is also available in ultra clear for the iPhone 6 Plus for $7.

What do you think of this “barely there” case? Do you prefer it to bulkier, but more protective cases?

  • Andrew

    I’m too clumsy – I need drop protection.

  • TonyVee73

    Whenever I’ve used really thin cases on any of my phones, the screen has cracked if I dropped it. 

  • I literally just bought the Spigen AirSkin. While I love it, it’s not the thinnest case on the market. I can’t remember who makes it but it’s a 0.3mm thick case. These cases are for those who actually look after their devices lol, purely for resistance from day-to-day scratches.

  •  Arthur Dardalis 

    I wish companies would stop making wild claims!!! i have a Puro Silicone Case which is 0.3mm

  • mp

    I read no drop protection or screen coverage, however any face down ‘lip’ protection?

    • No. There is no front lip.

      • mp

        In that case (pardon the pun) applying that recently introduced tempered curved edge glass whose manufacturers name escapes me coupled with the smoky black liquid skin would give this quite the ‘compelling’ minimalist look. Their marketing department have a good name to work with. Liquid skin!

  • igorsky

    I had this case and loved it except for one thing…like all clear tpu cases, it gets discolored over time.

    Now I use the Shumuri Slim Extra. Great case.

    • mp

      Were you picking it up with a soiled hand? Lots of workplaces now provide soapless hand disinfectants that dry quickly. Or get the smoky black colour and your hand can remain soiled. 🙂

  • Jason Zhao

    Hi Lory! Like your review very much!