If you’re an Apple fan, chances are you have at least one of their gadgets on your wish list right now. Which makes us pretty psyched to be the bearers of great news: you now have a chance to get the Apple toy of your choice off your wish list and into your hands. In partnership with StackSocial, The Choose Your Own Apple Toy giveaway is now open at iDownloadBlog Deals and you have until June 17th to enter.

If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll get your pick of any Apple gadget retailing for up to $700. Snap up the Apple Watch and connect with friends, send and receive email and texts, and track your fitness from your wrist. Or pick up the iPad Air, the best tablet on the market with a stunning display and an impressive suite of apps. Upgrading your phone? Choose the iPhone 6 and get a bigger display, better performance, and the world’s most advance operating system. Or binge-watch your favorite shows, watch live sports, listen to music from the iCloud, and stream content from your iPhone or iPad with the Apple TV. The choice is yours—any Apple product up to $700 qualifies. The bad news: you can only choose one.

The good news: entering the giveaway couldn’t be easier. Just head over to iDownloadBlog Deals and enter your email address—that’s it. The giveaway is open to users worldwide but you must be age 21+ to enter. Even better news? You can increase your odds of winning by sharing the giveaway on Twitter. The more of your friends and followers enter, the more extra entries you get. And since the giveaway doesn’t end until June 17th, you have weeks to try to get as many entries as possible. Just keep in mind you and your friends need to be 21 to enter.

Feeling lucky? Get your entry in now — the Apple toy giveaway is now open at iDownloadBlog Deals!

  • gittlopctbi

    On the entry site, what does it mean by “Get 5 More Entries Per Link Share”?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      It means that if you share the prize giveaway link to anyone may it be friends, family, or others then you get 5 more entries. It’s like entering your name 5 more times for every person you tell this to.

      • gittlopctbi

        Share it via Twitter, etc?

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, anything, yes. As long as you copy the link within your entry list, it should activate as entries for you and them, not just entries for them.

      • gittlopctbi


  • Dean Kolenda

    Don’t be an idiot, Apple is crap overpriced “tech” that cost 120 dollars to make but sell for a lot more, and just because it is “apple” does not mean is the best or even good at all. The apple watch is a great example of this : 1st, apple watches sell for 321 dollars to 10,000 dollars and cost 84 dollars to make (except the gold one because is has real f*king gold in it) 2nd Every fan boy out there is like “the apple watch!!! soooo cool ,apple are always innovative and first to ideas!” First touchscreen smart watch : 3 years ago by Samsung. 3rd, apple in general suck. The technology in the products is far behind, but they make it look new, second no customisation whatsoever!, IOS sucks, it is nowhere near close to the features of android. So to sum up this long ass comment, Don’t be a idiot and just buy apple products because their “apple” Look for other phones and smartwatches because there are way more phones with way more features. Please dont stupid.

    • Cristian B


    • Victor

      1. Everybody out there does that. Apple samsung, you name it. You also have to consider its not just the unit. Its the investment in new technologies, patents and ideas.

      2. Apple was with a lot of things the first and critics seem to agree that apple has done it right with the apple watch.

      3. Thats a pretty sad argument… Everybody should choose what they like so do not post dumb stuff like this.
      You are the reason we havent been contacted by aliens yet.

      • Tyler Smith

        i like that last part lol

      • @dongiuj

        That last part…LOL!

      • techfreak23

        What was the comment!? Trolltard deleted it!

      • Victor

        Some random dude raging at Apple XD

    • Tyler Smith

      I would ask you too do the same but posting an anti apple post on a mostly apple page… maybe you should take your own advice..

    • Nigger nagger this nigga think this is 4chan! LoL

    • jake kneller

      Well I have an iPhone 6 plus this guy I work with has a note 4 and my 6 plus does litrally everything his note does expect be slow and get viruses haha

  • techfreak23

    Why don’t you guys announce the winners of these giveaways anymore? Be nice to know that someone is actually winning something…