Pinging iPhone from Apple Watch

The Apple Watch contains an unheralded feature that allows you to ping and locate your paired iPhone—handy for when you’ve misplaced your iPhone nearby while still connected. This can be done via the Settings glance, which happens to be the only mandatory glance on Apple Watch.

If your Apple Watch is nearby when you tap the ping button, your iPhone will emit a high pitched sound. Learn more about pinging your iPhone in this post.

How to locate your iPhone with Apple Watch

Step 1: Press the Digital Crown until you’re at the watch face
Step 2: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the glances interface
Step 3: Swipe left or right until you locate the Settings glance
Step 4: Tap the ping button to ping your iPhone and your iPhone should emit a high pitched sound

Make the LED flash light up when pinging your iPhone

You can make your iPhone’s LED flash light up when pinging your iPhone from your Apple Watch. To do this, tap and hold the ping button on the Settings glance instead of just tapping it.

You should notice the LED flash along with the audible sound on your iPhone. This is useful if you’re trying to find your iPhone in a dark location.

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  • Hi

    Yet another reason to get an apple watch 🙂

  • Scott Opper

    I been able to to this on my Pebble for years and this is way old new guys.

    • mp

      It’s not old to those of us who’ve never owned a smartwatch let alone a pebble. How often has someone said, ring my phone I can’t find it? Next time I’ll say phone Scott he has a pebble. 🙂 They can’t find their phone of course so therein lies the problem. Answer: Use your Apple Watch and leave Scott alone its Scott nothing to do with him. 😉

      • Scott Opper

        I say old news because this function been blogged about over a month ago.

      • mp

        Fair enough I see your point of view. In that case I suppose consider it as a ‘filler’ blog. Much like the meat in a hot dog isn’t 100% meat, it consists of ‘fillers’ to pad it out, save money, save time or whatever. Then it’s packed into a skin/sheath to keep it together and easier to handle and consume. It’s the best analogy I could come up with on the fly.

  • Cool tip. I knew about the pinging but I didn’t know you could have the LEF light up as well. Thanks Jeff!

    • mp

      Agreed, at the end of the article it mentions with finding the phone in the dark, you could also include ‘noisy’ environments where the led and possibly screen if it lights up assist.