App Recap

The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the wonderful world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts, updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today’s selections include a number of deals on premium apps and games that you don’t want to miss.


Shadowmatic – ($2.99 $0.99) – an imagination-stirring puzzle where you rotate abstract objects in a spotlight to find recognizable silhouettes in projected shadows, relevant to the surrounding environment. The game combines stunning visuals with relaxing and captivating gameplay. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Human Anatomy Atlas – ($24.99 $0.99) – the most anatomically accurate 3D atlas of the male and female human body, with over 4,600 structures in each model (male and female). This app also includes microanatomy models of senses and over a dozen free patient education animations. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Enlight – ($5.99 $0.99) – The most comprehensive, highest quality photo editing app available. It’s so powerful and user-friendly it’ll be the last photo app you’ll ever buy. Download for iPhone here.

Procreate Pocket – ($2.99 $0.99) – Made by the developers of the award-winning Procreate for iPad, Procreate Pocket allows you to sketch and illustrate concepts on the move, anywhere you find inspiration. Download for iPhone here.

FRAMED – ($4.99 $0.99) – Featuring a fusion of all-new game mechanics & fiendish puzzles, FRAMED has received many design awards as well as being an ‘Excellence in Design’ finalist in the IGF 2015. You’ve never played a game like this before. Download it for iPhone here.

Pinnacle Studio – ($9.99 $0.99) – For people who want to have true, creative movie-making power on the go. Take control of your storyboard and timeline, add transitions, speed and montage effects, create custom titles, build soundtracks and more. Download for iPhone here and iPad here.

Momento – ($1.99 free) – Keeping a private diary / journal has never been so easy. Momento helps you privately capture your daily activities, thoughts, ideas and photos, and combines them with your activity from social networks to create a complete and unified timeline of your life. Download for iPhone here.

FOTONICA – ($2.99 $0.99) – simple, but is not easy: it follows a tradition of arcade games that are easy to pick up and almost impossible to master. A multi-layered level design across eight different tracks, together with a procedural endless mode make for a game that is incredibly deep. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Tayasui Sketches+ – ($4.99 $0.99) – a perfect mix of beauty, simplicity and power, a truly unique combination you won’t find anywhere else. Because beautiful tools make beautiful drawings, we created Sketches with the more realistic tools available. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Living Earth – ($2.99 $0.99) – presents a stunning live 3D simulation of our planet with weather, forecasts and world clock for cities around the world. Explore and experience amazing weather dynamics on our planet with real time weather maps and tropical cyclone tracking. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Cut the Rope 2 – ($2.99 $0.99) – Om Nom breaks out of his box and travels through lush forests, busy cities, junkyards and underground tunnels, all in pursuit of one goal – CANDY! Along the way, he encounters the Nommies, the cutest candy collecting helpers a little green monster could wish for! Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Previously mentioned deals still going on:


Spotify – (free) – Spotify updated its iOS client today with 1Password support, and made a number of major announcements regarding its streaming music service, which you can read about here. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

SwiftKey – (free) – today’s update for the iOS 8 keyboard adds a theme store, allowing you to purchase additional themes so you can customize the look of your keyboard. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Twitch – (free) – Twitch updated its iOS app today with new on-demand content: highlights and past broadcasts. Download for iPhone and iPad here.


Awesome Sorting Koo – (free) – Sort as many objects as you can and place them in their designated containers within the time limit. Be careful about making mistakes! Play and compare scores with your family and friends in this stress-free sorting game. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

OneHive – (free) – a productivity tool designed from the ground up, focused on making your day-to-day operations between you and your team members, easier to manage and track. With advanced features, OneHive helps teams of any size be more effective without being too intrusive. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Just Look – (free) – With Just Look you are able to quickly show pictures to your friends without worries. No longer can they swipe left or right to pictures they shouldn’t be seeing. Simply launch the app, select the photos from your Camera Roll that you wish to show, and pass it along. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Queen Defense – ($0.99) – Set on a battlefield in space, you are charged with commanding your queen and her troops. Your mission: protect her at all cost, collect resources, expand your army, and vanquish your enemy. Feel the burn of robotic combat as you battle against friends to see who truly is the best tactical robot commander. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Remember that prices are subject to change at anytime, and be sure to let us know if we missed something big down in the comments below.