App Recap

The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the wonderful world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts, updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today’s picks include some great app and game deals, as well updates for SoundCloud and Audible.


Blockwick – ($2.99 free) – 160 puzzles of increasing difficulty with a slew of new specialty blocks—including caterpillar blocks, flip blocks, entangled blocks, and more. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Fluke HD – ($0.99 free) – Download this visually vibrant and action filled game today to play with your friends, family, or loved ones. Fluke HD represents a digital twist on the board game genre with gameplay in the vein of classics such as Snakes & Ladders and Sorry! Download for iPad here.

Boost 2 – ($1.99 free) – the second iteration, and a huge update to the highly acclaimed tunnel racer. Boost 2 features 3 new game modes, including online multiplayer, a new interface and HUD, Game Center support and more. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

My PlayHome School – ($2.99 $0.99) – expands the PlayHome world into the classroom! Explore the school and play at being teacher, experiment in the science room, take lunch in the cafeteria or even mop the corridors! No time limits, scores or power ups. Just free play that powers your child’s imagination. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Vintique – ($1.99 $0.99) – a photo capturing and editing app that offers over 100 vintage filters and tools such as vignette, highlight and shadow settings, brightness and contrast settings, and more. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Creative Writer – ($2.99 $1.99) – Take your words on a journey. Jumpstart your verbal creativity. Whether you want to write in a style completely different from your own or just record your ideas as fluidly as possible, Creative Writer is the one app that makes written composition fun and convenient. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Complete – ($13.99 $6.99) – Make meaningful choices and carve your own path through this epic non-linear story. Test your strength with the dynamic turn-based combat system, prove your skill with the lock-picking minigame and accept the challenge of wits posed by the mysterious Shianti Cube! Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Previously mentioned deals still going on:


SoundCloud – (free) – the music-sharing site updated its iOS client today with support for Apple Watch. Now you can control playback, view album art and favorite tracks, right from your wrist. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Audiobooks from Audible – (free) – Amazon posted a significant update for its Audible iOS client today, bringing about a number of improvements for the app and support for CarPlay—so now you control playback and other features from your CarPlay-compatible head unit. Download for iPhone and iPad here.


JigTalk – (free) – an interesting messaging concept where you connect with nearby people, and try to reveal their photo hidden by 16 puzzle pieces. The only way to remove the pieces is by exchanging messages. Download for iPhone here.

Contacts Pad – ($0.99) – a beautiful and handy tool that will keep you closer to your favorite and most frequently used contacts. It’s easy to configure and use, and you can even add the Contacts Pad Widget to your Notification Center. Download for iPhone here.

Total Conversion – (free) – you are put in charge of cell tanks, and must take on a variety of enemies. Learn how each enemy attacks and you may survive. There’s over 100 levels, and the game is easy to play with one hand. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

LockedOut – (free) – a locksmith requesting app. Users can login, put in their credit card, and request services from nearby locksmiths. Download for iPhone here.

Remember that prices are subject to change at anytime, and be sure to let us know if we missed something down in the comments below!