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Hunting around for a power outlet every time your iPhone runs out of juice? Save yourself the time (and aggravation) and pick up the Extreme Trio 10000 mAh battery pack. At just $49.99 at iDownloadBlog Deals, it’s hard to find a battery pack that delivers this much power at a lower price.

The Extreme Trio has three ports, making it one of the most versatile external batteries on the market. It is MFi-certified, and in addition of a built-in Lightning cable and a built-in micro USB cable, it also has a universal USB port, making it beyond easy to charge any three devices at the same time. You can even charge the Extreme Trio while you charge your devices—six hours will fully power it up.

Expect to be equally impressed by its compact size—at a slim 13mm, it’s easy to carry anywhere. And the backlit LCD display built into its sleek design shows you charging speed, total battery life remaining, and charge time remaining.

The Extreme Trio 10000 battery pack comes in at $49.99 (with free shipping) when you buy it at iDownloadBlog Deals, saving you 41%.