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Episode 107: Comex shows off an Apple Watch web browser, and a discussion of recently released tweaks like Andrios, QuartzSettings, AquaBoard for iOS 8, NotiAction, Muswitch, and more.

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  • Alright, I’ll be first to say it. My intro was terrible.

    • Matheus Lisboa

      I giggled at “a special guest whose name isn’t jeff” hahah

  • David Olvera

    First time I tune into this, and first time visitor to the website

    Been a long time jailbreaker, since iphone 2nd gen XD

    you guys are awesome, very entertaining, and very in depth with details and specs

    definitely downloaded notiaction
    Set it up for a few things, mostly for giggles and jokes

    Set up “about a week ago” vine for when i get a text about last week

    a few are “how far are you” and well it launches messages so i can instantly share location

    and one that when i received where any messages involving work, that it launches a profile for my phone

    Andrios is a very cool thing, but still have issues with mine

    Seems to have issues with the action bar, that doesnt seem to go away

    definitely just subscribed for rss feed at work, cause i have nothing better to do XD

    Keep up the good work!!!