samsung galaxy s6

Consumer Reports, an influential U.S. magazine that publishes trusted and mostly unbiased reviews and comparisons of consumer products, has recommended Apple’s iPhone in the past, but now they wouldn’t recommend Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 flagship smartphone, which released a month ago, over the last-generation Galaxy S5.

You read that right, last year’s Galaxy actually ranked higher than the Galaxy S6 in Consumer Reports’ ratings. Putting the S6 through its battery of scientific tests, the publications has made some surprising, if not controversial, conclusions.

Long story short, Consumer Reports put together a video titled ‘Why Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Doesn’t Top Our Ratings’ which basically explains they couldn’t recommend the flagship Samsung phone because it’s done away with the microSD card slot, the removable battery and the IP 67 dust and water resistance rating.

They also object to the S6’s all-metal enclosure as it resembles the design of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

An excerpt from the report:

Also missing: memory-expansion slots. That means Galaxy S6 owners will have to bring their phone to a service center to replace the battery, or buy a more expensive version of the phone if more onboard storage is needed — just as you do with an iPhone.

Is Consumer Reports insane?

You be the judge, here’s their video.

Curiously enough, they don’t mention that the S5 has USB 3.0 while its successor got downgraded to USB 2.0, for reasons unknown.

In my mind, it doesn’t seem fair to lower the S6’s rating below its predecessor over the lack of removable battery and expandable storage as most normals don’t swap out batteries and don’t need expandable storage to begin with.

The publication’s position is that some folks “like to have the flexibility” of having a removable battery and expandable storage while “other people won’t mind, they won’t care that they cannot do that anymore.”

If I wanted to be cynical, I would point out that Apple’s iPhone had these attributes since the beginning of time. In fact, Consumer Reports previously wouldn’t recommend Apple’s handset over its lack of removable battery.

The whole topic brings to mind late-2009, when rivals like Motorola had a field day highlighting these perceived weaknesses of the then-current iPhone 3GS.

Truth be told, Maria Rerecich, head of electronics testing at Consumer Reports, did praise the S6’s support for both wireless charging standards and other interesting features Samsung squeezed into its device such as quick charge battery technology.

And, Samsung itself stated during the handset’s unveiling that it had placed a particular focus on design, the camera and wireless charging capabilities.

All things considered, the mobile industry’s obsession with the creation of ever slimmer devices is starting to come at the expense of battery life. For example, the thinner, sleeker S6 has slightly shorter battery life over its predecessor.

That said, I think it won’t be long until smartphone vendors start ditching away removable batteries, memory card slots and waterproofing in favor of sealed designs.

Speaking of Consumer Reports, you may recall that the publication earned itself something of a notoriety within the Apple community when it wouldn’t recommend the iPhone 4 back in 2010 over the Antennagate scandal.

They recently rated the Stainless Steel Apple Watch as the best smartwatch among the eleven wrist-worn gizmos tested for durability, health functionality, readability in bright and low light, ease of use and ease of interaction, including devices from Samsung, Pebble, Sony, Martian, Asus, LG and Motorola.

So, what is your opinion?

Is the older Galaxy S5 a better proposition than the new model?

Also, are expandable memory and swappable batteries going to become goners for all high-end smartphones soon, do you think?

  • derp

    So no phone can have metal enclosure other than iPhone….okay then…

    • Cameron Nelms

      Have you not noticed how much alike It looks to the iPhone’s? They weren’t talking about having just a metal enclosure, they were talking about how it looks unoriginal because of its design being so close to the 6’s.

      • Who’s to blame for Apple copying Samsung’s 2012 Ativ S design (http://bit. ly/1zLMjKj) into the iPhone 6 (http://bit. ly/1Aj8cLt) in the first place? Can’t be ignoring Apple’s own copying moves and critizing others of copying small details.

        Only from the bottom does the S6 look like the iPhone, just like the iPhone 6 looks similar to the Ativ S from many other angles. Other than that, the S6 is totally different and offers a lot more than just a fragile shiny look.

      • CasonAsherTech

        I can honestly say I see no resemblance.

      • Raashid

        Either you’re blind or need a pair of glasses. This looks very much like the iPhone 6; thin and sninny curved around the sides and edges, except it’s made of plastic.

      • Ria1979

        🙂 u got me in stitches

      • Niclas

        The glass edges do resemble iphone 6 but the rest does not. Bottom line is that the ativ is really ugly.

      • Just like the bottom of the S6 resembles the iPhone, and the rest doesn’t…

      • Niclas

        Quality doesn’t say if it looks good or not.
        iP5 was on pair with iP4, iP3 and below was not as good looking as the iP6 is.

      • Kr00

        When I read the headline I just knew it would upset all the braindead the trolls here. Thanks for proving me right.

      • Quit trolling me you asinine numbskull…

      • Kr00

        You first.

      • Mr. Right

        I don’t see how they look alike… The S6 has a glass front and back, which was on the iPhone 4 that they don’t sell anymore. So making a product with a glass back isn’t copying. The only part I see that it the same as the iPhone is the bottom.

    • Kr00

      No need to be so butthurt about one consumer report.

  • Cameron

    Thats sad.

  • Matt

    That’s just a bunch of BS
    Just because it doesn’t have a SD Card slot, waterproofing, and removable battery…
    There goes my trust And respect for Consumer Report out the window…

    • 空白


    • 空白

      Doesn’t the lack of those things make it less than the model with them? Or am I missing something? And obviously the design isn’t good enough to make up for it

      • Sleaka J

        You’re not missing anything. He’s just a butthurt Fandroid.

    • Kr00

      Bet you agreed with them when they wouldn’t recommend the iPhone 4s. Have a cry, then build a bridge. Samescum makes cloned crap, its now official.

    • Shadowelite123

      water resistance*

  • Fanboy 

    Will you look at that, companies are leaning more towards enclosed storage and unremovable batteries in the attempt to make phones thinner/more profitable. And who was the first company to have began doing this YEARS ago……

    • :l

      Companies were making large widescreen phones giving consumers more real estate and better batteries. Who was the last company to join this bandwagon after lambasting said phablets for YEARS.

      • Shadowelite123

        who was the company to do that last and then dominate the smartphone market pushing a certain company to major profit loss?

  • SkyFall

    Both S5 and S6 are great phones, but they could have kept the SD card slot by mimicking the way HTC did it. Also funny thing, Apple didn’t have sd card slot/removable battery from the beginning and was accused by other companies for not having and nowadays other tech companies are removing those features they were condemning the iPhone for not having. Seems kinda hypocritical. Apple aint a saint too though. Watch WWDC 13 and you’ll see Apple were mocking NFC and two years later its on the iPhones, and the keynote of the iPhone 5, again Apple mocked phones that had higher than 4.5 inch display and 4 years later we have two models that are big.

    • Kr00

      Apple never mocked NFC. It stated it would never implement it the way it operated then. NFC was a dogs breakfast and wasn’t a standard. So Apple created a secure system that required fingerprint identification, a technology that didn’t exist then. And here we are. And yes, Apple sometimes are grabbed kicking and screaming into things they wouldn’t do. An Appstore for a start, and now larger phones. You can’t hang them for giving the people the things they actually ask for. We should applaud them for actually listening, something they don’t do often at all.

    • Shadowelite123

      well NFC in the iPhone does have a different use. Still dumb but it does have a specific use. Thats appearing to China’s NFC market and the whole Apple Pay thing

  • singhay559

    These people are idiots. Rating a plastic junk better than premium glass and metal.

    • Mr. Right

      Samsung S6 = glass and metal
      iPhone = glass and metal

      Same thing on both sides they are both premium… Who is the idiot now?

      • Renz

        He’s talking about them rating the s5 better than the s6 you idiotic moron. So i guess the idiot now is…drum roll…YOU!

      • Kr00

        With dumb comments like yours, its clear you are the only idiot moron here champ.

      • Marouf

        He’s not wrong though

      • Kr00

        Mr Right was right, both phones are aluminium and glass, not plastic and glass. Renz is just a butthurt fanboy who can’t express himself like an adult, which is why I responded to him in his own tone, like a child.

      • Marouf

        But singhay559 was talking about the S5 being more highly rated than the S6 (plastic vs glass and metal).

      • Kr00

        Accepted, but the consumer report wasn’t comparing those two models. Making that point clear would’ve made far more sense.

      • Shadowelite123

        im so confused lol i thought mr right was dissing the iPhone. i didn’t understand his comment or i didn’t understand the first guys comment

  • I agree, the move to aesthetics over functionality is a big step back. Can’t satisfy everyone with 1 device type, maybe they’ll fix this in the Active series…

    • mp

      If the consumer report is heavily critical of a devices appearance to one they recommend over and above performance and functionality features, then it’s back to looks over intelligence. That seems to be the case in real life treatment of people, so it makes sense that same mindset is applied to electronic device ratings.

    • mp

      Ps. MrElectrifyer does it again pulling those reference pics out from lord knows where at the appropriate time. I completely forgot about the Ativ S. I take it the consumer report never made similar design criticisms when reviewing iphone 6? Soon it just may be that difficult to not make a comparison given the scale of models released almost daily it seems.

  • Dan

    Who cares what these guys say. It’s up to the user to decide what’s best for them. Can’t please em all.

    • mp

      Spot on, unfortunately this mob has a reputation with consumers that’s fairly wide and dare I say influential. They certainly appear inconsistent with models they make compatisons with versus ones they don’t. Is there a consumer report on the consumer report? I suppose that’s iDB. 🙂