spring clean

Keeping your Mac (and its hard drive) clean is very important. Our computers collect hundreds or thousands of files, apps, or other memory-stealing items every year. Take this chance to keep your Mac optimized with the Spring Clean Mac Bundle from iDownloadBlog Deals. For $10, you’ll get seven apps to help free up essential space and speed up your Mac.

For $9.99 you’ll get:

  • Disk Expert scans your system to help you understand what’s taking up memory on your Mac, highlighting where you can save space and operate more efficiently.
  • Duplicates Expert uses a smart algorithm to find duplicate files and help you delete them, freeing up valuable memory.
  • ClearDisk allows you to clear up your Mac’s startup disk in just five minutes.
  • Disk Inspector scans drives, disks and storage types to give you a complete breakdown of wasted space on your Mac.
  • App Uninstaller lets you get rid of unwanted apps and all associated files.
  • Boost & Memory allows you to clean up cached RAM and reallocate your memory to different apps.
  • Funter gives you the option of  making files visible or invisible, without using up your RAM.

It’s a good practice to clean your computer’s hard drive, startup disk, and RAM regularly. If you haven’t done it in a while (or ever), these apps will free up a ton of space you never knew you had while making your machine run a lot faster. Improve your Mac’s performance with the Spring Clean Mac Bundle, just $10 and 76% off at iDownloadBlog Deals.