App Recap

The App Recap is iDB’s daily roundup of notable news from the wonderful world of iOS software. Below you’ll find a list of discounts, updates and new releases we think are worth checking out. Today’s list is chock-full of big deals on great games like Monument Valley, Infinity Blade III, and NBA 2K15.


Infinity Blade III – ($6.99 $2.99) – the original iOS blockbuster returns with adrenaline-fueled sword-fighting action, gorgeous visuals, and a thrilling story of love, betrayal, and redemption. Uncover new mysteries to wield the power of the Infinity Blade in this timeless adventure of champions and villains. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Pixelmator – ($9.99 $4.99) – a powerful image editor that gives everything you need to create, edit, and enhance your images. Takes full advantage of the latest iOS technologies, giving you speedy and powerful tools that let you touch up and enhance images, draw or paint, apply dazzling effects, or create advanced composition amazingly simple. Download for iPad here.

Monument Valley – ($3.99 $0.99) – a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, unfolding optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – ($6.99 $2.99) – Rockstar Games brings its biggest release to mobile yet with a vast open-world covering the state of San Andreas and its three major cities – Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas – with enhanced visual fidelity and over 70 hours of gameplay. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Call of Duty: Strike Team – ($6.99 $1.99) – The year is 2020. Tensions run high amongst the world’s superpowers. In a surprise attack, the U.S. finds themselves in a war with an unknown enemy. Your mission is to lead a Joint Special Operations Team in a global effort to hunt down those responsible. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

CounterSpy – ($4.99 $0.99) – Stop a crazed superpower from launching deadly nuclear missiles in Sony’s action stealth side-scrolling game set during the Cold War. As a budding Agent for C.O.U.N.T.E.R, jump into action, stealthily sabotage dastardly plans and deceptively maintain world peace. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Final Fantasy VI – ($15.99 $7.99) – The War of Magi left little but ashes and misery in its wake. Even magic itself had vanished from the world. Now, a thousand years later, humankind has remade the world through the power of iron, gunpowder, steam engines, and other machines and technologies. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

NBA 2K15 – ($7.99 $2.99) – Featuring NBA MVP Kevin Durant and an eclectic soundtrack curated by internationally-renowned artist and producer Pharrell Williams, NBA 2K15 hits the court with vastly improved graphics, ultra-realistic NBA gameplay, and more. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Other apps still on sale:


Snapchat – (free) – you can now press and hold on a Snap in Discover to send it to friends, and while recording a Snap, dragging a finger across the screen now zooms in. Download for iPhone here.

Twitter – (free) – today’s update includes a new, richer Trends experience with descriptions, accessible via the search button. This release swaps out the Discover and Activity screens in favor of Trends. It’s also now easier to add your own comments to other people’s Tweets. Download for iPhone and iPad here.


Spacecom – ($2.99) – a strategic-to-the-bone, starfleet command game in which deception, smart movement, and choices to battle decide victory or defeat. Test your wits in single player campaign, go head-to-head with up to 5 opponents in multiplayer or experiment with new strategies in AI skirmish mode. Most of all, you’ll need a bright mind, cunning, and sound tactics. Download for iPhone and iPad here.

Pearl’s Peril – (free) – Get swept back to the romantic and sordid 1930’s along with our trailblazing heroine, Pearl Wallace, ace pilot and world explorer. Travel the world, uncover a global conspiracy, and navigate a chilling mystery you wont soon forget! Download for iPhone here.

Knock Knock – (free) – Connect with one or several people at the same time instead of adding them to your contacts and social apps one-by-one. You’ll immediately be able to send messages, photos, or your location with the group. When you’re ready, everyone can share whatever contact info they want with everyone in the group or just with certain people in the group. Download for iPhone here.

Summarise – (free) – A personal, talking wake-up alarm for iOS. Summarise can wake you up each morning with weather, news, your calendar, reminders and more. Each panel is read out by voice, in a way that feels like you’re in the future. “Good morning Andrew. The weather today is Partly Cloudy, 48º Fahrenheit.” Download for iPhone here.

Prices are subject to change at anytime, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of a sale, and be sure to let us know if we missed something big in the comments below.