idb vpn unlimited

One of our most popular deals is coming to a close: 3 Years of VPN Unlimited 3.0 service for just $19. It’s ending tomorrow, so this is your last chance to take advantage of the sale at iDownloadBlog Deals. For just $6.30 per year, you can protect yourself online and keep your browsing anonymous across all your devices.

VPN Unlimited secures your online data through solid encryption, accessing servers across the world. It also offers an unlimited high-speed connection and unlimited traffic bandwidth, so you won’t have to worry about slowing down your connection.

In addition to keeping your browsing information private, even on unsecured public Wi-Fi networks, using a VPN allows you to avoid geographic restrictions on your browsing. This means you’ll have the freedom to enjoy content from across the world, wherever you may be.

The VPN Unlimited 3.0 has been fully redesigned from previous versions, with the companion app refreshed. The cost of this protection is just $19, coming out to less than $7 dollars per year – and an impressive discount of 70%. The 3 year plan comes with access for up to 5 different devices, so you can be sure you stay protected however you surf.

This incredibly cheap deal ends Wednesday at 11:59pm – take advantage of it while you can!

  • Dave Finkelstein

    I wish you guys would stop promoting this sub par service. It has all kinds of issues especially on macs with disconnecting and the mac client is awful. Why would you post this on a forum with a large amount of mac users?

    • KP

      I agree. I hopped on this special they were offering a few months back. This service sucks. It randomly stops working after about half an hour, and the client for Mac is HORRIBLE. Exiting the app doesn’t disconnect the VPN connection. Stay away!

    • ignar

      Agree. One of the worst VPN services I have used. Folks, there is no deal here. Save your $19 and find a better, real VPN service.