CCSwipe is a recently released tweak that replaces the standard Control Center swipe gesture with a gesture that invokes the App Switcher, and a gesture that takes you to the Home screen.

By itself, CCSwipe isn’t mind-blowing, but its preference panel contains an innovative features that I feel is worth some praise. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside to see what it I mean.

After installing CCSwipe, you should open the stock Settings app and find the tweak’s preferences. Inside of the preferences, you’ll find two settings: a slider for adjusting the Control Center swipe zone, and a switch for inverting the actions of the zones.

The swipe zone slider features two nubs, with a full range of 320 points, thus, adjusting one of the nubs to 160 would be exactly half of the slider’s interface area.

Swipes performed within the swipe zone area, between the two nubs, results in a normal opening of Control Center. Swipes performed outside of the swipe zone on the left side results in a go to Home screen action. And finally, swipes performed outside of the swipe zone on the right side results in an App Switcher action.

With this in mind, it’s thus possible to have three zones—one for going to the Home screen, one for invoking Control Center, and one for invoking the App Switcher. Or, you can have two zones if you give each zone the same amount of area. Changes performed to the swipe zones seem to be effective immediately, though, there is a respring button located in the upper left-hand corner of the tweak’s preferences just in case.

With all of this in mind CCSwipe is an extremely simple tweak in practice, but the presence of the swipe zone feature is great. Even if you decide that CCSwipe isn’t your cup of tea, if you can, I advise you to play around with it to at least check out the swipe zone feature. It’s an interesting concept that I hope more tweaks use in the future.

One thing I don’t like about CCSwipe is that if you use the Home screen gesture while on the Home screen, it locks your device. I wish this feature could be toggled via the preferences, because it’s super-annoying to inadvertently lock your device with a swipe gesture.

What do you think about CCSwipe? It’s free of charge on the BigBoss repo. Drop us a line with your thoughts down below in the comment section.

  • Ali

    Closest tweak to Zephyr! The swipe up to lock is quite nice, but should have an option to disable it.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Yea but the swipe up to lock its a good thing, i didnt understand Jeff when he said that because why you wanna swipe up on that side again if you know the lock feature is there! Swipe up from the other side if you wanna invoke something different!!

  • Skoven

    Well… if you just want 3 sections in the bottom (without customising the with), then activator can be made to do the same thing i believe.

    And if you really want some nice swipe functionality, then Tage is properly the tweak to get.

  • Thomas Gehman

    Off topic, but does anyone know the status of the jailbreak for iOS 8.3?

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      There’s no point in asking, no one knows, except those working on it. I did read on Twitter though that there are some who are working on an iOS 8.4b jailbreak. Seems that they successfully ported Cydia on their iPhone 5 running iOS 8.4b (don’t know which beta) but Cydia crashes upon launch. I believe their tool is called “Psych0 jailbreak” (follow Twitter account @devoptin for more info), there’s a YouTube video depicting this and showing what the device is running on and that Cydia is there but crashes. Of course, this could also very well be a hoax, like that’s never happened before, but you be the judge of that.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Began using this about 2 weeks ago. I do like that it’s the closest FREE tweak to Zephyr/Tage but it was rather buggy earlier on, particularly when trying to invoke these gestures in landscape mode as it made certain apps crash and the like. It has improved over the weeks, but I uninstalled it a few days ago. Tried reaching out to the devs about certain bugs via email, twitter and the like but never got any feedback or response from them despite my frequently reaching out to them. Just no followup from them.

    And yes Jeff, you’re right about the home button action that causes the screen to lock, I don’t understand the purpose of it either especially if you accidentally swiped at the bottom and locked your screen. When I saw that in the changelogs in Cydia it confused me as well. It is a good tweak, effective, but needs some work. I would like to see a nice Zephyr/Tage-like homescreen transition animation where when you swipe up on an app to exit it will literally slide up the app to the homescreen (like in Zephyr and Tage).

    • mp

      Yes my absolute pet peeve is nil reply or even a generic update response on their website etc. You are providing good feedback with handy info yet they appear to be on holidays. Very frustrating. In particular this app is a bloody excellent idea without relying on an ‘activator’ tweak (don’t get me started on what I think about THAT tweak), this is one that deserves to be a mainstay and should be polished.

  • Alberto Espinal

    I like this tweak, gonna give it a try, i have Auxo but i don’t know what different it would be? Maybe the same thing but its good to switch once in a while to try something different like girlfriends, LOL!!

  • Anyone know if this plays nice with Auxo LE? Like I could use the normal swipe up for control center/app switcher still on say the left side and us the right side for home button gesture?