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Apple is really cutting it close if it wants to relaunch Beats Music at its developer conference next month. Citing sources familiar with the company’s plans, Billboard reports that it is still missing a number of key licensing deals it would need to secure to unveil a new streaming music service.

“A June launch is still attainable,” one source tells Billboard. “If any company can do it, they can.” However, another source at a major record label tells the publication that there is no way Apple will be able to pull off a June launch for the new service, saying simply that “the deals aren’t done.”

WWDC will take place from June 8-12 this year, and while most of the conference is geared toward developers, Apple often uses the stage to introduce new products and services. Other announcements expected this year include a new, slimmer Apple TV with a redesigned remote and App Store.

Apple’s new music service will be built largely on the Beats Music service it acquired as part of its $3 billion acquisition last summer. It’s believed the company is betting big on Beats’ unique curation and discovery features to differentiate it from competitor services such as Spotify and Rdio.

Source: Billboard

Update: 9to5Mac has commented on Billboard’s article, saying that Apple is still planning on previewing the new Beats Music service at WWDC.

  • Eikast

    With Spotify student discount I highly doubt that I’ll give their new music service a chance. Besides it’ll probably be a stock app meaning that in order to get updates on it I’ll have to update iOS (now that’s fine now because I just got the Apple watch but a music service isn’t worth losing a jailbreak down the road).

    • Chang in Charge

      Didn’t even know Spotify has a student discount. What’s the discount rate for students?

      • Duc T-ra


    • Steve R.

      Same. $4.99 for students is way too good of a deal.

  • I’m good with Spotify, so Apple would need to have exclusive bands, such as the Beatles, for me to switch.