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You know you’ve done it. We all have. No matter how much we hate the word, and want to deny our narcissistic tendencies, we have all taken a selfie. Since the creation of the front-facing camera, selfies have become so common that even the president of the United States has been known to participate in the culture.

Unfortunately, the iPhone’s front-facing camera is always abysmal in comparison to the specs of the back-facing one. SelfieX is an app that will solve the poor picture quality problem of the front-facing camera.

Solving the problem of the crappy front-facing camera is simple, just use the back-facing one. But, how are you supposed to line up the shot to ensure that you are front-and-center? Well, you could try it the old fashioned way, where you just hold up your iPhone and hope for the best. Or you could use SelfieX.

Selfie X 1

Just hold your iPhone up to your face and the app will tell you which direction to move in order to get the best shot. When you first activate it, you will hear “I can’t see you,” until your face appears in the viewfinder. Then, you will hear “left” or “down” or whatever direction you need to move in order to get yourself perfectly lined up in the shot.

Probably the best part is that the app takes the picture automatically. So, you won’t be awkwardly holding your iPhone, trying to use your thumb to press the shutter button. When you are in the frame, the app will announce, “Say cheese” and take a picture.

Then, you can adjust the lighting, contrast, and color of the photo for a bit of additional tweaking. Save the edits and then share it directly to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You don’t have to take a perfectly centered shot either. Drag the yellow focus box to wherever you want yourself to fit in the overall frame and the app will make sure you are in line with that position. So, if you want to be off to the side, you will still have a proper shot.

SelfieX is free and available in the App Store today. If you are big on taking pictures of yourself, but hate the quality of the front-facing camera, you will really like how easy this app works.

What do you think of SelfieX? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Cameron Nelms

    I like the front facing quality because it’s good enough to see me, but not so sharp that you can see acne/scars and such

  • Diego

    Say cheese

  • Mr. Right

    Copying Samsung S6 just to let you know

    • nyangejr

      One up

    • Wa1t


    • sjimmiep

      Sooo are you saying this app developer copies the 6S, doh, I mean the S6? LOL at you.

    • Cameron

      its a 3rd party app.

  • This Guy

    Use the volume button as the shutter. Problem solved. Jesus, noobs.

    • Anupam Padmanabhan

      Volume button doesnt tells you the position n best shot frame.. earbuds too can take a pic.. we all know.. this is different for a change..

      • This Guy

        If someone needs to be told how to best position their phone to take a picture with the rear camera, they have bigger problems in life and should probably go back to preschool to play with crayons.

      • igorsky

        That’s a sign of bigger problems in life? You really are that guy.

      • This Guy

        Yes, it is. Clearly you are also suffering from bigger problems. I completely understand why you don’t get what I’m saying. It’s ok, little fella.

      • igorsky

        No I definitely get what you’re saying. You’re saying that you’re a sad troll who enjoys trying to lift up his sad life on a forum by trying to belittle others.

        Is that close to what you’re saying?

      • This Guy

        Nah, that’s not what I’m saying at all. It’s ok that you don’t understand, champ. I hope that you and people like you can overcome life’s challenges in the end. I’m rooting for you! 🙂

  • Anupam Padmanabhan

    This one is really nice…

  • Thomas Hopkins

    Wow. All my life I have wanted to be able to to have a little guy inside my phone make comments on my amazing selfies. Really?

  • Sean

    Crashes on my phone instantly 🙁