Apple TV Standing

Apple is going to unveil a new set-top box in June with a redesigned remote control, according to The New York Times. Citing sources familiar with the matter, the publication says the new remote will feature a touchpad for scrolling, at least two physical buttons, and it will be thicker in size than the current aluminum Apple TV remote.

We’ve heard multiple reports now indicating that Apple is planning to release new TV-related hardware this summer. The device is expected to be introduced at the World Wide Developers Conference with an updated, slimmer design, the faster A8 chip, and an increase in storage to house an upgraded OS and App Store downloads.

Apple seemingly confirmed the narrative in March, when it dropped the price tag of the current Apple TV from $99 to $69 and added the context ‘starting at,’ suggesting other models are in the pipeline. There has also been fluctuation in inventory of the current Apple TV—which is common for a product line with an impending update.

In addition to its ‘remote’ scoop, The New York Times corroborates previous reports that Apple is also talking to leading television groups to launch an Internet-based TV service later this year. “The service will offer a bundle of channels that is smaller and cheaper than the broad catalog of offerings in a typical cable subscription.”

WWDC is slated for June 8 – 12.

Source: The New York Times

  • Dante Arellano

    Yea apple wacho is guetting in the past fuckking apple wacho

  • Andy

    Kinda wish the Apple TV had a FaceTime camera, it would work so well with apps that monitor your home while you’re at work.

  • Rowan09

    If it allows hacking I would be sold, otherwise I’m fine with the Fire TV, but wish Amazon placed more than 5GB of usable space.

  • Might look like this

    • Rupinder

      Expect the AppleTV to cost no less that $400 if it’ll come with a remote like that lol

      • Mr. Right

        lol it looks like a skinny iPhone 5s

  • Kurt

    I’m interested in this. Hurry up June

  • sh1ny

    Just give it a mic and it’ll be fine. Pretty much every Apple TV owner has an iPhone nearby when it comes to typing on set-top box.

  • Nitsud

    Redesigned remote = apple watch 😉

  • said

    What does the apple tv actually do?? Is it like a receiver??

    • Rowan09

      It’s a streaming box like the Roku, Fire TV, etc. It allows you to use Netflix, Hulu Plus, AirPlay from your idevices, etc without owning a smart tv or video game system.

      • said

        So what if Netflix is not available in my country? Is buying an apple tv useless?

      • Eddy Castro

        Not really. I dont have a netflix account but with Airplay i can stream my whole macbook to my tv seamlessly :]

  • Jose Antonio Gomez

    Hope We have a Jailbreak for it when It comes out!