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Apple’s rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro is understood to include a number of interesting hardware features, including a Bluetooth stylus accessory, support for Force Touch input and a USB-C connector, AppleInsider has ostensibly learned from a person familiar with Apple’s future product plans.

Dubbed by the press ‘iPad Pro,’ the device believed to be in the works should feature a larger 12.9-inch display, as rumored many times before. The timetable for release for this device is unknown at this point and AppleInsider is adamant that a number of changes are in tow to the iPad lineup.

This person told the publication that the device is expected to include an NFC radio, which seems a given considering that existing iPads, iPhones and even the Apple Watch pack in NFC radios allowing them to support Apple Pay.

The rumored inclusion of NFC could allow for an iPad Pro to “serve as a payment receiving terminal for Apple Pay” while simplifying pairing with accessories, reads the report.

Seen below: a new industrial rendering pointing to a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with dimensions measuring 305.70mm x 222.60mm x 7.20mm (twelve inches x 8.7 inches x 0.28 inches).


Other tidbits include next-generation A-series processor and an enhanced display technology with improved touch latency, an important pre-requisite for an Apple-built stylus, which is said to offer pressure-sensitive input and Bluetooth connectivity.

Earlier this year, reliable KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said Apple would release its wireless stylus as an optional iPad Pro accessory later this year.

Here’s Unbox Therapy’s hands-on video with a pair of alleged iPad Pro cases, giving you a good idea of how much bigger the rumored 12-inch device would be than the current 9.7-inch model.

Moreover, the screen should sport Force Touch pressure sensors, a technology currently available on the Apple Watch and on the trackpad of the latest MacBooks.

As for the USB-C port, it’s unclear whether it would replace Apple’s standard Lightning connector or serve as a new, second port option.

Conveniently enough, an unconfirmed device photo recently posted to Chinese social media channels seemingly depicts what appears to be an additional port on the left side of the device. As that’s something never before seen on the iPad line, pundits were quick to speculate that the jumbo-sized iPad will in fact gain a USB-C port that was first featured on the new MacBook.

What’s on your iPad Pro wish list?

Top image: iPad Pro + stylus mockup via Martin Hajek.

Source: AppleInsider

  • Dante Arellano

    Ridiculous men stop the shitte

  • Tommy Gumbs


  • Alexander Gold

    iPad Pro should run full OS X with touch enabled !!!

    • It better!

    • madone11

      Nah, it should have a more advanced iOS, designed especially for iPad Pro.

      • iPhoneWINS

        this will not happen …IOS will never be more advanced

    • Plistumichu

      Technically is possible as the new mac book is about the same size, and fan-less!

  • Aaron McFarland

    I am betting Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave from this news, if it is correct.

  • Richard Gomez

    it is weird as to why replace the lightning connector for usb-c if the lightning connector is already reversible. Is it possible for apple to just incorporate better charging and data speed transfers to the lightning connector? If apple does decide to replace all of their devices with usb-c it will definitely be hard for everyone to adjust AGAIN for new accessories and so on.

  • Haha, slowly merging to what I predicted (Apple’s own refrigerator toaster)…can’t wait to see how iSheeps begin realizing the uses, which the Surface Pro already offers.

  • iPhoneWINS

    IOS and OS X or bust

  • TheShade247

    Oh, a stylus, right? We’re going to use a stylus. No. Who wants a stylus. You have to get em and put em away, and you lose em. Yuck.
    Oh God send Steve Jobs back to save Apple!

  • Idan91

    I own an iPad Air and at least for me it is the perfect size for a tablet. It is large enough for reading, watching videos etc. while not being too big of a form factor to use. For more advanced stuff and actual productivity I use my desktop/Macbook Pro.
    I’m not slamming this but I have a cautious wait-and-see approach for this one.