coding bootcamp

Get ready for a new career with the 12 week Coding Bootcamp. This comprehensive course will teach you the core skills you need to know to become an app programmer, and even provide guidance and advice to help you secure your first role in the industry. Normally $499, it’s just $39 from iDownloadBlog Deals.

Led by industry experts, the course will guide you through building a selection of real-world apps, unlocking the secrets of front-end development in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and more. You’ll also get to know Ruby on Rail, Node.js, and more to create a solid back-end to your apps.

Supported by 33+ hours of video content, you can interact with your tutor via live video and screen sharing, working through those challenging parts of the process together.

The 12 week course isn’t just about learning how to code; you’ll also learn about the tech industry and how you can set yourself up for a successful career. You’ll get access to a downloadable e-book and learn from industry professionals about how to create a portfolio, hunt for jobs and get your foot onto the ladder of one of the most exciting – and profitable – careers there is.

The average coder in the US earns over $75,000 every year. This coding bootcamp is only $39 – that’s a lot of bang for your buck.  Check out the course and learn a potentially life changing skill.