Samsung’s latest video about the “advanced design and digital craftsmanship of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge” feels like déjà vu.

I can’t help noticing an incredible resemblance with this:


  • M L

    Wow now they are trying to copy the commercials in almost every form? Really pathetic.

  • Carlos Medina

    My reaction:

    • jgr627

      Hahaha I couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Micaiah Martin

      haha Ron Paul WTF is always funny.

  • Diego

    Are u fuc**ing kidding me shamesung?

  • Alexander Sundiev

    Sebastian, you are very observant =D

  • Krikor

    It’s like they want to get sued!

  • Javiers

    And yet they have the audacity to say Apple copies them.

  • @dongiuj

    This guy’s voice a lot less boring than jony ive’s.

    • avd98

      Jony Ive’s voice is not boring. It is freackin relaxing.

    • Micaiah Martin

      I could listen to Jony Ive and Jeff Bridges all day man!

  • Tan Choon Yong

    samsung is a disgrace to the Asian…
    Everything need to copy to survive… Can’t they be original like what xiaomi and other companies do.

  • Qiren

    “Digital Craftsman”, when they can’t even align their ports properly.

    • Ruben Dias

      I was about to comment this, but you literally take words and pic from my mind :p You know that they “measure” in nanometers, imagine if not ROFL

  • I guess the samsung commercial is a little bit similar… but still… after watching them both… Apples is so sooo much better, I can’t even be mad at samsung 😀 It’s not only Ives voice that gets me every time, its also the perfect pauses and music.

  • @sexyhamthing

    Two blanks squares -_-..

    oh apple

  • Alberto Espinal

    That was a horrible voice, I think Samsung has a monkey in a cage and they call him out whenever they need help; Samsung says: “come here monkey come here we need your help today, what? That we need what? Ooh i got you! Copy again? I think its a great idea!”

  • Samsung: we can show pretty relections too and hire English voice over actors.

  • Jailbreak Guru

    My favorite part is when Samsung fan boys say that Samsung never copied anything from Apple.

  • BoardDWorld

    The 3D glass (bent) is actually not new, it was released with Xiaomi’s Mi Note in Feb.

  • The main aim of most of their recent ad campaigns isn’t to create high quality ads that promote the products, but rather to stir up controversy that gets as many people as possible talking about them (regardless if in a positive or negative way). Whether it be this ad or the recent Google searches for upcoming Apple products redirecting to Samsung, it is all about getting people’s attention and making them spread their content. They know exactly what they’re doing with this.