Griffin WatchStand teaser 001

Griffin Technology’s curious WatchStand, which holds both an Apple Watch and your iPhone, is now available to order from the company’s webstore for $29.99 a pop, or with a 10 percent discount via iDownloadBlog Deals. The Nashville, Tennessee headquartered accessory maker will start shipping first WatchStand units to customers in two weeks.

The sleek accessory docks your Apple Watch and iPhone while charging them at the same time, with the Watch cradle conveniently keeping your device at a viewable angle.

Weighing in at just eighteen ounces, the accessory is designed to accommodate both semi-flexible and fully flexible bands. It securely displays and charges your Apple Watch vertically or horizontally for the perfect view.

It’s really nice that you can wind excess cable length around its core and slide it down into the post to hide the unneeded cord. The WatchStand uses the official Apple Watch magnetic charging cable that comes with the device.

watch stand 2

The non-slip base and no-scratch padding hold the WatchStand in place on your desk or tabletop. As you can see for yourself, the molded base also accommodates any iPhone, angled for easy viewing.

Here it is in action.

It ships to buyers in two weeks.

The WatchStand can be yours in exchange for $27 with free US shipping and $37 with international shipping via iDownloadBlog Deals.

Source: Griffin Technology

  • J3ff

    Getting my watch stand today and my 42mm SS black sports band with shipping estimate of april 13-27 went into shipping today 🙂

  • Jim B

    holly shit, there are sheep and there are iSuperSheep.

  • Jamessmooth

    For some reason I’m just not into this stand. Sort of looks cheap. Also, love the promo pic of it next to a faucet.

    • Fanboy 

      Spigen makes one that I think is much better designed and way cheaper

      • Jamessmooth

        The aluminum one? I actually just ordered it!

      • Fanboy 

        Yep that one!

      • J3ff

        atleast this will hide you wires. Thats a huge factor in terms of how long the charging cable is. AND it acts as a phone holder. The spigen one is just a piece of medal with a cirlce cut out.

  • Bybymax

    think I ll wait a few weeks/months to see what other options go on the market (same for the bands). And Mister Jim B, I like Shaun the Sheep, think it’s pretty cool character, no need to be rude 😉